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Oh my gosh, we have a baby You be willing to find the light though You have to be willing to believe in yourself and to believe in your story and to believe that there’s more than you’re going through And that what you’re going through is going to bring you Further into who you’re supposed to be and your calling and find the good in it Hey guys, welcome back to my channel if it’s your first time here My name is Kristie and I post videos every Wednesday and Friday and today we are going on an adventure. Okay, I So, uh, we all know there’s been a little bit of talk on my channel about me Hopefully getting a dog in my new house. And as you know, I’m in my new house and I thought Let’s go get a dog So that’s exactly what we’re doing today so I’m on my way to go take a look at this white Maltese beautiful little nine-week-old pup and I’m super excited. It’s actually in the city that I’m living in right now, so it’s not too far away so we’re gonna go ahead out there right now and take a look and meet this little gaffer and see if he’s gonna be the one to you know live in this house with me and complete my little family of Me myself a dog in my house. But uh, yeah, so let’s go to meet little pup, boy, pup, boy little pup, small Maltese little white dog Let’s go. Oh, I’m nervous All right off we go to go get a puppy All right, so I just got here and I’m about to meet the lady And we’re gonna go in and See what we got okay guys, so I just got home from meeting the Puppy I took some time to think about it. It’s now seven o’clock. Well almost seven o’clock at night It’s five o’clock. And I looked at the puppy at like two o’clock and I think I’m gonna get it Like I think I’m gonna go pick it up right now at seven o’clock And take it home and bring it home and it’s gonna be the new asset to our family. Our family is gonna grow Oh my gosh, we have a baby. Oh my gosh when it all hits in just all at the same time Yeah, I’m gonna go do this. I’m gonna go get a puppy That’s a big responsibility Yeah, I’m gonna go do it and also you guys know I’ve been thinking about this for so long now Although this dog does have four limbs. I will get a stumpy puppy one day But for right now, I think this is my guy and I’m super excited I’m gonna go ahead off to Pet Smart now So you guys are gonna come with me and we’re gonna go pick up all they get doggy assets – gettin myself started with my new little friend I’m so excited Okay Okay, so I’m in Petsmart gotta get all the assets now I’m so excited. Oh my gosh guys. This is it. I don’t know what to pick. There’s so many options Because I think I found the one look at that Okay. Now we need the leash. So they’re gonna send me up that one Because I don’t even know what else to get like. What toys this small dogs Maybe I should get someone to help me Yeah, I’m gonna need someone to help me with this. I do not understand any of these things. Oh so cute. There’s all these things Okay Okay, so all the people here are busy and no one can help you so we’re gonna try and figure this out all by ourselves Which learning very quickly dogs are not cheap Not cheap fun over here, but you know this little guy he’s gonna be worth it. Oh my gosh. Look at the little toys This is cute. Oh, yeah Yeah, he’s gonna like this guy. Oh, maybe that just this one cuz he’s super small That’s gonna get annoying real quick, okay, so I had someone come along and help me I got all of my food figured out I got a really good food some good treats and everything. And now my last thing is I just got to get him Oh, that’s so cute Sory I’m looking at like the most nonsense things that I don’t need I need a bed and then we should be able to go pick them up Yes, please Okay, so I’m just leaving them all now I Have to even get like a carrier cuz I’m going to the Sunshine Coast this weekend And of course little buddy is gonna come with me. So he’s got everything all ready to go now I just got to go meet the owner and take her a little buddy home all right, so I’m just on my way to go pick up the dog now This is our last couple seconds being a family of one. We’re gonna go get our little specials Bub Hey buddy you ready to come to your new home? Hey guys, I’m officially at home I’ve got all these new things you got beds food treats carriers and Everything and we’ve got little buckaroo Oh my gosh guys this is insane Okay, okay, okay, you’re not waiting all right hi budddyyy Yeah, welcome to youtube Oh My sweet goodness My little buddy, hi! Hi Hi oh, yeah, you’re already chewing on mommy scrunches. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, you are so cute Hi, buddy Hi bud Yes. Hello. Hello, okay Okay All right. This is this is what’s gonna be the new deal On phone: “They tickle when they get excited” Me: ” the fun thing is that he tinkled on me in the taxi through the bag into my pants Right in the chair, thank bud, love you already On phone: “Did you wake up this morning and say hey I’m gonna get a dog?” I was like, hey, why not? Oh My phone died guys, what should we name him Oh Okay guys so we have officially been home for a couple hours now My little buddy is doing it great. He finally met my mum and my dad my sister On phone: “Oh my goodness” What you guys just saw over face time and Yeah, he is just the cutest little gaffer in the entire world. Hey little buddy. Oh don’t even think about that And I love him so much. I’m so happy that I decided to bring this puppy home Yeah, and he’s already been a really good boy cookie go pee! Or not oh My gosh, how are you so cute? Toto Hey look! Say goodbye to the vlog Okay guys, so I think me and Toto are gonna call it a night for our first night we’re gonna see how he does with my nighttime reading session as next I think and Yeah, hey Toto what do you think about your new YouTube fam Bet you didn’t know Mama’s a youtuber. Hmm. Yep, you gonna have lovers all across the world, bud Yeah you are and Yep, so I guess you’ll officially see this little munchkin In every single video to come so I hope you loved him and I hope you grow to just oh my gosh that face Wow, oh my gosh, I can’t stop And We’ll see you guys in my next video I think I’m gonna film my first thing with the dogs, so don’t forget to subscribe and turn on those post notifications and Speaking of which let’s do a shout-out. Why don’t you so today’s shut up goes to Zane Zane Toy world. Thank you so much for coming to our videos first todo loves you. I love you, and we’re so thankful Thank you so much for all your support in your love. We love you so much and Your support means the world to us So make sure you guys subscribe turn on this post notifications so you can be my next shoutout I love you guys so much. Don’t forget to subscribe follow us on Instagram We’ll see you in our next video. I’ll make sure you stay tuned because my next video I release is gonna be my first day with a dog Maybe you see body photo see by total sea by total kissy camera kissy camera

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  1. Love you guys so much!! Hope you guys love him as much as I do!!! Welcome to our little family xoxo
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  2. That's awesome!!! Just got a second dog 2 days ago, but renember dog training is serious!!! Be sure to begin immediately with obedience training otherwise when he's an adult YOU WILL SUFFER congrats and good luck

  3. Congratulations on your puppy he sure is beautiful. Your also a very beautiful young woman who has faith like I've never seen before!! I do got a question about your hand is it hard getting dressed with only one hand?

