Jeannie Mai Still Sleeps With Stuffed Animals

Well, when it comes to bedtime,
everyone has their own routine. Some people wash their face,
some people brush their teeth, and some people cuddle up
with a stuffed animal.>>[LAUGH]
>>Now if you’re an adult who still seeks comfort from your teddy bear.>>Lord.
>>You aren’t alone. According to a recent survey from best
mattress brand, 16% of millennials, y’all young and
still sleep with a comfort [INAUDIBLE].>>Don’t talk about my people.>>Yep.
So are you ladies still cuddling up with a blanky or a bear when you go to sleep?>>No.
No, my blanky and my bear is my husband.>>Okay.>>He’s my blanky and he’s my bear.>>No, you gotta have a little bear. A little stuffed animal.>>Let’s hear a round of applause. A round of applause if you
still sleep with something.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yes, what are they going through? How did that happen?>>So it’s like 50/50.>>Yeah.
>>50/50 percent.>>Okay, if you don’t sleep
with anything just yourself.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Or a person.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Boring.>>Yeah, yeah.
>>That was Jeannie.>>So what are you sleeping with?>>What are you sleeping with?>>Yeah.
>>Okay, so I have this little bunny that I bought. It’s a bear bunny. Shaped like a bear, but it’s a bunny. I went to Barney’s and I bought it. But to be honest with you, the only
reason I really sleep with this cuz when I went to the register, it was $69. And I was like $69,
you can get this for 6.99 at TJ Maxx.>>How old were you when you bought this?>>Yeah.>>Two years ago.>>I know it’s so
>>So you saw a bunny and just for sec, I just really wanna buy this bunny.>>Cuz it’s so soft. You guys know when you feel
something really soft like cashmere.>>Yeah, you buy it for a riot.>>No, you buy it and you guys wait. When you sleep, let’s keep it grown up.>>Yeah.
>>Okay.>>When you sleep, don’t you like
something between your legs?>>Yes.
>>Yes, a pillow. You know that, right here.>>Yeah.>>I use my pillow.>>So if your man is not home, sometimes my man travels, I need
a little buddy to put between my legs.>>Wait, how big is your bunny?>>Wait, that’s really nasty. Remind me not to touch the bunny
when I go over your house. I know where it’s been, between your legs.>>Yes, it’s good.>>I do have a teddy bear
that I used to sleep with. But I passed it down to Ariah. However, she didn’t bond with it.>>[LAUGH]
>>So now we just have it kinda
like sitting up in her room. But that’s her favorite teddy bear. It’s Duffy.
>>That’s the one there. It’s so cute.>>Yeah, and she takes it everywhere. It smells so bad.>>Wait, yours is Duffy?>>No, mine wasn’t. Mine was just a regular bear with the-
>>What about Orias?>>Orias is Duffy. Yes.
>>Mine’s Fluffy!>>My god!>>That’s so cute!>>Okay.>>I don’t know what’s happening up there.>>She’s-
>>To Jeannie.>>Well I’m 38 and I can name my
bunny Fluffy if I want to cuz he is.>>[APPLAUSE]

100 thoughts on “Jeannie Mai Still Sleeps With Stuffed Animals

  1. i use my second pillow…Just like Jeannie showed, i hug it and put my leg on top so it sorta sits between my legs..its so comfortable

  2. Congratulations Adrienne you finally got married after all ur other relationships fell through…let Jeannie sleep with her bear

  3. oh Adrienne C'MON theres nothing wrong with sleeping with a stuffed animal lol not all of us got husbands to cuddle up with JUST SAYIN ??‍♀️

  4. I sleep with a man and a body pillow/stuffed animal so you can do both adrienne lol, I usually support her so I'm disappointed here

  5. I know I do!!! I still have a teddy bear my aunt bought me for my first Christmas when I was like 4 months old and he has a scarf with the year on it too. It’s just the fact that when I started sleeping in my own bed (I would sleep with my mom in her bed) I was used to having somebody next to me so I used him. He was so torn up i would say to my mom “can you do surgery on him” when I was little. Then he started getting old I had to replace him with a bunny I call Baxter. And my parents don’t judge me at all who cares.

  6. I am NOT throwing away my teddy ? that I had since I was a toddler. Come on now the nostalgia is real and I'm not giving those memories up.

  7. If yall saw your crush sleeping with a stuffed animal you'd probably laugh and not be instrested in them anymore. Same with a gangsta collecting pokemon cards.

