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People often ask me
how did I come this far,and how have I been able to
maintain the career that I have?You need to choose something
that you’re so obsessed withthat you just wanna do it all the time.I’m Tanisha Scott, choreographerfor some of entertainment’s biggest names.I’m on the Universal backlot
to meet Jason Derulo,international singer and dancer,now starring in the new movie Cats.Known for his smooth footwork,I’m here to learn a few of his new moves.Mr. Jason Derulo.What’s happening baby?I’m so happy to finally meet you.Likewise.Congratulations on everything.Thank you so very much.I wanna know, what
was your journey like?Started writing songs
at eight years old,and then that kinda like
catapulted everything,you know, the songs just
kinda kept comin’ out,and you know, just
trying to navigate my waythroughout Miami, trying to figure outhow I was gonna break.I did find out that
you did musical theater.Yeah.What does that mean to you,separate from your singing career?My parents put me in
performing arts very earlybecause they knew that’s
what I wanted to do.I’m Haitian, so my dance
style is very islandy,I’m very into the floor.It’s kind of freeing.Dance is an expression, you know,without having to speak any words.Kudos, Cats.Unbelievable.Let’s Dance!This cast is like one
of the greatest castsbecause you have dancers that do ballet,tap, jazz, and hip hop.What was that like being
amongst a whole bunch of dancerswith different styles, how did that feel?You know you have
some of the best dancerson the planet here, dancers
from the royal ballet.You have some of the best hip hop dancers,you have some of the best
tappers in the world,and they all are coming together
to just create somethingthat the world has never seen before.Yeah!I love it!I love all of those
different genres of dance.Like all of these people
are immensely talented.One week you’re gonna have Taylor Swiftblowing everybody’s minds.James Corden will make
you drop dead laughin’.That’s what
I say to you.And Idris Elba, his
voice quiets the room.I’m quite obviously the best.It’s a lot of fun to just
transform into another being.Yeah, so now talking about that,tell me about your character.So I didn’t want Rum Tum Tugger toat all resemble pop star Jason Derulo,so that I could really really becomea cat as much as I could yeah.That’s incredible.Did you have some of your own influence,what you felt could be incorporated?Like for instance, that spin that you did?Rum Tum in his nature is very sporadic.He’s either going from one
extreme to the next extreme.He’ll go into like a hip-
hop vibe and then hita pirouette or a pas de bourree.You know what I’m sayin?
Yeah, that makes sense.It is comin’ out around Christmas.People’s minds are gonna be
blown when they see this film.Spotlight and a drum roll please.I wanna learn some of his moves.All right, drop the music for us.Woo!That’s sick!Can’t wait for people to
actually feel what we felt,’cause we felt that every single day.

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