It's Sunday…Let's go Crazy: Lootboxes, new pets, new spawners (Season 2: Episode 11)

[Applause] welcome back to another cosmic sky episode and guys the reason being is because I wanted to make sure to be online for the one the only farming quota reset so welcome back to another episode hit that like button down below on this lovely lovely Sunday now usually we start the live streams would take your shoes off but I'm wearing socks and sandals today so I think I think we're gonna be okay I don't think we actually need to take them off so we're gonna be good to go but let's rock and roll guys welcome to another episode of cosmic sky everyone is gonna be doing a lot of traveling this week so it's time for us to just go like absolutely mad Oh dearly for moon let's go so right before the stream started I was able to come on for like 30 minutes 20 minutes and gets most of my things done and it's actually wild guys like I cannot I physically could not get my potatoes done without playing for like an hour like they're it's just it's just impossible it's it's all I really should have been in that jackpot that would be nasty wheat as well as getting to 3200 which is nice and then I was able to get my carrots as you can see I've actually placed like just all these carrots and it's it's getting wild so I'm able to get my carrots done but barely like it's like oh oh whisky what's that brother I am taking this and just took my sandals off my god okay it happens anyways guys and the sugarcane I was able to get which is pretty easy pretty easy that's just 5 minutes honestly just and later on it's easy money and then obviously be route another melons pumpkins and course shirt we're not quite there yet but that is the progression now I've also done a little bit of off-camera work honestly guys it was Sunday and I was at the cottage easy guys know the weekends but I had to come back early unfortunately so I was back here a little bit early and I did post an episode last night where I worked on the spine I did the adventures too with Preston we made some cash then I worked on my spotted spider grinders in the episode and then I also worked on the thing behind me which is the puppy auto potato farm thing which needs a little bit of work but it's pretty awesome and I'm really excited I think we're actually gonna have to go redo it a little bit but that shouldn't take too long and might happen it might not happen in this episode but either way that's what my last episode was it went out late last night at about 8 p.m. so if you haven't checked that out I'd recommend go on and check that out it's a fire episode all edited together beautifully with music and all that jazz so not quite a live stream and speaking about music I actually got my homie Harrison to send me a mix of all the music that I use and I can actually go ahead and listen to it let's see if it is stream music ooh yes yes all right let me know if that's that sound is okay oh my god is beautiful alright so and it's so good yeah I feel way more chilled now let's go anyways yeah so I got on a little bit earlier this morning and I was like you know we get a little bit of work done just because I was like Sunday morning I woke up at like 9:00 a.m. and I was like alright turn it up alright alright alright oh there we go I should begin yeah so I was like okay I've got some time to kind of chill it's 9:00 a.m. I'm at the office I came downtown to have some breakfast and stuff and with some fam and I was like you know what I'm gonna get some work done so we got some work done ladies and gentlemen first off most importantly I just did a little bit of an interior here for my armory a starter to arm race we got some enchanting gear we have our non enchanted gear right here and that we've got our iron and then we've got our pots and that's a good little start for a little armory so I made it look all pretty and then I actually removed the Spyder grinder from this whole area if you guys remember the Spyder grinder was right here and I compacted it and I made it look freaking No oh look at a tell me it has not fought over these spider spotting where are these spiders spawning there you go okay amazing now first off most importantly not so most importantly but most importantly I suppose we are gonna go ahead and break these spider spawners whoa we're gonna break these spider spawners guys because they're brand new update us out guys with spider spawning stacking and although I don't really need it oh yeah bio check this out now this looks a little bit weird but I just have to come here and check this out bah bah bah you just kill them this is a great system they don't move insta kill it's great so what we're gonna do is let's go to shop man I've got so much just glass laying around but like what everybody and then we're gonna try and put it right in the middle so right here MA boom and then if I shift click up hey what what uh why are you not why are you not stacking why are you not stacking bro am i doing something wrong hello hello Mike what is my problem over 4,000 people online though right now in cosmic you guys are absolutely insane but we are gonna go to the server announcements and don't shift much shifting oh that's actually way sicker don't shift come on Rob it's your server look listen I was out of town alright I was out of town okay I didn't know I didn't like play with it before all right guys everyone chill out I know it's a little embarrassing what the hell how did you get up here you're trying to escape