Ivanka for President 2024: Is President Trump Grooming His Daughter for White House?

question are you ready to say President Ivanka in 2024 stay tuned we're going to be talking about it on today's edition of true news this is true news on Doc Burkhart welcome to the God cast for Tuesday June 11th 2019 I'm Carrie Kinsey and here today's uncensored news headlines James O'Keefe is at it again this time the investigative journalist has discovered a big tech whistleblower who says Pinterest keeps a porn blacklist upon which it places conservative and Christian websites in order to block their content among the websites added to the list we're live action org and Zero Hedge calm you looking at pins live domains that are blocked any domain on the palm block list you can't make a pin like that and I happen to discover this because of a slack thread are talking about pro-life content and somebody happen to notice that live action was blocked and so I was pretty surprised and I went to our own domain walk west and sure enough an optional man live action is a group founded by Lila Rose that tries to educate people about the pro-life movement many of their projects focus on detailing medical procedures used by abortion providers the documents the Pinterest insider gave us appear to show code guidelines and the actual employees making censorship decisions including specific actions taken against live action why did why do you think they're targeting live action I think because live action is effective and I think they're saying increased pressure in the abortion debate well mister O'Keefe's project Veritas followed up today with Pinterest which claims this has permanently suspended live-action orgs account a spokesperson also claimed the social media platform it's not censor users content based on religious views it looks like the evidence says differently there carry right doc National Security Advisor John Bolton admits the u.s. is engaged in a cyber operation against Russia and several other countries he said so speaking to The Wall Street Journal's CFO Network annual meeting at the White House yes Carrie I Russian news outlets button Inc was able to report from the closed-door meeting today according to their report mr. Bolten told Wall Street Journal associate editor John bussy that the purpose of the operation is to tell Russia quote you will pay a price if we find that you are doing this and we will impose cost on you until you get the point that it's not worth your while to use cyber against us unquote the Israeli Defense Forces say its soldiers accidentally opened fire on Palestinian authorities security services personnel believing them to be terrorist operatives in the city of Nablus no one was seriously seriously injured in the firefight but the PA says the IDF failed to follow proper protocols well now the White House is saying they're not putting any pressure on US ambassador to Israel David Friedman to walk back his statement that under certain circumstances I think Israel has the right to retain some but unlikely all of the West Bank the Palestinian Authority is still considering a complaint to the International Criminal Court while foreign minister Riyad al-maliki says the comments were meant to encourage Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to fulfill his April election promise to annex territory atop Palestinian diplomat also says the world must stand up to 80 violation of international law but adds that he believes Israel has become a sacred cow that no one will touch for fear of angering the Zionists he says if Israel acts to annex any part of the West Bank it should be subjected to international sanctions a new report says a real estate company partially owned by president Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner has received 90 million dollars in foreign funding from an opaque offshore vehicle operated by Goldman Sachs in the Cayman Islands since he entered public office now officials at cadre that service say his ownership stake is less than 25 percent but he has no active role in company operations yeah Duncan The Guardian newspaper says foreign powers could use the money flowing into cadre to improperly influence mr. Kushner triggering ethical concerns a whistleblower has already told House Democrats the president's son-in-law was initially denied a security clearance over similar concerns but a trump presidential appointee intervened turkeys refusal to back down from its planned acquisition of Russia s 400 aerial defense systems has resulted in the Defense Department to begin winding down its participation in the f-35 program Reuters is reporting that Turkish f-35 pilots have been grounded and are no longer participating in training programs at Luke Air Force Base although ground crews and maintenance personnel are still receiving training at least for now at Eglin Air Force Base internet entrepreneur kim.com and three others who helped him build the mega upload file-sharing website nearly a decade ago are back in a New Zealand courtroom they're fighting extradition to the u.s. to face charges of conspiracy racketeering and money laundering American prosecutors say mr. Kham and his associates raked in millions mainly from people who were illegally sharing copyrighted material on their website but his attorneys say he can't be held accountable that is for actions of those users well tonight former Vice President Joe Biden plans to take aim at president Trump in Iowa calling him get ready for this an existential threat to the US that according to excerpts of his speech released to the media the jab comes as he and president Trump campaign throughout the state yeha jackass has more Joe Biden was a disaster for weeks they exchanged jabs from afar this White House has literally literally a bully pulpit but on Tuesday Trump and Biden will both be in Iowa making their case to would-be caucus goers in excerpts of his speech released to media Biden says that Trump is quote an existential threat to America and that quote we have to clearly and firmly reject his view of the presidency the White House Tuesday push back on the former vice president I think Joe Biden has a lot of questions he needs to answer himself the idea that he would say that the president opposes any type of threat is truly laughable considering he was part of the administration that allowed Russia to interfere in our election in the States Trump will tour a plant to tell his administration's recent approval of the expanded use of corn-based ethanol in gasoline a move applauded