Izzy's Toy Time Acclimates Our New Kittens!

welcome to Izzy's whatever time this is quake and under there is Judy Collins this is the first time they've been in our home and while ITT dad and Beau just went to go get them some stuff including some toys I am here acclimating them to their new home go ahead and check out is these toy time if you haven't already and we show our whole adoption process that's geeky wondering what's going on so we are going to introduce keiki to these gals in about a week we're gonna keep them in my room and bathroom to let them get used to each other cuz they're not from the same litter and Kiki's an old lady old ladies get a little bit annoyed with the young ones oh I'm gonna sit here and play with them until they get back yeah I've never had a kitty before they're so cute look they're playing badminton welcome to the family ladies when you see happy you'd be nice we're gonna give him a new top okay ladies it's time to eat alright let's just start with just a little Judi smells up oh I stymie he's looking at for weight they're not quite friends yet but you've had to pounce Judi Goines equipment yeah oh I'm hearing some hissing that's hilarious Judy : stinks Judy Collins is another cat in his hissing oh did you find your water yeah yummy I hear some frolicking Oh cute and he is seeing we were told as normal they're gonna hit each other to begin with until they get used to each other Judy Collins is frolicking she doesn't know what to do in this rug oh that's Kiki yeah kinky not Patel Oh her tail is my tail is finally up Judy Collins is finally happy I could hear her purring oh I need daddy I don't know what to do in this situation I ain't daddy Kiki it's okay you can see she goes spray his bedroom that's your elder okay nope yep nope here we go here we go okay okay we might have to keep these guys away from each other for a minute come here come here come here it's okay it's okay what do you tell you little feisty you just found the best new toy quake seems to think that my they're toys whoa that's been a couple hours playing together but they're so cute they're playing with each other now they're so cute did you bring him some toys okay I already put some food out over there yeah they've been eating and drinking baby kitties fun which I'll get them oh I can't wait isn't that fun you're gonna play with them all day alright guys hope y'all had a good time we'll see y'all next time bye bye

16 thoughts on “Izzy's Toy Time Acclimates Our New Kittens!

  1. Hi guys I love tour videos can you give me a shout out i actually have trackmaster wooden and tomy trains and tracks I love your videos can you include me in your next video oh and tell bubba i said hi

  2. Hi can you build something for these kittens???? Like a playhouse or something??? I know you are really good at diy's!!!

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