me all right and we're switz the block this guy right here boom bail stack oh it stacked all of them at once as nasty and if I right-click is now seven spider spawners in there amazing the spider just seem to get getting beginning stuck up here a whole bunch I might actually remove these deeds but that doesn't really yeah he just comes in here yeah that's perfect okay so he's gonna start stacking up now we do need to get more spider spawners big time I also kind of forgot because in our origins by the way guys we're cosmic Federation which means we get plus 25% XP gate that's how press has been getting so much XP is it's insane at the amount of XP gain you get so like spider spawners our Loki such a good purchase for us but they're like I mean I'll spend a cheeky mil I'm not against that yeah you could only do ten spawners per block so now we've got ten in this one yeah I'm not I'm like are you kidding me I'll definitely take that cash and boom and boom quick stack just like that that's insanely fast aw it's so slow oh you know you know cosmic man we knew stacked spawners like just the best see you later everyone man like dude stack spotters are always so clutch it usually on other servers that I've played on and just to see it happen so clean with 4760 players online right now like are you kidding get out you need a little llama would you give me an anvil all right we got two new pets they absolutely fire we got miner Matt and Slayer Sam and you know miner Matt seems to be what everyone's really freaking out about my opinion because they can actually go ahead and respawn nodes in a 2×2 every 10 minutes which is pretty insane so what I really want to do is I just want to set up a 2×2 of iron oats anodes very quickly like loki huge deal to get this one but check it out oh right click we got our notes back respawn nice and it's hot to see like look it's like potentially game-changing especially when you level that guy up it's gonna take a while to level them up but every 10 minutes this guy pops which is just insane we've also got the Slayer slam Sayer Sam so a young trained undead assassin right to exterminate nearby monster kills 10% up to 50 of mobs in a nearby stack which is really nice for our cow grinder now a little bit of a chat about the cow grinder guys it's something that we're looking into but there's like this weird glitch with grass blocks super weird total pain in the butt and see it what kind of just like the water is breaking the grass block so to kind of combat that what I'm going News I'm gonna play around with a couple things and I'm actually gonna get rid of some magma blogs and I'm gonna put some more grass just to see if that maybe helps the situation if anyone knows a fix on this let me know but it is a known issue yeah see it's like the water is messing up the grass but hopefully this stays I tried to like expand the grass some more here but anyways if we right-click the Slayer Sam 10% of one of these guys will instantly die so either five Chicka five cows or like what's the math on that two chickens well five cows and we have if we had a little bit more yeah anyways boom so yeah some cows just died Slayer say I'm doing his work and then that should go ahead and actually give us some good stuff why here we go teleport yeah baby that's our system and it's looking good oh man these chickens are actually dropping so much now there's also been some changes to these guys dropping stuff if we go to is upgrades you can see there is now auto ma blue and auto mobs killed so this is an increase of how much die per stack per death right so every time a death instance happens every time that cow loses its health right now I think only one dies right and that's kind of the problem so if you increase this up to 20 percent will die per death which is insane now getting it upgraded is definitely a huge thing we want to do and I want to do that maybe in this episode because it's a low-key massive deal we can maybe upgrade it a little bit just each of these all 50 mil oof okay we're good at that plus 2% is that per death anything more we actually cannot afford that so we're gonna hold off on that big time but yeah these things these upgrades I've just been holding off on because they're quite expensive but they're gonna be quite huge for us because not only that is check this out if I go to PV too if I come down here to PV – Wow – PV – am i saying to my auto grinder my farmer here we are looking juicy we are looking really fricking nice like it's it's absolute sauce but the thing is guys we got so much stuff to do today how you guys doing guys how's everyone of the chat doing all the lovely viewers the YouTube viewers as well doing because I gotta take a deep breath okay we've got so much to get done today first off most importantly let's just catch up what's sell some stuff okay and then I'm gonna get I'm gonna start chant we good look guys we got a loop box alright we got a loop box to do okay we've got pets we've got so much XP okay like the amount of things that I need to do today is actually insane but it's Sunday all right let's relax let's take a deep breath let's kick some butt hey you guys you're doing good you guys doing good better I want to see you guys doing better alright this is all growing too so first off most importantly this nasty this actually insane look at this look at this look I'm not I'm not even gonna build it up let's go sell hand oh yes ooh oh you think I'm done oh my god and now we got our glass in here let's