by Iowa farmers and ethanol producers it's also a topic Biden faces lingering questions on over his push in 2014 to slash the amount of ethanol refiners must blend into the country's fuel supply still a recent poll shows Biden leads the Democratic pack of presidential contenders in Iowa American idea the former VP is also expected to lay out his plan to address us tensions with China as Iowa farmers have been among the hardest hit by president Trump's trade war and although the two men are not expected to meet face to face tonight they're dueling campaign stops are drawing attention it's a possible preview of the 2020 general election the Justice Department's investigation of the investigators involved in the Trump Russia probe will look at actions both by the US government and by foreigners that's what the agency said telling Congress its review is broad in scope and multifaceted that came in a letter from assistant attorney general Stephan Boyd to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler and doc let's check out that letter here's a copy of it the letter made it clear that the DOJ review is not limited just to their specific agency but would also scrutinize the intelligence community as a whole the letter states that the DOJ review team had already asked certain intelligence community agencies to preserve records make witnesses available and start putting together documents that the DOJ would need to carry out its investigation you may have heard the story already but now you're going to hear the rest of the story the University of Alabama has moved the name of a wealthy donor from its law school now he is saying it was after he began advocating a boycott of the state over its new abortion ban but emails released by the university of showing that it had decided to return you cover house Jr's twenty six point five million dollar gift long before that because he was trying to dictate how the law school operates well doc you've heard the old saying that the broken clock is Right twice a day well Pro Pope Francis had one of those broken clock moments recently he issued a statement that rejects the notion that a person can choose or change his or her gender at will liberals who oppose the biblical view and scientific facts surrounding human sexuality are expressing their outrage YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has gone beyond her company's cracked down on hate speech and borderline content and has apologized to LGBTQ activists at the code conference that should tell you a lot right there over how it responded to supposedly anti-gay comments made by conservative commentator and comedian steven crowder she also vowed the social media platform is not done cracking down on so-called violent extremist content well new york state lawmakers introduced a bill to broadly legalize sex work if adopted it would make prostitution legal in most cases now the bill's sponsors claim the legislation would actually cut down on sex trafficking but a major advocate for the bill also says it is a bodily autonomy issue unlike Nevada where prostitution is legalized only in select counties the New York legislation would also apply to the entire state well you may have seen the 1997 disaster film starring Tommy Lee Jones called volcano but we can assure you that this is real-life tar and natural-gas have started to bubble up out of the ground near the La Brea Tar Pits in downtown Los Angeles now this new development follows the largest earthquake swarm the region has felt decades prompting some seismologists to warn that a big one a massive earthquake could be imminent well here's a question for you is Jack Phillips the only man in Colorado who can bake a cake it seems like it because the Christian Baker is facing a third lawsuit over his refusal on religious grounds to make certain cakes it's the leg latest legal battle for the masterpiece cake shop owner this time he's being sued by autumn scar Deena this is a man who says he's a woman and is upset that the Christian Baker won't make a cake to celebrate his gender transition to celebrate Satan or any other ways the attorney has tried to force the Baker to violate his deeply held religious views just three months ago mr. Phillips settled with the state of Colorado when the Alliance defending freedom discovered scar Deena and state officials were targeting him specifically due to his faith where I come from that's called harassment Kerry and that is definitely harassment of this gentleman now your good news item for the day six months ago gateway church launched a prison outreach ministry at Texas largest maximum-security prison the infamous Cofield unit is home to 4,200 R the Lone Star state's most violent criminal offenders yeah earlier this month the warden asks the gateway outreach pastor Niles hall singer to meet with five inmates who were being held in solitary confinement they were spending 23 hours a day behind solid steel doors with only air holes the warden said these men were asking to be baptized imagine this each man was bound and shackled unable to raise his hands above his wrists while one prison guard held each of his arms three were placed on one side of the prison gym to others on the opposite side and the room had been cleared due to safety concerns yeah and the men belonged to rival drug gangs operating with opposing drug cartels but as one man put it they were done doing things the old way they were ready to start doing things God's Way even if it put their lives in jeopardy the amazing thing is all five men were baptized together in the same water professing the same Lord now 14 other prisoners in solitary confinement say they want to be baptized to Gateway Church is preparing to supply the prison with several thousand Bibles the church is also preparing to plant more prison outreach programs by the end of the year and you were telling me Kerry as well the Gateway Church has now actually planted a church in Cofield prisons that right yeah their newest mega church is in that prison and on that first day of service just a couple of months ago 600 inmates showed up doc praise the Lord what a wonderful wonderful story really prayer request force today yeah we love to hear from our viewers and listeners and we like when you share your prayer requests visit true news.com and use the true news app on your smartphone to submit your need for prayer we pray over each of the requests sent to us on a regular basis we'd like to share a couple of those requests now here's the first one dear Rick I am a new widow this