Jay Leno "Predicted" in 1999 that Donald J. Trump is going to become President of the USA

deuce Bigalow male gigolo Rob Schneider's here and Michael Bolton will perform as well and we say about tomorrow night folks from the movie side of house rules Michael came he does a great job really nice blue come to John her everybody all the way from Oregon Ranger the singing donkey what could be more dignified than that he's about Christina Aguilera coming up later in the week Celine Dion Dennis Quaid jewel Bob Costas Kate Blanchet Hank Azaria and Beck and kid inventor so we got some good stuff this week all right my first guest says he's thinking about running for president as a Reform Party candidate we've itíd him here tonight to see just how serious this young man is late and gentlemen II has a new book out called the America we deserve that sounds presidential it'll be in store shelves by early January please welcome the next president of the United States Donald Trump ladies [Applause] oh so much press so much much press but you look like you're having fun with it I am having fun I'm enjoying yeah I think I could do a good job what I am enjoying it now whose idea was it did people come to you did you go to people what is this all stuff well an article was written in a magazine a real estate magazine about a great deal I did and the writers said mr. Trump would you ever think about running for president and I said well I might and they came out with a headline not about the deal but that I might consider and all of a sudden I was inundated with press and here I said Here I am I mean they don't run of the legendary Jay Leno have you ever been elected any new school president fifth grade class just the president chairman vice president secretary treasurer of my own come but that's not but that's but that but that's a that is the total dick table point yourself that's exactly how do you feel you'll be able to restore dignity to the office well I think I would be I mean the country is really suffered from a lack of dignity over the last number of years and I don't make you money that's right everyone's making ah it's pretty good there the economy has been good and I'm one of the folks that has been very good to your economy has been good and I think the economy can stay good with the right person going in for the next four years now they say a job like president requires a big ego how do you think you think you could handle I'm not sure my ego is big enough that's one of the things with chicken really cut right that down you can you know I think I see the next article headline I'm not you know all right make a note of that I mean what do you think you would do it's president I mean you know the president only makes 400 grand a year that's a bad weekend in Vegas you know I came out drank boom I came out with something that a lot of my rich friends aren't totally in favor of there was a 14 and a quarter percent tax on people with a net worth over 10 million dollars and what that does you say now not one of those folks clapping have a net worth over 10 million oh yeah but what that does is it pays off virtually pays off the national debt reduces taxes for the middle class gets rid of the inheritance tax Social Security but it seems to me rich people just move their money offshore they move it someone it seems like you would do more harm than good like it look like next January that's gonna happen I want to keep my money in the United States right if I'm a fun one of those people I would just move it to the Caymans or somewhere like that it'd actually keep it here Jake because the economy would be so unbelievable there'd be nothing like it would have no debt as a country and the economy would be so unbelievable there'd be nothing like it so really I think they'd really keep it I'd keep my money here I have a 700 million dollar tax to pay or something in that the rest and not that I want to pay it but again rich save on inheritance the country saves on Social Security and everybody's gonna make Bill Gates pay the whole damn thing could almost [Applause] you nationalize Microsoft you split it up and everything's taken care of that was like a reasonable idea now how about your personal life you know when you're a candidate they they look into you they scrutinize with a fine-tooth comb most presidents don't have I'm 2 X 1 2 X 1 they could have but they have no I was married actually to two wonderful women yeah and and now I you know I've had ever a good time I'd say over the last period tell they get a hell of a time but he'll very good I didn't want to use that word but it has been one hell that would you pass be a problem where you I don't think so I don't nowadays it's not and who else yes Lee well I know you don't drink right I don't drink I don't drink I don't smoke I never had a cup of coffee never had a sorry I'm sorry I never had drugs I don't know what drugs are in terms of that I have dated that that begs the question why never had a drink that is a little scary what I happened when Joe Sixpack never had a drink what the hell is that it's just something I chose you know I had a brother who had a big problem with alcohol I didn't know it just really he taught me a tremendous