So…. Before starting this video, I’d like to tell you that I filmed for at least 20 minutes without the M.I.C.R.O.P.H.O.N.E turned on Well it’s not bad I’ll just simply start again from the beginning So here you go So hey Como estas, hello, muy bien, tengo, hola I hope you’re well and have had a great day In any case, for me, everything’s good and especially since I’m very happy to see you again for this video because this is a video that a lot of you requested me to do I think it’s one of the most requested videos on my channel So I simply told myself why not do it? And so this is it In this video I’ll simply introduce my pets Especially since I love my pets and I don’t understand why I’ve never shown them on video or anything So here, I think it’s finally time If you’re waiting for this video, you’re welcome And feel free to give me a thumbs up, especially if you want to see more of my pets in my videos because I love my animals so much, but it’s just that I’ve never thought to put them in my videos So there you go, don’t hesitate to give a thumbs up if you want to see my pets in the next videos, I know its I’ve said this twice So what? So what? So what? So, I’ll introduce them by categories quite simply, if I can put it like that So first we have the cats! Second we have the aquatic animals, even if I only have one, but it’s still a category And finally, last we have the dogs Canines Is it dogs, canines, I don’t know So what are we waiting for? I don’t know, maybe me who is so slow, talking too much about my life, yeah I know I talk too much about my life Before starting, don’t blame me if I’m wrong on some things and all, I’m really not an animal expert, so… this is it So let’s introduce my pets What was I doing with my arms just now? So first we have the cats
So in the video I recorded just before and where the sound was cut, I’d brought Bibi, so it’s my first cat who is practically always in my room and Well, so she went out, so I’ll just use photos I took with her with the microphone and I’ll talk on top See This is Bibi, yes I know her first name is weird, but good
In my family, we put weird names for pets I noticed she’s about 3/4 years old, I got her when she was 2 months old, so when she was able to have a new family and no longer stay with her mum So her race, I’m not sure
She’s already had a litter, that is to say she’s already had children and when we realized, we quickly sterilized her because it’s useless that she has another litter after there were still more animals that were in shelters and who already needed a new family and who are already living here now, so here, she is very smart, she often comes to open the doors of the house, she comes to open the windows, not by the handle and like that you know
She’s comes, well… I don’t know, she’s smart she can work things out, she scares everyone, like when she sees other animals and all she’s very~ You know? So that’s what it’s like for my first cat and now I introduce my 2nd cat that lot of you should know if you follow me on snapchat Here he is Look at him Already in the first image, you see he’s a fat pig like me who thinks about sleeping and eating This is Charlie I know he has a weird name, we always give weird names like I said to pets in my family So this is Charlie, he’s 2 years old and he’s one of Bibi’s children and so we kept him because I don’t know, we decided to keep one
He’s her child, I know it doesn’t look like it, he is 3 times her weight and 56 times her size It’s kinda me, Charlie~ I know I’m weird when I call my pets but ehh voila, he loses a lot of his hair, all the time, 24/7 He loves to sleep and eat like I said, a little like me, I think it’s the kind of animal who resembles me the most in this family He’s a bit lazy, he’s still living
He’s a passive cat, I’d say kinda like me so voila, this is Charlie Now the cats category is done, I’ll go straight to the aquatic animals so I hope this will please you because I have a lot for you (so I warn you, it’s pretty scary at first, but after you get used it, don’t worry, don’t be afraid, you’re with me and voila) WASSUP Here’s my goldfish Bubbles
I know its water is disgusting and I’m going to directly change it after filming this video It’s an animal like the others and he has the right to respect I got wet trying to put the bowl back This is the last category and one of the most impressive I’d say Maya The dogs So here’s Maya Well she’s quite shy in front of the camera I don’t know why usually she’s really crazy, I’ll place the camera… Yes I forgot to mention that cats and dogs don’t like that too much So here’s, Maya she was born in last May, that’s to say she’s now almost 9 months old My family got her last August, so just when I came home from the US It’s a Malinois, it’s a pedigree What about her personality ? She likes to play, at the same time, it’s a baby, she’s very obedient, when you tell her sit, she sits, when you tell her come, she comes She’s really attached to us, when she sees us, she’s super happy and all, but really really really… So that’s it That’s what it’s like for Maya Yes and I also forgot to mention it’s a female So I don’t know if you see, but at her eye level, she actually has like small hairs growing here, it’s a malformation since she was little And the vet told us to wait a bit till she grows up to remove it because she couldn’t bear the operation otherwise and so yeah We’ll soon get the surgery to remove that And here’s the last animal and who is the oldest of the family, so here’s Ulysse So where to start It’s a Briard crossed with a German Shepherd, so his mother was a German Shepherd and his father, a Briard He’s very very very old, I got him when I was 2, turning 3
That’s to say he’s now 14 He just turned 14, like he was born on 5th December, so he turned 14, 2 months ago I don’t like showing preferance or anything, but it’s really the dog I’ve had since childhood, who did so much for my family, for my house Like I really don’t like telling myself the fact he’s old and that… Let’s move on So his personality when he was younger, he loved chasing cars
See, at my house, we have a fence, in my old house, we had a fence and he loved chasing cars, when it was the postman, he was really a good guard dog, he always perfectly protected the house He’s saved my life many times Me and my cousin In respect to me, one day, we also left in my old house
One day with my family, we were left picking mushrooms as we had a forest He came with us because he follows us around, so we left in the forest together, picking and apparently, I can’t remember, but my brother told me because I was small at the time I was a bit away and apparently, my big brother saw in the distance, like a boar who wanted to charge at me just then
The boar approached me like I don’t know, it’s weird And actually, my dog, what he did is he went in front of its path and he lifted the thigh so that the boar fought him to protect me and we didn’t realise my brother saw, but as nothing happened and my dog fell down, he didn’t catch it, we were small you know? And when we got back to the house on the terrace We see a lot of blood fell out of his thigh, so yeah we quickly went to get him hospitalized in an emergency and yeah He couldn’t walk for 2 months or a lease like that So here’s my dog Ulysse When I was little and I was in the garden, he was always with me like i’ts a little bit my companion and what annoys me is that now I’m with him a little less because he’s old and he can’t do anything And like at the end of the day I just told him ‘hello’ and I spend too much time with him and that’s what bothers me, I can’t imagine living without him like I’ve had him since I was little and all my memories are confined with him He smells bad eh but at the same time it’s a dog It’s, I don’t know, it’s my dog you know? My dog, even if it’s also my family, it will always be my dog, so yeah, that’s what it’s like for Ulysse So there, I hope you enjoyed this video, you’ll have more If you like, feel free to put a thumbs up, that will make me extremely pleased and then I could bring my pets in future videos I hope that you’ll still feel free to subscribe to my channel for more videos I hope that you’ve learned to know my pets and learn about my life in a nutshell and so there you go, I’ll see you very very very very soon for a next video, stay as you are, I love you very much, thank you for everything you do for me and that’s it Bye~