is tough please pray the Lord will send me to a new place to start fresh I need a good job to bless you Helen well Helen our Lord Jesus comforts widows whose hearts are broken and filled with sorrow who are lonely and have responsibilities to listen to Jeremiah 49 11 it says leave your orphans behind I will keep them alive and let your widows trust in me Eman well thank you care for that here's another prayer request as well dear Rick and the team I just wanted to let you know how your prayers have helped me so much my back is healing very well your prayers chiropractic and exercises are helping to eliminate the pain your two broadcasts about the Israel's of all involvement in the assassination of JFK and all the history behind that are amazing I appreciate your good news stories so important now I also love Mario's work with the tent revival meeting in Paradise California yes these good news stories and even the humor you add are so important I also intend to try out prazer what a great idea yours in Christ Suzanne well Suzanne thank you for the kind words about true news and we're glad that you know our God is a God of healing and miracles you know in 1st John chapter 5 verse 14 it says now this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us well coming up on our panel discussion today I'll be joined by true news founder and host Rick Wiles attorneys correspondent Edwards all Rick's had a lot on his mind and heart today and some of that he'll be sharing with you along with this story we're talking about Trump 2020 but maybe Trump 2024 Ivanka Trump 2024 so stay tuned we'll have more on that looking forward to that dog but first let's take a break for a word from our sponsor the Holy Bible here's max McClain from the listeners Bible dot-com with a reading from the Word of God from Leviticus chapter 19 listen to the Bible from Leviticus 19 do not pervert justice do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great but judge your neighbor fairly do not go about spreading slander among your people do not do anything that endangers your neighbor's life I am the Lord do not hate your brother in your heart rebuke your neighbor frankly so you will not share in his guilt do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people but love your neighbor as yourself I am the Lord from Leviticus 19 listen to the Bible it's great for the soul when you're watching true news hum requires the Trump administration unveiled today a new initiative aimed at involving more women in national security issues in international negotiations Trinity's first reported the story a month ago when Ivanka Trump Kushner attended a women's economic conference in Africa The Wall Street Journal reported today that Ivanka Trump Kushner met with a group of Washington lawmakers to discuss the new policy the journal said the White House plan will direct federal departments and agencies that deal with foreign policy and international aid to increase women's participation in global conflict resolution and Jasser recovery efforts the National Security Council is overseeing the rollout of the new policy the US State Department the Pentagon the and Homeland Security will be responsible for developing implementation plans now today's announcement follows the women peace and security Act which was passed by Congress in 2017 and signed into law by President Trump Edwards all participated in a White House press call today and was asked was able to ask a question about the new policy along with Edward doc Burkhardt is here for today's discussion so Edward you you were involved in the White House call today but let's go before we get into that call let's remind our audience the story that we brought to them I guess it was actually April it was April I said last month is actually April is around Easter and Ivanka Trump Kushner attended a women's economic empowerment conference in Africa Lindsey Graham was there yes he was telling the women you got to get war you got to get into war all right you want to be a you want to be a real woman you got to start a war all right and but Ivanka was there to promote this new policy and so true news brought forth this information in April that the Trump administration was moving towards a a they were going to weaponize feminism yes literally what was taking place they're going to weaponize feminism and they want women to be at the seat of power when war plans are made when national security issues are resolved when conflicts are resolved and we've entered we've entered a stage where we're now seeing quotas yes okay so a year or two from now we'll have we'll have a transvestite at the table yes and you know they'll be you know an assortment of of people sitting at a table discussing national security issues we have a we have a video clip from the April conference right Cincotti fois it's the women's entrepreneurs Finance Initiative hosted by the World Bank here is a vodka Trump special advisor the president speaking about her feminization of national security the president launched this initiative through a national security presidential memorandum it was very important to him and this is stated in the national security strategy of the United States of America that societies that empower women to succeed are more peaceful and more prosperous and this is evident in all the research that we see in countries where there is the greatest gender disparity there's also the highest likelihood or conflict and there's also the highest likelihood to resolve a threat with immediate violence as opposed to a negotiated diplomatic response so the correlation between women's economic empowerment and national security is there so this is just simply put good defense policy but it's also in country's economic interests so it's a social justice issue it's an economic issue it's a defense issue and it just plain makes sense one of the things I'm I'm very proud of and the members of Congress who are here with us today actively participated in is the United States is the first country in the world to sign into law a stipulation that women must be at the table when negotiating peace the women peace and security act this was signed into law after years of hard work by many people on both sides of the aisle it was signed into law by President Trump in 2017 the guidance is coming out this month or how it's going to be rolled out but and it's follows up on UN stipulation and Justin's on this front but we're the first country to actually require it because it makes sense peace deals when women participate in