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Please throw your ball at the stage! He’s having hard time picking a ball. So the number is…7 You can punch 7, 17, 27, 37, 47,….. Number 5! Please pick one. Wow, your prize is 5th (second from the bottom). Here you are. Cat house! Number 6, kuromame (Toy Poodle). He thinks he’s the cutest dog in the world. 3..2..1.. Kuromame is winning. Obstacle means nothing to him. Kuromame came in 1st! First one is jumping rope. Our leader, Botan will try first. You’re so ready. Okay, calm down. Aibo! Ringo. Come this side. Botan. You did great. Perfect. Aibo. Start. Walking on a thin ladder. You can do it! The last trick is standing on the ladder. Now, you can jump at me! Dive! Please give him a big applause. Than you very much. Bye bye!

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  1. Just from the attitude those cats have, you can tell they know they're just the secondary attraction behind the dogs, and they're not particularly impressed about it either 😛

  2. I've seen cat, dog, fox and rabbit island in Japan.
    Everyone of them dependent on tourists to feed and water them and left to breed out of control. Rabbit island the rabbits had no health care and we're mostly sick and fighting each other for food. Tourists and government should be doing something about the out of control conditions and lack of food, care and medical treatment. It's like a circus indulging people without them realising it's cruelty, with people making money out of a problem where animals are suffering, breeding out of control of the resources available. This is ignorance, at least on the rabbit island. It was awful.
    I saw a video where they showed the reality of these places.

  3. I feel like when Rachel and jun are around more cats at least one of them gets that "ok but what if we had one more ?" feeling

  4. I've been watching videos of border collies in agility training lately, and combined with this I am convinced they are not merely dogs, but higher beings.

  5. I admire your clean-up and environmental efforts, and wish you would reconsider posting videos that may promote animal exploitation. Animal parks, cafes etc tend to exploit living beings for profit, especially for their 'cute' factor and entertainment, and Japan still doesn't tend to be that great at respecting animals (though it's moving in better directions; I say this as a Japanese). If we love animals like they are our family, they deserve independence and respect just as much as our love.

    An example of a lack of these things…when I was about 10 years old my parents took us to a popular aquarium on one of the coasts on Honshu. There was a small jellybean-shaped pool at the outdoor entrance. It was about 5 or 6 metres long and maybe 1.2 metres deep, in which swam a dolphin – so that kids like me could pat it. I still remember how devastating it was seeing it in there, barely able to swim twice its own body length, under the sun, when I knew it as a creature meant to swim and play across vast oceans. I wasn't delighted by it like my parents hoped; I was extremely saddened. I touched it, quietly apologised many times and sent it love. I don't know what happened to that dolphin but there was no exit trap in that pool. My parents took us to other animal and aquatic parks, zoos and a circus during my childhood, but the enduring impressions I always got, especially from the 'animal shows', were that those animals were just being demeaned, objectified, and exploited. I think we should be moving away from having them 'perform', to just enjoying their company in environments where they are able to thrive just being as they naturally are.

  6. I thought it is a amusement park for dogs, not a amusement park for people where dogs are used to amuse the visitors. I would never visit a place like this, it looks awfull. I would also never bring my dog in such a place, cause it would be to much stress for him. Not to thinka bout HOW these dogs got trained to do what they should do.

  7. looking at her, reminds me of long past times, and the bright look into the future that was never meant to be. oh the melancholy. enjoy life you both. happyness is only real if shared.

  8. One cat in that room looks like my baby bunny Lava who passed away when she was only a little child-bunny… :c I hate that illness that took both my first bunny and my little Lava away from me! >:c ;-;

    Super cute cats and dogs, btw! :3

  9. Thank you for this video being about what it says and not just showing the pretty girl the entire time talking like so many other videos.

  10. I shouldn’t have negative thoughts, but I was wondering if those dogs were abused in order to be able to be trained to do those tricks. Just like the dog who was able to walk on it’s hind legs.

  11. The border collie at the end looks like my dog that passed away a year ago. I cried so hard when I saw the collie. I miss my dog.


  13. Im curious is this more of a domestic animal zoo or is this an animal rescue? like primarly you adopt a pet out of this place/do they take in rescues or is this simpley there communal home like a zoo basically

  14. Goes to Cat Park:

    Rachel: You are such a sweety.

    Rachel: You are such a sweety

    Rachel: You are such a sweety


  15. 6:55 that’s literally what my cat looks like.
    I jumped to conclusions and thought that my cat ran away for more hooman attention.
    Yeah, she’s a brat and she hates me.
    And she’s F A T .

  16. Anyone else worried with Rachel's earring? Like any dog can just bite it off coz it looks like dangling small stick. >.<

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