Jennifer Hudson And Kelly Comment On Jason Derulo As A Cat: ‘It Was Real Sexy’

– The new movie “Cats”, I’m very excited. Well we did have your
costar Jason Derulo in here and he did talk about
training to be a cat. He went to cat school.
– Cat school. – Okay, you did too,
so take a look at this. – Yeah, it’s a lot of core
so you’ll be on two feet and then you’ll just be
having a conversation. – That’s why they didn’t call me. Oh shoot! (audience cheers and applauds) – [Woman] Okay. – Well I’m not gonna do that. – I felt like I was on
the set of “Magic Mike”. I was like, okay. Daytime just went night time. – That was a lot of cat. – It was real sexy. Like Kelly, yes, no I’m
just saying how he moved, I was like what? Yeah, ’cause you can’t use your knees. – See, well each cat was different though. So we all found our own cat. You find your cat, I’ll find my cat. – My cat wouldn’t have been standing. – I wonder what your cat would be like. – My cat would have been lounging. I would have been that one
by the door you have to push. So you didn’t have to do all that? – Well Grizabella is a different cat. – You were talking
about playing Grizabella when we were doing “The
Voice”, back a minute ago. I mean how is it, that’s an iconic role. – [Jennifer] It is.
– Were you excited? – Excited, scared, all of that. Grizabella, you know she
carries the heart of the story and the weight. She’s mysterious and
she’s the dejected cat so my cat was outcast,
so I would only creep in and they would scare me away. I had the fight scenes
and the emotional scenes. – Oh, you’re perfect,
that’s why they picked you, yes.
– Okay. – No, I just mean you’re so passionate. Even when you’re performing, I mean you won an Oscar for it. That’s why they asked you. Because you won an Oscar because
you’re so good at emoting and really being the
vessel for the message. That’s so cool.
– Thank you. – Did you feel terrified
about doing Memories? – I did, I did. – I have never sang that song. – So you understand
because you’re a singer. – I’m not ever gonna sing it, yeah, no. Barbara Streisand?
– Exactly. – Bye!
(audience laughs) – She said it all, that’s
exactly how I said it. I couldn’t have put it into better words. It’s like okay, wow I
can’t wait to get the role and I got it and I’m like,
you want me to sing Memories? Well, if y’all say I can do this, okay. – Oh my god, you can sing your tail off. I bet it sounds amazing. – It’s again, I led it with emotion because it’s the way that the story ends but with Grizabella,
there’s only so much time that you have to get to know her, get an understanding of her and when you see her you
want to know who she is, what her story is, what
she’s been through, and that’s in a song. So it’s really heavy and emotional but again I wanted to keep
it as true to the context of everything we know it
to be and love it to be. – Oh my gosh, I am so
excited to see you in it. – Thank you. – I bet it’s magical
because you’re so good.

44 thoughts on “Jennifer Hudson And Kelly Comment On Jason Derulo As A Cat: ‘It Was Real Sexy’

  1. Apparently he's mad that they supposedly airbrushed out his huge thing…. Just focus on the movie he seems to have a habit lately of being angry with media airbrushing out his body parts Stick to singing You're not a model.

  2. Everytime i see these 2 Ladies together i just want to put a mic in front of them and say. Sing till you cant sing no more?❤❤

  3. I can’t believe Kelly had freaking Jennifer Hudson on here without singing! Let her sing something, please. ???


  5. Is it just me or does everyone wearing a ponytail automatically get linked to Ariana Grande . Like Jenifer is wearing a Grande ponytail.

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    so might as well, eh!
    Plus it would be amazing content if MJF was on the show.

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