negotiating them sustained far longer 35% longer than if women are excluded from the dialogue and that's the only rationale as we comprise 50% of most populations know as Edward mentioned that conference was sponsored by the World Bank yes and we should remind our audience that at one point in time in just a few months ago President Trump actually considered appointing his daughter Ivanka to be the president of the World Bank yes that was she floated out there surely she turned it down because there wasn't enough power in it she has more power in the White House she's kind of the shadow president and you have to wonder who has the most power in the White House is it Donald Trump or is it Ivanka Trump but you know the World Bank was the sponsor of this event now today Edward Ivanka Trump Kushner tweeted her elation over her her victory in getting her father to implement her policy and essentially it's a revival of the Hillary Doctrine I mean this this policy you only passed Congress because the Congress agreed to take out Obama era that that wording was actually in the original document they took it out because they wanted to show that this was some kind of new initiative well he has taken this now is her calling card this is the initiative she wants the point you of her work in the White House today she tweeted today I'll be on the hill unveiling the administration's comprehensive women peace and security strategy WPS and the women's GDP recognizes the good defense policy requires women's participation and empowerment yet women are critically underrepresented in conflict resolution and post-conflict peacebuilding efforts this is where the quotas actually come up interesting she noted that only 2% of mediators 3% of military personnel and 90% of a negotiation as globally this is people who were participating in any kind of peace summit let's say for North Korea or even speaking to a Lattimer whom with the Russians that there there significantly low numbers that are represent our women she wanted to say almost 20 years after UN resolution one three to five the US is proud to show leadership as the first and only country in the world with a comprehensive law on women peace and security bipartisan legislation signed into law by President Trump passed by the Republican Congress signed by the Republican resident resident but the law really was the the the brainchild of Ivanka Trump well in going previewing back to Hillary Clinton yet to the previous administration nothing's changed yeah same policies Hillary Obama and Trump and we get the same policies nothing's changed so why are we having an election in 2020 it doesn't really matter that's another story a Wall Street Journal this is number three Wall Street Journal posted a story this afternoon Ivanka Trump pushes initiative to give women bigger role in global peace that just came out earlier today from The Wall Street Journal who clearly who is the the person who's receiving all of the glory and credit for this policy what's a vodka Jovanka drum Kushner yes it's Ivanka Trump Krishna she's there on the front page of The Wall Street Journal right and she's calling shots she's in charge and she's she she is crafting and forming US national security policy yes did anybody in 2016 when we voted for Donald Trump did we think that the Ivanka Trump was going to be determining national security policy I don't remember anyone I know voting for Ivanka Trump and the interesting about this trick it's not just defense policy it has this fusion to social justice issue what she is tying in here she wants the over the equality for LGBT she wants all the things we'd see in a country like you know d'amour Canada where they have transvestites everywhere they have you know women in command of combat units she wants all of that past that even to have mandates specific quotas for having female negotiators in the room when they're talking to world leaders can you even say mandates anymore sandé would be sexist by date yeah Edward had the opportunity to be on the White House call today how long do because we got one more doctor one more video to play before we go to that and this is number four is a senior White House official explains how the women peace and security act will feminize security negotiations not is this they call that you wrong this was the closet right so this is the call he was okay and it's a senior administration official that was basically giving a briefing to any media outlets that were interested the part there was a real intriguing Rick is that there are so few people on the call I was one of nine people they the White House it only put out an announcement there ain't even hold the call about maybe 30 minutes 40 minutes before the call taking place it's almost as if this was just a formality they wanted to take care of to announce it and get it out of the way because they can at least say now they had they gave the opportunity to the public to respond were you're the only man on the call I'm not sure about that but I was the only man to ask a question that is true and he did kind of upset the applecart a little bit when he asked his questions he did but what you're gonna hear first is the senior administration official giving a briefing about what exactly is gonna be implemented through us and how this isn't just some small initiative it's the first hole of government plan to essentially feminize are not just senior White House official that we're going to hear that you participated in the call today this woman is with the National Security Council that's correct she's with the National Security Council specifically John Bolton under John Bolton all right this was a part of the call that Edward participated in today with the White House in October 2017 President Trump signs the women peace and security act which aims to increase the United States efforts to enhance the meaningful participation of women and all aspects of overseas complex prevention this is important because this is the first stand-alone comprehensive legislation of its kind globally which solidifies the United States as a trailblazing global leader and building innovative solutions to difficult foreign policy challenges promoting women's meaningful inclusion and participation across efforts to restore security and support economic development is not simply a woman's issue it is a national security issue and it's vital for human progress women provide essential contributions to forging lasting solutions to conflict terrorism and crisis however their perspectives and