  8. lets be honest when an attractive women says she sleeping with a teddy bear people be like aww how cute or laugh but lets say its someone less attractive yall gonna think shes weird

  9. I'm with Jennie here although I don't sleep with a stuff animal but I have a pillow big enough for me that I like to hug when I go to sleep lol ? it makes me feel more relax

  10. Adrienne “ what y’all be going through” Adrienne shut uuuup ?? omg I like Adrienne but she was mad annoying and rude here

  11. January 22, 2019…. But it's OK to sleep with a body pillow ? ? ? ? I'm old enough to be a grandmother, and once in a while I sleep with a teddy bear when I need a little relaxation to fall asleep. The bear's fur is as soft as a cat; and unfortunately, our cats are not too thrilled about sleeping in the bed. The only thing that would make the bear more comforting is if it would PURR…….. LMBO ?

  12. Man I can’t stand Adrienne gosh!! She’s so self entitled geez. Hasn’t she been married like 16 times anyways? Who is she to judge? Now she’s what I would call a slut just because she feels the need to address her man as her “blanky and her bear” (ew) all high and mighty like she’s the only one who has a relationship when she’s been with 75 trillion different guys.

  13. No worries Jeannie! I sometimes sleep with my Cabbage Patch Kid!! ^_^ <3 and I am married!!! (Though he gets annoyed sometimes lol)

  14. 41YO and have 3 stuffed animals and a hubby. he is Army and is gone A LOT so I never stop having something. I have two frogs that individually acted as extra pillows until they got loved kinda flat so I put them together in a frog pillowcase lol and I have my sad loved elephant that my sister-n-law got me when we lost our daughter Tabitha that I sleep with every night!

  15. Jeannie is not a millennial child. 1982 and after is considered the 1st year of millennial children. I am not millenial by just a few years but regardless, I like my special blankets and my hubby doesn't need to snuggle with them unless we are snuggling and I have it over me. But he folds them in special way for me cause he how comforting they are for me.

  16. I still sleep w comfort items. Up until last year I'd sleep w a teddy bear bc it got replaced by my amazing boyfriend. But when we don't sleep together I feel something missing and will definitely reach for a teddy bear

  17. I'm w Jeannie w the bunny bt the legs thing bc it's just really comfortable. Like when I sleep I always keep my leg wrapped around my boyfriend. Like even if he's laying on his back and we're not cuddling I will still wrap my leg around bc it's so comfortable and that's not even a sexual thing. It's a comfort thing

  18. Everyone is saying sleeping with stuffed animals is weird but everyone is okay with the taxidermist lady who makes furnitures out of dead animals from My Strange Obsession.

  19. Sleeping with a stuffed animal can be good ergonomics and support good posture deeper breathes and can help you fall asleep fast if you do it right I'm a grown ass man who sleeps with 5 pillows around my body if bae in the bed only one long body pillow it helps because the bed is old and uncomfortable lol so I support it.

  20. I love dinosaurs so much, borderline obsessed, and for Christmas my bf got me a build-a-bear dinosaur! He named him Christmasaurus and he put a little scent of honey on his neck so I can fall asleep more calmly . It's one of the sweetest things anyone has done for me. No one should judge you on what helps you sleep at night if it's not hurting anyone…. EVERYONE'S EYEING YOU ADRIENNE.

  21. im 29 and still sleep with my stuffed panda bear, his name is "Oreo 2.0" becasue my sister thought she teaching me a lesson and throw my other one away when i graduated college!! Thanks to my husband, i have a brand new bear to sleep with and yes, my husband sleeps with it too. lol

  22. I like how HALF the audience said they slept with a stuffed animal but everyone sitting up there tried to shame Jeanie for it. It was so weird, they aren't normally so abrasive like that. Why does Adrienne sound like genuinely mad about it? Who cares if she sleeps with a bunny?

  23. I noticed a lot of girls have those. I use to actually go to school with a plushy and never got any crap for it.

  24. Yoooooo!!! I also have a stuff bunny i call Mr. Fluffy!!! I swear me and Jeannie be the same person at times.???

  25. I love getting stuffed animals. If they are large enough to be a body pillow even better!!! Idk why they were acting so rude for.

  26. I respect that jeannie cares NOT what people have to say about her, she is more honest then she should be, but at the same time real people talk about real things and jeannie has never had a moment she couldn't relate to something real no matter how crazy or extreme ???

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