Jacht – Hond staat (pheasant hunting with pointing dogs)

Dog Points Episode: Dog Points hen he says it’s here ow what beautiful guys they are both pointing nice boys, good that was very beautiful pheasant good seek, seek, seek good, good, come here good boy come come, come. good good good tiro what was it? roe come here woodcock come here come here good

15 thoughts on “Jacht – Hond staat (pheasant hunting with pointing dogs)

  1. now you know the answer to my comment there is no need to tell you …… But I say it anyway ?? another fantastic video that I can only see on this fantastic channel !!! ???

  2. Nice work from the dogs. I got a Drent here in Austria. But hes not standing on birds so long like your dogs, maybe because we hunt more hare than pheasant.
    Best greets and Weidmannsheil?

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