leadership are too often not tapped into a growing body of evidence actually demonstrates that women are partners that we cannot afford to ignore as our participation leads to better outcomes not only for women but for all societies the administration fully supports the comprehensive integration of women into crime prevention conflict resolution peace building and disaster recovery efforts worldwide and recognizes that the protection of women from violence is critical to their meaningful participation in promoting security the United States strategy on women peace and security is a whole-of-government plan and it directs the federal departments and agencies with informed policy to take steps to promote women's participation and safety and efforts to resolve conflict recover from natural disasters and to promote security this strategy essentially directs the interagency with foreign policy and assistance missions to increase efforts to guarantee meaningful participation a woman in calm resolution and disaster recovery to increase women and girls level of physical safety access to assistance and justice in areas experiencing conflict or disaster and it ensures that the impacts of our efforts are lasting as you heard the senior White House officials sirak this is going to affect that part of justice the sorry the Department of Defense the Department of Homeland Security the State Department yes even for hurricanes for example this isn't just for peace negotiations it's a complete overhaul of the leadership of any disaster emergency or war response by the White House we're now going to quote us yes the way decisions are made involving national security and foreign policy so I'm telling you right I don't know how long it will take but there will be a policy some day that there will have to be a homosexual a lesbian a transvestite then we're going to get into various races so have to be a black a white a Chinese you know we'll have to go down the whole list of people and then I guess 10 years from now there will have to be a robot with artificial intelligence and then when you reach that point you can get everybody get rid of everybody else and just let AI take over because the rest of them will be idiots well if we were doing going down the homosexual or transgender road here you know if the government tomorrow said you know we recognize that there are more than two genders that's the government could do that this administration could do that I mean that would mean that really the the same principles would apply that we're applying to women being involved I want women involved in any level of government I'm not against that oh but one of the best qualified people involved in government I didn't buy merit not by City or their racers not by what their what they'd identified as their genitals I want to have the best qualified people leading our country male or female whatever that might be but when we start doing quotas like this what you end up having are potential candidates that get placed in slots and positions that were never meant to be there because they don't have the skill they couldn't cut it before and the only reason why they're there is because of their gender race or whatever it's it's a tragedy well at some point it'll become so bizarre and crazy that no nothing will be resolved yeah I mean can you imagine a room full of you know 50 different genders what was the name of your faith oh I can't figure it offhand Alba dazzle yeah I remember that guest today you know we would have to have both a pronoun dictionary in front of you and apparently a whole list of names before that person's identified genders and and specific titles it's bizarre it's it this is this going down a very dangerous road but theref in there weaponizing the feminist movement right they want this was supposed to be about peace but it's really about about war right because they're saying you're going to have to have certain people based on their gender involved in decisions about war yes it's calling for more women in the military you think this is anti-family in the sense that they want to try to recruit more women instead of having families they want to create them into the military to be soldiers and listen to some of the code that they put out there to they are saying half the population is women well at some point they're going to be saying well then we need to have half of the negotiators to be women well how can half the population be women if there are forty different genders don't confuse people with facts Rick like that's it gets in the way right yeah because now women are not fifty percent men are not 50 percent if there are 40 or 50 genders I just think it's you know hypocritical for the left to keep saying we need to have as many genders as possible but they stand up for women's rights how does that work I haven't figured that out either so every was in this call today with the White House and you've got to ask a question a man and and asking their question what did you man up and ask well I I manned up and asked if this mandate is coming with passages about a mandate that a woman now has to be present for example when President Trump travels for a potential third summit to meet with Kim jong-un or when President Trump or any national security official wants to travel to Russia China do anything on regard on behalf of the United States for our diplomacy and did you ask if the policy that was being implemented today was Ivanka Trump's policy yes I did and you'll hear the response from the senior administration official they they were not expecting anyone I think to bring up the Kosovo conference that happened in April okay this is from today's White House call with Ed's all on the line with the White House my name is Edwards all wood trees the question I have is actually related to because this was brought up from understanding in the Ivory Coast by President Trump's daughter Ivanka and I was wondering it in the speech he noted that this could also mean potentially that a woman would be mandated II in the room for example at peace talks with North Korea can you give a comment on that so so first of all just to go back on the I'm kind of how we're going to implement the strategy we when your connection is now in listen-only mode though we rather kind of work to build capacity of different governments but we leave for ourselves mandate that the interagency like the Department of State from Ana defense and you to save will actually lead on programs under this strategy and kind of work towards integrated