go tell me that's not crazy oh my god we had nine point eight mmm that that is just wild now we've got more yeah but we're gonna hold off on that I built two layers here of this wheat because honestly I want to tip my quotas a lot faster so we're almost done with that and we're gonna sell all of our sugarcane today as well once this grows so we're gonna be making probably a lot more money and on top of that now that we have this money we're actually gonna go ahead and do something a little cheeky which is open up our loot box that's what we're gonna do okay let's open up our loot box first cuz there's a couple things I want to talk about in the loot box okay guys just look pretty pretty pretty big deal guys okay so if we go to loot box and we right-click it you get four of these things now some of the yeah obviously always get the cosmic I trade agency let's go through here what would we really like I mean anything because I've had pretty bad luck with loot boxes so far I thought okay locked but nothing nothing nothing crate sorry gotta gotta get that right away guys every time I've had DC luck with my loo boxes but some huge things I'd love to see would be not the auto crafting about any of the recipes a sugar cane recipe for example honestly any of the paper and I'm like the happiest camper ever nether work farming recipe and I actually punch my screen out of excitement I'm not even kidding that's selling for like 100 million dollars I think we're gonna have a field day if we get that but pretty much the only thing we want to stay away from is is I mean excavator would be nice I guess actually everything in here is quite nice we just want to not get the zombie let's just not get the zombie and then everything else I could pretty much sell to make some serious cash if I get 5 spiders I'd be pissed I'm gonna be super pissed but let's rock and roll man loot box monopoly we get four items guys four items out of this thing and hopefully we actually get the the recipe for burnt smoked beef now it is a jackpot loot so it's got a less chance of us actually getting it but if we get the burnt Spota burnt smoked beef will be very happy camper they're selling for about 5 million on the auction house right now so it's a little expensive so getting that in here would be quite nice but yeah 5 mob spawners spider and three zombies is just not what we want to see ok guys so let's get some GG's going let's get some good lucks let's go all right we're gonna do this let's rock and roll you know what maybe just for like good omen let's go through one carrot session here let's just let's just let's get through one carrot session chill with you guys let let everything rock and roll and get a little hyped up here we're gonna we're gonna open up this loop box and hopefully get something good but for now let's get let's get through this one wave of carrots cake because we've got to make that cash and I enjoy it I enjoy it thank you for the good lucks guys eta one minute and we're about to go ham cheese ham cheese ham GG's let's go you know what I can actually yeah so these carrots guys I Loki can't keep up with anymore like I think it takes me about three or four of these clears to actually go ahead and hit my farming quota so it's kind of impossible to do daily farming quotas without the help of auto planters so that's why I really want to start making some cash so we could start getting some like big maneuvers going for actually getting auto auto planting farms and stuff like that because it's getting a little it's getting a little absurd like I can do these character things Drive I mean I don't really need to hit my limits of carrot it's just nice to do and have available for me it's just so much it's just so much money like the carrots are just absolute like so much cash it's crazy like if we're getting our whole quota done were just don't forget we get like four carrots per drop right so it's actually wild wild wild money Vic got forth and BR yeah he's getting better at VR man that's exciting I I had that potential dove the other day and I was so pissed man I was so mad man but if you haven't watched last episode by the way guys you went to the second adventure in in pretty decent chain and me and Preston in like prot three chain we're able to kind of dominate it honestly like it really wasn't that hard and not only that but we pretty much made 2 million some odd dollars killed a whole bunch of camps got a bunch of farming limit increases because of it which I think we might actually pop today which can be kind of cool so we can get like even more sugarcane money going and then not only that but we ran into some people which is a lot of fun it was just a blast honestly like I definitely want to go there in actual an actual iron for sure there's a br in four minutes ooh okay yeah we'll do that guys it's Sunday let's let's do it we're gonna go crazy though we like as always we go for high amount of kills I want to get like a 2020 kilt dub you know what I mean I don't want to I can't have my name show up like ruffles one battle royale with zero kills like I can't be having that I cannot be having that what's the BR top right now we would have I think we only have like one battle point you need a bib I have to remove everything above the cow grinder I think it's the water though like see how these Oh No yeah move remove everything on top of the cow grinder really how sad is that though so remove everything hopefully that works the problem is that like Vic was