Jeff Currents: J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter

I’ve been volunteering here for eight
years I am a retired professional photographer we do the best we can to
get them to pose we make funny noises it can go from 60 photographs to 20 minutes
with one cat just to get the perfect image there’s a lot of wonderful animals
here we put that on Petfinder or our facebook page or our website and people
if it’s a cute picture they’ll want to come see them you know and then usually
they don’t leave without them volunteers yeah they’re very helpful
they can do everything from cleaning cat cages doing laundry folding and doing
dishes to walking dogs socializing with the cats It’s really a pleasure to to
actually go to the website and to see the pictures up there and then they come
back to the website and the pictures are gone and just knowing that the baby got
adopted I mean we’ve just been really focusing on increasing adoptions and you
know networking with rescues we have really good relationships with multiple
rescues in the area I think a lot of people are scared to come to a shelter
environment for adoptions because they’re afraid it’s gonna make them sad
to see dogs in cages so in order to kind of combat that we do Petsmart adoptions
we have volunteers that will take animals to Petsmart on the weekends This is Chase he’s a very sweet boy about five years old some kind of houndy
mix and as you can see as long as you’re petting on him he is perfectly content We’re
also doing Humana walks which has been really successful so during the spring
and summer on Wednesdays the Humana employees when
they take their lunch breaks we take a van load of dogs with adoptable bandanas
and that kind of thing and a little sheet that it’s just kind of
informational about the dog and that they’re looking for a home and these
people will go walk them around downtown Louisville and that has ended with a lot
of adoptions We’re getting ready to start our busy time typically spring and
summer usually until about early fall we’re usually inundated with mom and
kittens dogs things like that so yeah we’re kind of
gearing up for our busy time the biggest thing the community can do is spay and neuter their pets that’s the biggest need what we eventually want is
unwanted pets not coming in the front door you know whether
that’s you know being able to help them keep the animal in the home or stop the
animals from procreating trying to be proactive in that way instead of
reactive as a shelter I think Ogle is very important to the community
it’s a place that I think everybody can feel comfortable when they need help
with a pet situation or with adoption they’re going to do their best to help

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