amount and one thing he taught me to stay away from the booze and it was it was very important to me and I have stayed away not for any other reason that and I just don't like it yeah so in that sense I'm lucky now how about a first lady would you hold a massive search well you know I'm a great believer in the institution of marriage believe it okay okay could be this could be the story but I really am I'm a tremendous I am a tremendous believer in the institution and I think it's something that's fabulous if you get the right woman if you get the wrong woman it is well like if you got married in the White House if you got man who once got divorce wouldn't she get like everything west of the Mississippi she might get after well no you'd need a good prenup you'd have to get a prenup to save the country how about some of the other candidates like now McCain this phony issue of his temper which Tina I like a pro that's a big issue but you know you're locked up for five or six years and and it's a pretty big issue and it's become a big issue I watched the other day he was being interviewed and the only question he got was that their questions so if I has been calm you have a temper not too much of a temper believe it or not no I don't have too much but I remember you saying in an article once you believe in an eye for an eye that's true I believe but did somebody yeah when somebody and I was gonna use a different word but I think I can't do a network television but when somebody gets you you want to get them and I believe it and you know maybe that makes me that's true I've always believed I would see what being president you'd have to be more diplomatic well you'd be diplomatic and you're filling it out a little bit but the fact is that you know you do I do believe in retribution well how about wouldn't all your everything you own be putting the trust that happened to Jimmy Carter you know Jimmy Carter everything you own wanting to trust when he went back to private life again everything was bankrolled the trust a the trust wasn't too big to start off yeah in fact is that everything everything I own would be put in trust and I have very capable people working for me did run it and I hope they do a good job now how about your like situation with President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky what are your thoughts on that well it wasn't great I mean a lot of bad choices there yeah I don't know where these folks came from Linda Tripp and Monica and and all of the folks Paula Jones I've never seen anything like it and I'm sure the president wished he'd never seen it but you have some beauties in that deal know the whole thing it's a shame what do you think you should have done let's suppose God forbid not good ever happened you were in that sequence that you'll never have what would you what would you have done what what what should point nabbed well he could have come clean mm-hmm and you gave me that answer just before the summer I have anything no he could have come clean or he should have never answered the question but answering the question you had it could be what's appealing and I know but his lawyers gonna fought a little bit hard I think it's lawyers did an absolutely atrocious yeah terrible job so they could have fought a little bit harder maybe not to have to answer that question but once I mean it's pretty tough answering that question with your wife sitting at home it's a tough question did you have an affair with this woman and you say oh my god can you imagine this so your wife is home Hillary's had a hard time of it let's face it this has not been this could not have been three years of fun for Hillary oh well how about how about Hillary and Rudy Giuliani in New York what he got there well I'm a big fan of Rudy he's been the greatest mayor that New York said that I support Rudy no New York mayor has ever gone on fire I think Rudy well you think and I like Hillary – I like her very much as a person I like her very much but I think Rudy's been the best meal we've ever had the city is the hottest city in the world right now and he's been at the helm and I think somebody should be rewarded for that how about Patton you cannon what do you think of that now they know he's he seems to be the guy you'd have to battle well it's Joe he's anti-semitic he's anti black he obviously has been having a love affair with Adolf Hitler in some form and I just can't imagine this guy I don't want you to hold back give me how you feel you know me for answers I can't imagine you know that Pat is gonna be very seriously taken as a candidate but he's smart he's a great guy they're very Breaka that perhaps he's a good debater but he's got a lot of bad stuff out there now when will you decide for sure when you're gonna rival enemy and the month of sub worry a month of February and if I decide it'll be based on the fact that I feel in my gut in my heart that I can win yeah and if I think I can win I'll decide and probably and I think I do a good job I think I'd save a lot of people a lot of grief well I appreciate the honest answers thanks for this great poll that you can come back here and answer thank you [Applause]

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