having that issue and he doesn't have anything on top of his grinder so let's catch all the super sad super chats it's a good good time good time good time let's see no new super chats that can't be right refresh I literally seen them in my chat right now come on YouTube dashboard don't do me like this alright I want to I want to read out the super chat let's see all right we have gotten risky with the new member right right a couple of dollars thanks Brandon used he used code epic tikiville to go work and running you sir ah what's up epic Thank You Man thank you very much Trent thank you $40 goes and Misty I'm loving your streams do a troll on Jerome tempted tempted tempted if I do a troll tho guys it will not be on live stream because let's be honest we've got almost 3500 people watching it will get spoiled pretty glued thank you for $1 Donald loving a stream Oh Goldie did it to two different ones okay yeah and then our lovely Aiden thank you for the donation gets the super chat appreciate it guys is Preston not turning a sugar cane into sugar oh my god unbelief not gonna tell him that yo this is a competition this is like I want YT top and let's be honest Preston's already like way up up there so scurry by the 20ml is upgrade highest-level I'm just kind of been looking it I was looking at the IO scuffles earlier by the way guys and the next level is really bad it's it's central wall because it's 20 mil and you don't really get the bonus of anything really substantial like we really don't need it so I almost want to like I'm not rushing the only thing is that level 10 I can plays diamond nodes on my island which is obviously a nice benefit and oh that's done by the way so SEL hen let's go oh and then battle round 30 seconds so let's let's do this try and get this done before the battle royale when I see it's at ten seconds I will head over guys don't worry I got my eye on the chat all right here we go Battle Royale time baby okay two one open let's go please wait ten seconds I can do that in the meantime I can play some carrots down easy okay oh oh I have never seen that before what what huh you win some and you lose some guys and we just lost one I've never seen that before I'm not gonna lie the the youtubers we all have like a special ability to get into battle Royales and that's like a really weird I've never actually been kicked for server is full that's wild okay well hashtag Yolo it's also baked potatoes in the meantime you know that's how we do that's how we do guys you want to know it was super sad about our whitey top look at this our daily profits was down to like 30k a day alright that's so slow it is that's how bad it is okay but now we're at 80 K so we're good but that's tough it is time now though then it is time we will first coin flip for 670,000 we will first do a coin flip 4cf 100k blue let's go and then we'll open up the loop box okay let's see is this guy can this guy I need it oh he needs it Kameron rocks man look you need this money brother you don't got 12 mil like me all right I'm just gonna take I'm gonna take your hundred grand you know what I mean and I'm open up the loop box I'm like it's just bop bop all right man you just I'm sorry dude but like I'm not looking at the screen beep I'm not I want to see the live stream chat only I want to see the live stream chat all they did we get ripped rip or GG rip or GG I think that's a demonic realm fragment gg I can't see gg gg we got GG's fire GG's Oh baby let's go let's go yo that's sick that's so sick oh we've got four of these things now for demonic realm map fragments man let's go and we got the farming recipe carrots burrow what are they selling for that's like an easy four mil a carrot selling for four point eight mil H sell for point five hell yeah and the four iron nodes dude oh my god yes yes so good miner Matt oh let's frickin go dude I'm so happy about that man I genuinely am like really happy about that because I want to chat with you guys about a little a little cheeky strategy I kind of want to mine all these upbeat like I don't really ever mind these like kind of a waste of space but it's okay dude that's actually nasty so two by two we can actually do a bigger area we got 40 iron fragments dude that's actually nasty every ten minutes so now we get every five minutes these things will pop up right so every five minutes we're gonna get five iron fragments and then so every ten minutes we'll actually get another five and then another five so every ten minutes we're pretty much getting 15 fragments and the cool thing about this guy's is that if you go to slash crafting that's almost if I can get five more iron nodes right that's 20 iron scraps every ten minutes and 20 iron scraps is two ingots and the thing about two ingots guys is that I can actually sell them for two thousand each which for me is twenty thousand each which means I can make 40,000 every ten minutes if I wanted to so when I'm live-streaming and I'm here with you guys if I'm making 40,000 every 10 minutes and let's say I do it like a couple times that's just like a cheeky couple hundred K so we want to get those notes up for sure what else did we get here that's pretty much it right yeah dude that's pretty fireman I will like okay so the the the map fragments sell for a metric crap-ton I'll be honest which we could just sell them we could just sell them there oh they're down to two mil each right now guys wait a second how many do we have one two three four five six I need three more two more one