  4. Congratulations! Watch dog with rope toys and rawhides when they're getting close to being able to swallow. Also, what him around your orthotics, is that the word for what you use?–My dog chewed up my $300 pair of shoe orthotics. Enjoy him as much as I do mine, she's such a pleasure!

  5. If I were working and I saw you I’d drop everything to go try and talk to you lol I’d become an expert in whatever it is you we’re looking for ???

  6. Congrats Kristie on getting Toto! He's adorable!! I rescued my sweet Shih Tzu Miss Georgie 7 years ago on June 24. She really rescued me. Dogs are amazing! Enjoy raising him. It's not easy but oh so worth it. Also I know you said that squeaky toys are annoying but dogs love them. At least mine does. ????

  7. Buddy seems you've called him that right from the start + he seems to answer to that, hes super cute xx

  8. A few years ago my ex girlfriend got a nine week puppy Malti Poo and everyone had a name that they thought was good and I called it ROMEO for it was a little lover boy and she lived in Romeoville IL. Two tips for you go back to PetSmart and bring puppy to puppy play so the dog gets use to other dogs….they also have classes. Second tip if you ever bring another dog to the house be sure you have a meet outside your home so the two dogs are neutral ground and when you bring your puppy back to your home with the other dog there is no threat to your dog with the other one being in his territory. My ex girlfriend didn't listen to this advice and when he daughter got a puppy two weeks later I was recording the meeting and my ex was loving the daughters new puppy and Romeo bit her in the face and I have this on video

  9. Soo cute ! You should buy him another bag because he doesn’t really have space there and he can suffer from anxiety

  10. U should name him boo or buddy because boo looks like a great name for him and u kept calling him budd and buddy OMG he's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

  11. Wonder if she plays video games,one time I beat my cousin one handed with a jigglypuff and all I had to do is switch the button setup.?

  12. I see your channel everywhere this one is viral seriously I see it on my recommend everyday now that I'm watching it I'm subscribing the doggy is so freaking cute and your really beautiful I'm late yeah I know it's bc I'm new and didn't know this video would be interesting bc alot of videos I watched like this was boring but your is really cool love ya videos

  13. Adorable and lovable. My dog is called a cockapoo, he looks a lot like Mr. Obama's dog. His name is Shamrock, and he's so well behaved it's beyond my comprehension. He's loved me when nobody else did, and is with me at all times when I'm not out working. Right now he's snoring (an adorable sound) to my right. I give him the last bite of everything I eat; I feel it an obligation, although of course the food bowl is always filled. He is truly a best friend. It's great you got a dog. Toto? OK Dorothy 🙂 One of my best bosses ever was a magnificent women 10 years my elder and I recall literately skipping through the warehouse with her to the tune of "we're off to see the wizard." I cherish that memory.

    Regardless your dog is adorable and that was a great vid. Thanks buddy.

  14. Please make sure he has all of his injections before he goes out. He shouldn't be outside until he's at least 12 weeks. If you have any questions – please ask. Other than that – he is so cute!

  15. Such a cutie! Dogs teach us so much about love and acceptance. I don't know what I'd do without my little guy.

  16. My mom became a double amputee 3 years ago. She’s still super active and just as awesome. My daughters were inspired to get an “Omega” (my mom’s word for her stumps) puppy. We got a Maltese missing his back foot. We call him Captain (like Pirate) and he’s the best!!!

  17. What a beautiful baby ❤️❤️❤️I love you and him❤️ IT dosent matter If u have lost ur arm its just Your love and careness that wil make j and ur baby strong and perfect❤️❤️❤️??

  18. when i was 8 or so i got a maltese and she was the runt of the liter and she wasn’t expected to survive. we got her in the middle of winter and just put luck it was the coldest winter he have had in a long time. ?so we would have to get up 3 times a night and take her outside. we had to put a little doggy coat on her cause she would get cold. the coat was 3 sizes to big cause she was so small. it was the best thing ever. i still have her and she’s doing amazing

  19. TIP: They will eat anything and everything, make sure he can't get hair ties of any small things that he may eat

    They Can't Eat:
    anything containing the sweetener xylitol
    coffee and caffeine
    Raw/under cooked meat
    Grapes and raisins
    Salt and salty snack foods

  20. You kinda remind me of "KELLY WAKASA"! XD  idk why… butt  in my Brain it triggers some familiarity. i have one Question. You are quite carismatic. (I know that a Youtube video issnt always the Straight reality.) Now…. what dose the counterside Looks like?

  21. this is meant to be in the best form possible, but why does she look like the female version of cole sprouse lol.. Love your videos btw

  22. You learn quickly when you have a dog and you go pet shopping that 99% of dog toys squeak… you cannot escape the squeak 😀 he is such a cute little pup, very lucky little pup ^_^

  23. I'm so glad you did not get a chihuahua! I hope you will love your dog for the rest of his live and you will be a great human for him! XxX

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