Japanese Trapdoor Snail | Freshwater Snails

hey y’all welcome back Mandy with my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today I
wanted to share with you a little bit about one of the most beautiful snails I
have come across in the Hobby the Japanese trapdoor snails these snails
probably have one of the most beautiful ornamental looking shells I have seen in
the Hobby I used to think that mystery snails were my favorite as far as their
beautiful different shell colors but I think I have to say hands down these are
my favorite snails right now because their shell is just beautiful because
they actually look like living decorations in the tank I mean just look
at the shell it looks like some beautiful thing that I would have found
at the beach and picked up now these snails shells can actually vary in color
from black dark green olive green as well as varying shades of brown reddish
brown and light Browns but the difference is is that on their spire a
lot of times they have a large area of white and I feel that it gives them just
this really unique beautiful look now these snails will commonly get to be
about 2 to 3 inches when they are fully grown and they can survive in a pretty
wide variety of water conditions the temperature range on these guys is
between 68 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit and their pH range is from 6.5 to 8 now
these guys will even survive in cooler temperatures but they will go into
hibernation this is a good reason why a lot of people who use these as pond
snails but I think they are just so beautiful that they should be showcased
even in your aquarium now of course these are very peaceful snail they are
omnivores so they will feed on your algae and help you keep your tank or
your pond very clean now like with many other species of snails you will want to
provide them with some sort of calcium supplement to help keep their shell nice
and beautiful and healthy I’m really happy that I came across these guys
because I never seen them in any of the fish
stores before at least not in my area and I think they’re really beautiful
who doesn’t love a living ornament that also cleans your tank all right so
that’s all for today’s video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and
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19 thoughts on “Japanese Trapdoor Snail | Freshwater Snails

  1. Full view and like #22 from me!
    I'd never heard of the Mystery Snail, so I had to go look it up. A very colorful critter.
    "Who doesn't love a living ornament that also cleans your tank?" — I like that line!
    Another professional upload, MyHecticLifePets. You keep getting better!
    Here's an odd note: A video in my "Recommended for You" section is titled "Feeding All Of My Pets," with 3.9 million views. I really don't understand how that happens!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing, and enjoy your upcoming week!

  2. Nothing about this video but wanted to comment I just noticed all of your video thumbnails are super on point! Is there a secret to it or you just put in the time?

  3. I found you in Roberto’s live stream and thought I would stop by. Now, you have a new friend. You can visit me too if you like.

  4. I use them with my goldies for years and they are also live bearers that won't overrun your pond or tank?

  5. I have one bigger than a golf ball in my betta tank
    it pooped out about 30 baby snails….so that's a little problem

  6. My local fish store sell them! I have a ton (6) babies now.

    How do you give them calcium, I use a small weco wonder shell personally.
    And what do you like to feed them?

  7. Just picked up 3 for my 5 gallon Betta tank. I know I’m pushing my bioload but there is a 20gl in the works once they get bigger. Hay if I’m lucky they might have babies. Good chances for that, two girls one boy. Would like to thank you for bringing these little guys to my attention. Tough like nerites beautiful as mystery snails but with the common sense to pull in their soft bits when my very agro dragon scale plakat Betta decides he want to prove he’s tough.

  8. The Nerdy chick in this video is kinda cute. Was thinking of getting Japanese Golden Snails (for my little frog pond), I think these are same. Can they breath underwater? & are they banned in some states like how some plants are banned? e.g. water soldier.

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