more hold on we gonna go slash craft guys how many do I have here yeah 2 to 5 demonic realm adventure lutes everyday let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go this could be huge this could be huge here we go here we go here we go cool let's go okay okay all right what do we get here uh oh no we've got an iron repair scroll we got a diamond helmet though we've got like the first diamond helmet for sure on the server let's go and we can go to this adventure you can get diamond scraps and notes diamond weapons tools diamond armor pumpkin melis balance quarters fruit the recipes spawners Auto mining bots Auto crafting bots we've got to get a full set of diamond oh my god alright that was a hundred percent worth it guys seriously I'm not even kidding like that is like that could be absolutely nasty we got a little unlucky we got an iron repair scroll there and we got a diamond repair scroll but haste one and I see veins 56% chance that's awesome that is so good okay oh definitely not first in talk about like on YT for the youtubers I think I'm the first person with diamond I think I mean no one can actually get diamond nodes so you'd have to get the demonic realm and I don't think anyone actually has the demonic realm unlocked besides me right now that's actually insane them expensive expensive I know I know but man but man that's pretty sweet there is a diamond socket helmet in aged for 400,000 oh my how much does a diamond helm just selling for 500k I mean we're not gonna sell it it's not worth it boo these these no these empty socket ones are actually selling for only like 375 okay that's still sick though Oh Mitch does yeah the daily loot that I can get from that like if I get lucky and I get a money note it'll be like a ten million dollar money no like see you later like that's actually crazy alright put these these spawners in though are these all of these both maxed out okay they're at 9:00 good all right whoo that's pretty wild that's pretty wild all right so what else we want to get done today oh we want to get our sugar going because we have all of their sugar all the sugar cane there and oh I actually have aah check this I want to buy one more thing with you guys and that is a recipe cuz we didn't get it from 5.1 mill that's a steal another item recipe done let's go it's actually we are just making money moves here all right let's break this down everyone prepare yourselves for the noise and that's pretty much get enough and we go ahead and convert sugar boom boom BAM and almost done sell him 800 K yeah sure it's clean on our inventory here a little bit though and rod some iron recipes don't care don't care showcase whatever and toss toss toss keep this and toss oh yeah guys ch we have to kill and abandon an elite in abandon ruins so that's another cool thing we gotta get done can I do it alone I don't think so I don't think so but Oh I'd actually be down at Loki try rubbing out today there but sometime this week okay so this is all sold sell hand and now we take this stuff and we're gonna put this into our Auto crafter so we go ahead and fill it up with some sugar we actually were running out of sugar and it's time to break these guys farming simulator by the way yeah yeah yeah the guys the guys ought to go out of town unfortunately so I'm gonna have to do it either alone or with with random people I meet up in the adventure alright let's place this down I think this is like a pretty good amount of meat – this definitely should be my limit for the day so that's what that's nice we only have to do this once and then we're pretty much good to go so that's good I'm really excited for that demonic realm Freimuth they're like I gotta make sure to get on every day now and just like like I'm telling you man I don't know does anyone know what a bunny note from the demonic realm looks like like does anyone have any idea yeah if I actually get that I pretty much get a carrot recipe if we kill that elites so that I could sell that for like 4 mil so that'd be a really nice thing to do I mean if I can do it today that'd be lit I don't know if any of the guys are around to help me out with that but that'd be fire pretty sure everyone's like out of town but maybe maybe we'll see what's up yeah does anyone know what a yeah I know money I know money notes oh just money notes from is a but what is it it's not from your is because I was in the second adventure and I got a I got a million dollar note guys so it must be like five mil oh my god yeah I know if it is live I just don't I don't think he'll want to do the the adventure again they'll eat mop again I could ask him but probably not all right so that's all placed very nice and tweets that's all see that's a lot better that's actually a good amount of sugar cookies to be to be made here that's got a nice juicy inventory you know we could just save the hopper some time here and we're just gonna put it straight into this guy's inventory we definitely like over upgraded our auto crafter bot like we definitely wasted some cash on that for sure all right that's mine this out and then pop him whoo that's nice that is so nice look at that a cheeky 12 right there so if I wanted to I could I'm just gonna do it sell hand hundred grand not bad not bad so it's because I have I have my my iron already so I'm not particularly stressed about having an iron set and I don't really want to make an iron set if anything I'd like to you know buy it off the aah and get like some good enchanted stuff or