efforts so so for the sake of right now what's really mandated in the strategy is that within 90 days we come up with a to measure kind of the framework and strategy moving forward within 120 days the interagency develops a consolidated implementation plan and then with with a year or really rolling that trauma training to make this more established and so and in other words this takes time ever duh place you cleared that up yeah but she had to think about it doc never hear that pause after a long pause mr. Edward asked the question so they were not prepared for that particular kind of question what happens when real reporters ask questions government officials aren't prepared for it because there aren't real reporters anymore and then after the pause she stumbled to get you know an answer out because he wasn't prepared for that kind of question the whole act has been done in the shadows remember we talked to us that day when we reported back in April on this said did you hear about present Trump's I'm the women peace and security act do you remember hearing any promotion months in 2017 I think we're all saying well we didn't get a wall we didn't get any kind of you know a change in the policy foreign policy for war that those the thing this did get done was Jerusalem Israel and apparently the women's security and and peace initiatives from Ivanka Trump so as we understand it based on the law that the Republicans passed and President Trump sign and then the presidential order that was put into effect today which is this is all Ivanka Trump Kushner running the White House the way we understand it that is now the official policy of the Trump administration that females must be present in any national security meeting where a conflict is being negotiated and so what Edward asks is will there be a female in the room with President Trump when he meets with Kim jong-un based on this policy that's a good question asked right but they did not answer the question they didn't answer it but here's look like doc said we're not we're not opposed to women being in in the rooms that's not that's not where we're going with this here's where I'm going with it you want to know who will be the only woman qualified to be in these meetings Ivanka Ivanka Trump Kushner yes she's gonna be a queen watch what happens she will be the only one qualified by President Trump and John Bolton and the whole establishment there'll be some some recognition that she has been vetted and is qualified to be at all of these meetings where negotiations are taking place and so you're gonna have Kim Chang on they're going to be looking at Donald Trump then he's going to look over at Ivanka and wonder who is running the negotiation here Who am I dealing with who's got the most power but where this is going is Donald Trump is prepping his daughter to replace him in the White House forming an era he's grooming the successor he wants to create a Trump dynasty I thought it would be Don Trump jr. but I am now leaning towards the belief that President Trump wants Ivanka in the White House I mean we already know he he has lust for her he said numerous times that he'd like to sleep with his daughter now that makes me think about dr. pizza and in the Cait website right I mean who who would offer their daughter all right to a pedophile well who talks about having sex with your daughter yes okay I'm just getting really raw here and that's public I suppose that's the truth I'm calls a preacher of the gospel I'm not a politician I'm not a newsman I'm a preacher of the gospel and I don't care about anybody's politics this nation has become wicked and we need the preachers of the gospel need to call it out we need to call the sin out and lay it out on the table in the church needs to deal with reality okay so Ivanka Trump is being groomed to be the next president in the run in 2024 this is our the way I see it right now this is where this is going so week or two ago when when President Trump was in Great Britain met with the Queen Queen Elizabeth there is that one creepy photo we I'd like to show it to you but we don't have the we don't have the rights to use it I didn't feel like paying for it I was just cheap today you know we have to pay for these photographs folks all right so oh right we just can't put photographs we're not Alex Jones we just don't break the law and put stuff up on on the screen you know we abide by rules from regulations and I didn't feel like paying for it today but I'm talking about the one where Jared Krishna and Ivanka are looking out the window it's in James palace say James vows and it just looked like a picture from the shining shining the movie is just so creepy there's this creepy looking like the old man I was like just weird look can we share this with our audience here no no we don't have that we don't have I didn't want to pay for okay that one yeah I didn't want to pay for it today's just some days I don't feel like paying for it and that was one of them today but you you if you you can search it for yourself you'll find the photograph but we do have number six a Ivanka Trump getting her seat at Buckingham Palace during official business negotiations with the United Kingdom right yes so as we talked about here this new law is gonna mandate that there be a female who has a security clearance present whenever there's major negotiations but what was happening here is there it is there's major negotiations happening I don't see she's sitting next to John Bolton yes she is in charge does John Bolton work for her or does she work for John Bolton well it's it should be actually not even related because she's just the senior advisor to the president then asked she was security adviser he's a completely separate jurisdiction completely separate wigging the joopa 30 I think but notice who's further away from the president all right I'm going in that meeting why is she there I'll probably serve two events bilateral trade relationships but as we're postulating here it should bilateral trade relationships our sales of her products yes and that's no joke Japan you look at the the Chinese really sure there's happening here where whenever Ivanka Trump wears something example I had a White House event shower Teaneck she got a lot of trouble for then promoting said product via her social media accounts and I don't understand why the Democrats wasted over two years on that stupid idiotic Russia collusion hoax there's a waste of time it was the dumbest thing I've ever seen and it was insulting to the intelligence of anybody