Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, Rebel Wilson and More Talk About Bringing CATS to the Big Screen

(upbeat music) – Everyone is talking about “Cats,” the big screen adaptation
of the Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway blockbuster, in movie theaters
everywhere December 20th. was on hand at
the film’s London press junket for some Jellicle talk
with the all-star cast. – It’s magical. It’s a classic and I think it’s something
that’s dear to everyone and that’s why it’s a film
because it should live forever and be introduced to
the newer generations. – It’s all based on a book of poems that T.S. Eliot wrote
in the year I was born and he wrote it for his godchildren. Then it became something more than that. It entertains the whole family and I think the movie has been able to build on the stage show and, of course, have world-beating talent in every single department. – Every week there would be another star. Jennifer Hudson one week
then watching Ian’s number. It was an absolute treat. – It transports you into another world and I think those are
the kinds of musicals that become the biggest, when you just are able to be transported. – I think it’s a musical
that celebrates the dancing just as much as the singing, which is why I love it as
a musical, as a dancer. – It acknowledges all forms of art. It’s so much. – We’re playing cats, so the scale of set was
two to three times larger, everything. – Everyone turned into
a kid being on the set because it’s magnified. It’s from a cat’s perspective. The kitchen sink was a
bathtub, pretty much. – It’s like theater camp on an epic scale and there’s something about it. – When “Cats” came out it
was pretty groundbreaking. It really resonates with people and people take their
own interpretation of it and have great memories, pardon the pun. – You did it. – From seeing the show. – I think it’s very rare these days to find something that’s so unique. It’s unlike anything on
stage and I think it’s still unlike anything else in cinemas. (upbeat music)

8 thoughts on “Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, Rebel Wilson and More Talk About Bringing CATS to the Big Screen

  1. Hello! I am so sorry if you have already seen this comment, but my big sister is a musical theatre student, and she made a channel to upload covers of music that she's working on. Search Sophia Matteucci if you want to watch them. Thanks guys!

  2. So many people are saying that it's going to be a flop! I hope not! I for one loved watching it and I can't wait to get it on DVD!

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