whatever some socketed gear so I'm good I'm good to do it that way okay cool so that's done we sold all of our stuff we've got this mess over here which whatever it's fine let's put our repair scrolls well I will put it into you God said for now whatever chi'lan angry couldn't you some work on this it's pretty much where I want me actually slash kit and just open up my explored Kinsey forget anything crazy here implants whoa just bring it to overload that's not bad life steal three uh that's fire I like that I like that and how's this working still messed up dude that's so annoying man okay so I'm just gonna put grass blocks in here okay we have grass blocks so annoying come on guys cook you make me so much money alright last thing we need to sell by the way I forgot is we're gonna take all this coal because it's really no use for coal right now because of the other ways to actually have it like obviously you use just wood for for furnace stuff right so let's take a bunch of this and we're gonna get burnt steak ooh oh that's nice and then put this back in there so two and a half stacks of this sells for 2.2 million dollar we actually almost made the recipe back that's nasty so we're back up to five mill there oh my god okay that's fire man you got to stay loaded bro okay you got it like you got to stay loaded I swear to god I'm gonna get an alt on there and just have them chilling because like I feel like this is so slow like come on bro what the hell it's cuz I'm out here flying around doing other stuff come on load let's go put the spiders in there five there's so many of you my lord alright that's okay and put this guy in here that's a good chest – that's actually a fire chest what's our about anti sword 3 and anti axe are actually fires so that's definitely the best overload to you is just way better you need overload to implants to is so huge we need to just get like a bunch of prop books pretty much it would actually be fire go to the demonic realm hell no dude I'm gonna get one shot no chance no chance I can't I can't even there's no way I can even do anything there at all we also saw these yeah these collection chests which seem to be working pretty well I definitely want to get all of this going but again we need that Auto crafter and we need a lot of money we need a lot of money so I think pv1 that's it for a loop I want another loop box man I mean I might just sell these players guilt Oh what do you guys think should I should I keep these player skill tokens for players because I feel like seinem is a little a little yeah it's a little sketchy on my end because I Loki had them forever so I'd be kind of weird but I do want to get a bunch of Pross you know what maybe we do that right now that actually might be a good idea so enchanter let's clear inventory first Golden Apple hey when did I get this Golden Apple did I get that from the demonic realm that's sick okay don't mind if I do I know drum needs bad so I think I'll hold on to them so yeah we actually need like you know what I need to do you guys I know I need to do I know I need to do H we need to buy an auto minor like badly 400 K or any of these upgraded already know all right I'll buy you for 400 K sure and then we're gonna do is we're gonna buy some more coal blocks some coal ore nodes that was actually really expensive right I don't know oh yeah 200 K this seems to be the seems to be the I'll buy a whole bunch of these men I'm into it I'm so into it now you're 250 K get out of here there we go oh no I need be level 11 oh my god I forgot darn it need we need more money all right we got to get to level 11 man highest level 11 bro it's a hundred mill there's no chance there's no chance all right put him in PV one well hold on we got all of our bots we like our BOTS crazy man I forgot about that so sad house all right as family all right well see that's like we're only pretty much like halfway for the carrots how nuts is that all right let's go let's go fly over to fix Island see what he's up to curious and how are these guys going seven spiders bro are you broken are you broken right now I may have can this for like a minute and see how cuz like why might why am i doing stacked spawners here cuz like I feel like they're messing up my mojo big time like huge you can't buy those nodes no you can't buy those nodes from the shop 100k for 5000 XP no it's not worth it those are going up in price too okay you're going up now yeah that works for beat yeah Pete's spawn so well I actually went over there and now they actually shouldn't be worse let me see if there's a lot of spider spawners I can buy them yeah I'll buy that all right can you guys like stack better there we go sweet alright another ten how much else we got in here alright another ten sure can you start spawning them bro that seems like absurdly low it could be the light levels but I don't think it is I don't think it works that way on the sky I mean alright it's time to it's time to it's time to test that out it's time to test out that theory man it's time to test out that theory you know I'm saying let's go uh we don't want to do this yeah you should be fine that's the sky gossip I mean no I can tell you right now it's not supposed to actually Oh jump John what's up thank you for the sponsor dude sorry about that sorry I miss your your sponsor stacks boners are bugged I haven't heard anything bad about specs stacks boners yet does not work yeah no I max I know I know you're talking about like the galaxy Grindr I know D I