JAPAN’S RABBIT ISLAND|Day 78 – Hiroshima

How many is that? 3, 6, 9, 12…there’s like 15..there’s like 14. Travelling to all 47 prefectures of Japan, vlogging every day I’m out, this is Odigo47. So today we’re going to an island full of rabbits. We’re on the Shinkansen right now
as you can see, the bullet train! And we are heading to the rabbit island
it should be really fun! So we just made it to the port where we have to take a ferry to Rabbit Island It was only 620 yen for there-back per person so it’s pretty cheap for a ferry ride. And we actually just missed the boat, that one just left so we have to wait another half an hour they don’t come that often
so make sure you check the time before you get here. On to Rabbit Island! We have made it to Rabbit Island! They’re sleeping together! Oooh look at that! How cute! That bunny just scared the little bunny! The big bunny scared the little bunny! That bunny’s got a carrot! What a lucky bunny! That one’s got four carrots now! Oh he’s gonna take one away. Oh no, he put it back! They all want the carrots look at that! They’re all going for carrots! This bunny is the luckiest bunny ever! He’s got four carrots and a bag of..
what are those peanuts? Peanuts?! No! Rabbit food! Rabbit food? Dang look at that bunny he’s gonna be a fat bunny! Alright so we’ve literally been on the island for
like 5 minutes and we saw the most adorable kid feeding this bunny like 4 carrots then another little kid came and fed him like a million of pieces of rabbit food it was absolutely adorable we’re gonna continue around the island hopefully we can see more of this to show you guys. And yeah let’s go exploring! These bunnies are just chilling right here! They got their own spa Look at them all lounged out. Yeah this bunny’s just listening to some jams right now. He’s jamming out! So it looks like what the people do here is you could buy bunny food it was like 100 yen at the port. But many people bring their own carrots and lettuce to feed to the bunnies Which makes it really cool and it looks like they like the carrots a lot actually! All the bunnies were like eating the carrots like crazy So yeah I’d suggest bringing a bag of carrots People were bringing like…
I saw a guy with a bag of 50 carrots! We’ve got some lettuce!
Some nice guy gave us some lettuce This nice guy gave us a lettuce
so thank you if you watch this video! He heard us saying that we were doing it wrong because we didn’t know what to bring. So he was like “oh we have an extra head of lettuce, do you want it?” coz they were heading back to the ferry anyways so Yeah, thank you nice guy! It’s kinda cool there’s like a path you can walk on around the coast. This wooden path! Kinda cute! I guess you can tent and have like a barbecue here too! Camp out! So there are supposedly over 800 bunnies on the island! An absolute insane amount It’s actually really hot! Kim was just mentioning
that she thinks it’s too hot for the bunnies coz they’re all like under the shade right now. So we might see more bunnies if we enter into the forest more rather than staying on the outside next to the coast line. So we’re gonna try to do that for you guys! Work it! Work it! Work it! Work it work it yes yes yes!!! Oh man now they’re tired! I think I found the fattest bunny here! Oh it’s ready to eat!! Snatched it right away! That’s cute! Look at that one rabbit looking at you! Staring at you! Look at this, this one here woah woah damn you guys! Yes another one Kim we have five! Five bunnies! Look at that one bunny in the middle! He’s like losing his grounds This white bunny is very very agressive isn’t it? He’s very agressive! Look at Kim go! Mama Bunny! The bunnies look like Pikachu almost! Oh we got six! We got six! Six bunnies!! Six bunnies! We have six bunnies! Oh seven bunnies! Seven bunnies! Seven bunnies! All for the same head of lettuce! Oh now it’s dessert time! Dessert time is the rabbit food Oh man I feel it, I feel it! It’s ticklish Oooh it’s so soft! This island is absolutely beautiful! Alright guys that’s gonna do it for today’s vlog That was really awesome! I strongly suggest coming here if you guys like rabbits or animals because that was the most adorable thing ever So this is the end of Trip 8 Next trip we’ll be going to Shikoku which is the island south of Honshu Honshu is the main Island. So that should be really awesome, that should be really cool So stay up to date and we’ll see you guys in the next trip! See you guys next time! And once again guys this was Odigo47 where I’ll be travelling to all 47 prefectures so stay up to date because I’ll be vlogging every single day and if you don’t know what Odigo is it’s a travel website that offers local and exclusive information all about Japan So check the link in the description down below, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow, bye!

37 thoughts on “JAPAN’S RABBIT ISLAND|Day 78 – Hiroshima

  1. I have pet rabbits and I cringed so badly seeing those rabbits being fed carrots a lot, carrots are like candy for rabbits, it's bad for them, it's better if you buy rabbit food, it's more nutritious, but great video! Hope I will be able to come some day!

  2. so now you want one for a pet right? lol Also I think the number just jumped from 800 to something even higher.

  3. Is this island somewhere where u could spend the day? Like are there other sights to see here and restaurants and stuff? Or would u just go for like an hour to see the rabbits then leave?

  4. Chris, would like to see you grow a side fringe(bangs) n pull/comb it to the side, kind of hipster style, you'd look schmick as ?????????

  5. SO MANY BUNNIES AHHHH SO CUTE!!! We're there any restaurants, food stalls, or markets or conbini on the island, and how much is the ride over?

  6. i hope you got the parents permission to record their kids on video. in america, you you get your teeth knocked out if you didn't.

  7. I wish you would have shown more of the history of this island – eventhough its all bunnies and cuteness it has a pretty dark military history which is worth showing!

    … nevertheless – this is my happy place on earth <3

  8. Great video! I'm planning on heading to Japan alone, Tokyo. Can you please give me an estimate of how much it would cost to get from Tokyo to bunny island? That would be extremely helpful!

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