who knew what was going on but while they wasted two years and our tax money tens of millions of dollars of tax money they won't investigate Jared and Ivanka Kushner's business dealings while they're working in the White House if that's not illegal what is and remember the run-up and the campaign we're with the Chinese connection and selling the citizenships and absolutely no one ever made a big deal out we were there really the only news outlet that talked about that at any length why why are the Democrats ignoring this this is like raw out in the open corruption well maybe because they're you know they're taking the Democrats policies and implementing them Rick they're democratizing the Republican Party they're making them more liberal than making them more pro-homosexual so a vodka and Jared are good Democrats inside the Trump Republican White House they would fit the good New York liberal mode wouldn't they yeah and Jared Krishna managed to get into the new NAFTA treaty that's right LGBT mandates right so we see the Kushner's pushing there they're very ultra leftist policies throughout the Trump administration and it's working its way down through the White House so you're seeing Ivanka Trump showing up being invited by her father to be seated with the Queen with heads of state policy meetings oh yes national security meetings she's being groomed to be the President of the United States he's going to be able to say my daughter has been with me every step of the way she knows more than anybody else how to be the president and very hard to even attack Ivanka Trump is your noted her value sets are very similar to the Democrats they're not going to be go after much of her experience you know they could say that she's not a politician but the the part that they will probably defend actually is that Ivanka Trump is both a lobbyist for the homosexual obviously likes abortion and and and the evangelical leaders lover her and Jared too because of Jewish that's right so the Christian Zionists just lick this up they do there at the meetings I'm just telling you folks when they have the major level evangelical leaders meetings at the White House you can bet either Jared or Ivanka or both of them are they're seated at the tables with former leaders of the Assemblies of God or famous preachers you see on TV today and are not witnessing Jesus to them I'll tell you that right now they're know that the evangelical Christian Zionists are in awe of Ivanka Trump and Jo Krishna like they're starstruck by them yes right so number seven which is the secretive Brussels meeting between top energy officials EU leaders Jared Kushner and the new Ukrainian President Vladimir is that Lenski Zielinski so this happened a couple weeks ago very few people I don't know if anybody United States saw any photographs of this meeting but we want you to see this photograph of who was in that meeting with the new president of Ukraine so you're gonna see on the screen here again this I to dig to even find a guest list for this you have US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry as you see in this photo you have Jared Kushner next to Ukrainian president you vitomir Solinsky who's on the left over on the left of Jared Kushner and also this table on you had the who's who of Eastern European affairs you're the President of Poland Andrzej Duda you also had the the ambassador to the EU Gordon Sandow the ambassador of the United Kingdom Belgian Ronald J akin wits there were also were energy ministers from the Eurasian Union this dinner Rick wasn't reported by US media the only way you could find out this meeting was actually to go to the Russian or Ukrainian press why this meeting was important though is that when this this little get-together happened this was around the same time that the United States started putting further emphasis on getting rid of the Nordstrom to pipeline pressuring Germany to basically back out of their agreement with Russia for that gas pipe so the Secretary of Energy Rick Perry was there former governor of Texas one name that I forgot this old gal was still around US ambassador to Poland George yet lost Bakker yes I haven't heard her name it's been years I I just one of those names you forget about you know the mosh Bacher's her her husband was Secretary of Commerce under was it one of the bushes wasn't it under the original Bush the George Herbert Walker Bush yes he was Secretary of Commerce right I'm sorry believe is the commerce yeah so low and then he was a major figure in the Republican Party fundraiser so is a missus mossbacher but I didn't know she was still around and and she's in the Trump administration sees the Ambassador Poland she was at that banquet yes look what is a Jared Krishna doing there he's cutting business deals yes who is he cutting deals for Zionists and himself why isn't anybody investigating this stuff why why are the Democrats not looking into this raw corruption that's taking place and you have to assume either they're the Democrats are dumb or they're colluding or they're colluding where they're getting some of it you know or because it's going to design us they can't go there because the Zion is financed the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and then ones of the media they've helped create this this battering ram to attack anybody they can't go after Jared and Ivanka over quote anti-semitism and these other things because they have used those same terms to forget forget anti-semitism is old-fashioned corruption right you're using a White House position to get rich now Jared Christian area is still running his business you mentioned in the headlines 90 million yes 90 million dollars translate from this mysterious fund and yes a mysterious fun anybody else city Caymans right anybody else that the media would be blowing up without what do you mean mysterious fun Jared Kushner ninety million dollars well he's not in control of it what are they really well his brother is he's not in control but he has less than a 25% stake means he still has a stake in contra the vehicle based the investment vehicle that was used again think we don't know who gave him ninety million dollars right a foreign country a foreign company I made the company where it came from was the Caymans so it's an offshore corporation which means that the money was put in the Caymans for the reason of concealing it right well The Guardian reported that at least 1 million of it came directly from Saudi Arabia they didn't name the official in the Guardians report on this but some