just don't have that many spawners so it's fine it shouldn't actually have it shouldn't actually be a problem I did change the spawner again Ryan yeah yeah they don't affect you need to kill the existing stack of mulch over for this tax pause to take effect okay cosmic skies support being a G in the live stream chat oh I might as well just finish this anyways so go to the demon realm alright we'll go to the demon realm and check it out but I got a XP bottle my stuff my guy put the spawner is lower I don't think so I don't think that that's necessary what am i doing I'm making black concrete so here we got the concrete powder we got to put it in water to make it concrete it looks so good and I just watch this anyways I was gonna there we go all right that's gonna continue yeah black concrete-like look how good it looks it's like straight black it's so good we can make some really nice things out of this so I'll put it into my PB 1 honestly at this point well well hold on to it let's see let's see how this looks spawn wise all right stack has been dead and killed it dad hadn't killed it yeah if I do let's say black concrete on this floor it's gonna look so clean you shall see oh how crisp is that that's so oh yeah yeah yeah there we go that's definitely working now and if we chill there look at the XP I get yeah and if we let them just chill it should just jump up big-time no or we just kill we just kill the whole stack honestly it might be a better call hey one spider shard yep yep my item transports not broken now be good yeah it's good to go man it's good to go don't worry cuz this that's broken my god that's annoying alright these stacks gonna keep on going man it's so bad minor man my homie help me out here brother Oh a little duplicate BAM that's pretty wild man that's so good dude ten oars right there twenty grand if I wanted we'll hold it and build it back up alright let's see how the sugar cookies are going oh look at this guy's 900k sure sure that's pretty sweet literally just making our wheat into something that like actually produces good cash flow like 900 K from this much sugar is so nice like it really makes a big difference is farming almost at our maximum for wheat we're good to go you really like the music sod it appreciate that man that's so nice all right so how much is not getting picked up here well on this side actually Wow his collection Ches pretty much it's just like this collection chest actually a yeah I think he picks up everything in the whole chunk so I really do need to get like a chunk viewer here cuz that would save me a lot of a lot of hassle man now send me a lot of hassle brief but this guy this guy making maneuvers deep I got to get that auto plants are going man hundred percent it's so expensive I think that's what I want to spend my next like 20 mil on though like if I can get him up to like a 5×5 maybe I really need to get him quite larger than like a 5×5 here would be like 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 so if I put them like here it would do pretty much this whole area a little bit plus or minus would be so nice to have them wow that guy just got a killer flute box monopoly at 3×3 plus sheet of view chunks really let me double-check this oh I have my G set 200 it's actually a thing it looks so bad there Oh sugar this is low key built in the wrong spot if I wanted to do my collection chest properly I suppose time to replant this whole thing guys remake this whole thing oh I think I'm gonna have to but set it to the chunks Oh No man why chunks so bad so it's this here it's so glitchy dude it's like as I've shaders on let's prolly cuz I've shaders on hold on let's turn shaders off there we go what the hell okay so that's that's the chunk that we want right here so we need to move everything over yeah top deep that's tough deep honestly that's good cuz I can build this properly now yeah so just like this so I really want this so hold on a second if I do it this size right how big is that so once you 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 right so it's a 16 by 16 right typical typical I knew that which means I just want to like visualize this really quick so if we can visualize the actual chunk and then the middle ground of it I just won't see where other plants are would go and how big we actually need to make the auto plants I guess just like that okay so the auto planter this is obviously like what this would be potatos right not that not the border okay so the auto plants would be in the middle so right here right looks about right here no nope one more over that's so off dude Rob just count it man oh my god yeah well there's really no middle right like that would be the middle right of course cuz it's an even number we got an even number man 16 by 16 so it'd be like this and it'd be where I can't why is it yellow here these two blocks is that yeah so these would be the four middle blocks right here okay that's really good to know I think I'm gonna rebuild this to be more effective tip off can I know I will I will guys don't I'm not gonna be able though I want to just like show you guys chill bruh don't worry we'll do this all off camera that's definitely off camera work man you know you guys crazy rut Sunday we chillin man woo last you check crazy today bro alright yeah so that'll be the middle we're gonna to rebuild this to do here but I'm actually thinking oh I've got some cooler systems in mind here yeah all right I'm gonna try some things out but I actually think