  1. Moi j'avais un berger aleman mais il est mort et maintenant j'annais un otre et parrèille pour mon chat et maintenant j'annais aussi un otre

  2. T est trop beau non t pas trop beau t le plus beau du monde t juste toute ma vie ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤même pote mon existence je t aime trop?❤tu doit me prendre pour une folle??❤

  3. Moi ma Chacha elle a 13 ans elle est pas très propre pourten elle adore quand tout est propre sauf que bas sa ne le reste pas longtemps….?

  4. Le dernier chien s appele Ulysse? si oui mon chat s appele Ulysse et mon chat est vieux ??? 19 ans j ai 5 chat et 1 amster

  5. Ma chienne et morte a noel et maia me la rapelais car elle se maitais sur le ventre elle aussi sinon maintenant j'ai
    3 chien
    1 berge aleman
    1 bauseron
    1 chienne de chasse
    1 poisson rouge
    18 peruche

  6. Le poisson rouge il lui faut minimum 50L l'individue et sa serrer mieux que tu lui ramène un copain , même si je suis sur quil et mort il y'a longtemps………

  7. dsl pour toi on t aime Ulysse repose en paix…SULIVAN N4OUBLIE PAS QUE MEME SI IL EST PARTIE IL TE SURVEILLE DE LA OU IL EST….<3<3

  8. Juste tu ne devrais pas laisser ton poisson dans ce type de bocal. Cela le rend fou et les poissons sont très malheureux à l'intérieur. Sinon tu es le meilleur?

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  10. J’adore les chats et j’en ai un il a 6 mois et on l’a eu à 1 mois parce que le vétérinaire nous a dit qu’il avait 2 mois mais non

  11. Le dernier animal jvais cru qui il est un ours sinon c mon préféré prcq jador les chiens poilus!?????

  12. J'ai un chat qui s'appelle Charlie et jsp pk mais tt les chat qui s'appelle Charlie son gros et feniant ?

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