of the money it portly it could be a thank you know for that nuclear energy deal but nobody wants to investigate it I think the Christian errs are corrupt I mean to the bone and I'm not gonna I'm done past I can't give Donald Trump a pass anymore this is his son I mean his son-in-law his daughter and they're running a corrupt operation in the White House it's just call it what it is the Trump's are getting rich they're getting richer they're running a corrupt operation in the White House we called it out under Barack Obama we have to call it out under President Trump you know it is what it is this is not a an honest administration this is about making as much money as you can cutting as many deals as you can while you've got the power that's what's going on and I just can't be quiet about it s-see oh look so I'm not the only one I didn't realize that there were other people out there thinking that Ivanka is gonna run for president I thought I was the only one who had this crazy idea but then I found out that the book Kushner Incorporated claims actually that that Ivanka is in competition with her brother yes or the White House in 2024 and the reason why I can believe that if you've ever read art of the deal one of Donald Trump's strategy he applied this on the apprentice is he would have different you know he'd have opposing factions within his company his various companies that would come up with alternate ideas to the same plan and basically make them fight it out you know to win the approval you know that you have to go it's a competition and he applied that those same principles in the television show the imprisons I believe the same thing is happening within his own family that he's put his biggest daughter against his son yes and one of you will replace me that's what he's doing yes and we know from Vicki Ward's book Kushner Inc that Jared Kushner sees his family as a new Kennedy and as a new new bush dynasty of fantasy so this isn't far off from what let's say Ivanka Trump wants to bring this to fruition either way you're still gonna have a Trump that takes maybe the GOP nomination and takes the White House again in 2024 but you look how both of them are marketed each other Donald Trump jr. grew a beard he came out as a hunter he's been making the rounds especially during the election cycle back in October 2018 and then a vodka Trump has come out as the she's the globalist light she will take up other things such as fighting for women's rights fighting for LGBT and reforms fighting against abortion outlawing you know that she is essentially taking up same position as Hillary Clinton you know who else is speculating that Ivanka will be the savior of the Republican Party certain national radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh about a month ago I this is a soundbite today I was a caller expressing is a woman it was a trump supporter and she said she's very very concerned she she thinks President Trump will win reelection 2020 but she's very concerned about the country after he leaves in Rush Limbaugh said no Ivanka the vodka is going to save the Republican Party save the country and you can see how the Republican leadership is starting to come in line with the idea the idea that Ivanka Trump is the one chosen to replace Donald Trump Don jr. is not the one sitting in the meeting with the Queen Ivanka Trump is that's right Don juniors wife isn't the one negotiating energy deals and Ukraine jared is okay what's interesting is we bring up Don Trump jr. one of the things that always has been a thorn in his side is that the meeting that he was a you know had privy to was party to at Trump Tower you think about this actually Kushner Inc Vicky Ward's book she states that it was Jared Kushner who ensured that when the story came out about the meeting that it was Donald Trump jr. whose name was placed as the person who arranged it the person who was involvement Jared Kushner was at that meeting but you don't remember that you remember the doctor in there through Don under the bus yes just like general Flynn got thrown under the bus right all general Flynn did was it followed your Kushner's instruction on behalf of Israel yes and your and general Flynn was destroyed because of of Jared Kushner all right that's it for today count on it I think this is where it's going Ivanka Trump is being groomed to be President Trump January 20th 2025 if America still exists at that time but if you look at D goal.com our population is down to about 99 million in 2025 still haven't figured out who is deagle calm now they're quoted by Stratfor which is a very deep state military industrial complex group based on austin what could happen between now and 2025 that would reduce our population to 99 million well in the notes on that very page where they talk about it they say it's mass migration from the US well what would cause mass migration that's it that gives an even broader question there yeah hey before we close I just wanna talk about what's going on in Los Angeles tar is bubbling up right in the streets and there's a constant hissing sound from methane this is a no-brainer where this is gone the there's a mega earthquake ready to erupt in the just a few days ago there was a massive swarm of earthquakes all around the San Fernando Valley Los Angeles area well the California governor Newsom he wants people to come there and kill their babies so you know maybe he'll have so much death in California that he won't have time to kill babies he'll just have to be burying earthquake victims yeah so thank you for watching true news appreciate your prayers and your support get behind us go to true news.com and click donate or if you use PayPal our addresses support at Tru news.com tell your friends about us by the way we didn't stream live on YouTube today because what we could we don't know what was happening that's why we were very late getting started we have no idea what was happening maybe somebody YouTube didn't like us talking about dr. pizza yesterday we don't know but we don't care either we're going to continue going with or without you too but we did have some type of technical block there today so we we finally just said we got to go we're just going to start the program without YouTube live so we'll see later today whether the video on-demand makes it to YouTube but I get a feeling they they'd rather have you know perverts and child molesters then Christians on YouTube but that's my opinion see you tomorrow bye god bless you you

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