Jasper and Errol Eat Bugs | JASPER & ERROL’S FIRST TIME

Chad: Bows and arrows, atlatls,
that’s all active hunting, but now, last resort’s
gonna be cracking open some of these rotten logs and looking for
some plan B meals. Lionel: We got a lot
of bugs in here. I don’t know.
Can I eat these? Chad: In most parts
of the world, people eat insects,
like, that’s the norm. -Let me see.
-What the fuck? Dark Shark: Don’t do that.
Ah, hell. -You ate that, for real?
-I just ate that ant. You a survivor man,
do that shit. Jasper: Put it in
your fucking mouth, E. Need some hot sauce on that
motherfucker, motherfucker? Do we have
hot sauce here? Is there hot sauce?
Ooh, what the fuck is that? Chad: Grab him!
Grab him! Ah, I’m scared!
They’re going to bite me! There you go.
You got it. Dark Shark:
You crazy motherfucker. It’s sour.
Ah, it’s sour. It’s a little sour,
but it’s a good taste. [ Chuckles ] All right.
Who’s got this beetle? Give it to me.
I’ll eat the motherfucker. Jasper: Gonna bite you,
Dark Shark. -Take him out.
-Bite it. Sorry, motherfucker,
that you black like I’m black, but you got to go. Chad: Hold onto it.
[ Crunch ] [ Laughter ]
That shit bit me, cuz. Lionel: That shit sounded
like an apple.
Hell yeah. That shit hurt my mouth.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah.
-Yes! Kody: Yeah, guys. Usually, what likes
to hang out in logs most commonly are
gonna be mealworms. These guys are 20% protein,
60% water. You just go ahead
and pop them in. Nasty-mouth
motherfucker. -Unn-unh.
-All right. Who’s up? Take one for
the team, man. There’s another one
right there. No, they just grip.
They don’t bite. Go.
Ugh! -Don’t chew it. Just eat it.
-Those look nasty as fuck. -Just swallow.
-You nasty nigga. [ All shouting, laughter ] [ Gags, coughs ]
He just put that shit
in his mouth. That nigga nasty as, ugh.
That shit juicy, huh? ♪♪ It taste
like weird mustard. He’s got a worm.
He’s got a worm. I don’t like that. For all my homies in the hood,
motherfucker. Three, two, one —
[ Spits ] [ Laughter ]
Lionel: You didn’t even
bite it, dude. Hell no. You put it in your mouth
and spit it out. That motherfucker
starting looking at me,
crawling and shit. I can’t eat no motherfucker
that’s moving. Give me a water bottle —
Fuck it. I’m doing it. Chad: There we go.
Grab that guy. Ready?
Here you go. [ Squeals ] [ Screams ] -It taste like shit!
-Yeah! Yeah! [ Gargling ] Yeah! Yeah!
[ Laughing ] Yeah! -Oh, my God.
-Oh, shit! That’s what I’m talking about.
We survivalists. -Yeah. See, yes.
-That’s how you do it. [ Gags ] If these three guys were left
to their own devices in the wild, who would die first? Jasper would die
first. I’ll, for sure,
eat this little leaf. [ Errol laughs ] Chad: Could
be poisonous.
[ Spits ] Errol would die
Yep. Argh!
Dark Shark: You lookin’
like Davy Crockett, motherfucker,
with that beard. He would do something, like,
heroic and crazy, and then Dark Shark would be
the longtime victor.
Exactly. Exactly what I would’ve done,
He’s going to die of old age out here. I learned it’s hard,
but if you want to do it, you gotta do what the fuck you
gotta do, and do that shit.

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  1. When Dark Shark said "Nasty mouth muthafucka", I almost pissed myself!!!??? Nobody gives life to the word 'muthafucka' the way that he and Samuel L. Jackson do.

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