we do water sources in the corner and if water sources come in and push down into the middle we can have I'm not the I'm gonna think of some things I'm gonna think of some things we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna do it really cool I think I will break all this down there which is nice though I'll do this now because we get the potatoes man let's go we got to get our potatoes dude f3 and G there we go let's get our potatoes back man we can sell this make so much cash lock this up yeah we do this what kind of poorly anyways which is good ha ha coach Jeff baby yeah the og days let's try and not lose any potatoes here I think we're okay we got pretty much all the potatoes nice look at Jude water is like so weird at one point 12 man it does some wonky things like what in though what are you doing it's so crazy all right time to time to rebuild this but yeah let's go ahead and we're gonna furnace all these potatoes we're gonna come back to a lot of quick potatoes that's nice yeah yeah okay awesome don't sell them use them for next farm yeah just this right here like farming this will actually give me it's actually not a bad idea I should definitely save a couple I can always just buy them though right like I think that's probably enough I'll put them in here uncooked that's a good call though but that should be plenty we're not really doing potatoes much right now anyway so it's kind of like yeah you know I'm not worried about it all right let's go to the demonic realm guys let's do it fudge it let's go I'm gonna go naked though like I can't I can't go with anything I don't have like unless I buy a diamond set which there's no boots or legs like I can't do that I can't do this yeah I can't do that no way let's go see it let's go let's go peep it out though it's a collection chest you want to save that for sure and let's do the rest in this chests oops like that pay me one go here you go in there alright and let's just get some food just a couple carrots maybe should one row this that should be plenty it's like kind of overkill alright xB bottle Alt + PB one let's rock and roll man the first time to the demonic realm oh my god I got a pause my music for this deed this place creepy a after you I have never been here I have never been to the demonic realm I feel like some creepy music gonna start applying if I put music on dude yo this plays in nacho like let's let's explore man let's explore yeah I've never I've never been here oh my god a mortal demon oh my god all right guys I'm trying to try to ban someone Hank Buster's is back uh-huh this dude what's his name I don't know I don't know we guys we got a band of them we got bad him hey we got a hacker and spawned two with auto clicker on let's get rid of him I am it's just tough because there's a lot of people here and I can't see who he is but he's got a purple skin get him let's go quiet crowd row I know everyone wants to see the guy get banned you know it's just very exciting I gotta just stop moving people out the way can you see he's there if you're in the way people can you move out of the way yeah I could start there oh my god okay I will help okay sepia oh he stopped no is it yeah did he stop yes he stopped or he's gone why does he go no I refuse we can find him we must find him pull up the logs we're fine I will find everyone on my stash near and I'm guys to them and I will lost you Jeff purple purple purple in the purple skin okay alright yeah TP TP TP me with you hey we're gonna find this guy we're gonna do this okay right whoo I got I got him I got sights on it I got sights on okay oh and then play your name look up hold on hold on hold on hold on I just yeah can you like telegram me the send me a picture of your slash near ya and I can I can do a minecraft player look up and I can tell you oh who is scary let's go all right name UUID okay here we go here we go that was at the moment when it was happening were you standing in the this is hack Buster's I'm a pro at this were you standing inside the the area that he was at so it's he was with him one or two – okay so we've got first guy cross fire PvP crossfire PvP his skin is red he is safe crossfire PvP is off Nick Holly bro 28 Macaulay bro red red hold on I got a lake I got to show this on stream all right we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna showcase this hold on a second here we go sure like the ads and everything on here all right here we go display capture can I like edit this display capture properties I don't cancel on a second window capture uh-huh hello properties okay we're going to display capture all right so you got this guy who else we got j.e Jessel oh ooh blue blue he's safe he's safe from gang boss Alex oh this guy sounds like a hacker this guy's out oh oh oh purple purple purple boss Alex 0 3 0 3 TB to him right now boss Alex he logged off he's not he's gone he's bad been him that's gotta be him that is his skin hold on a second let me just oh it's gothic no it's not gavotte definitely not gavotte just double check King Paulo's as you can see if there's anyone else with the purple skin here X Oh summer rose underscore Oh X definitely sounds like a hacker but no not a hacker Adria send 51 not purple I think that's we're almost we're almost at everyone that was inside there Neal be for me oh my goodness that's they did he not have like a purple all the way down his arm because that skin only has purple halfway dead no but he was like swinging no no no it wasn't purple all the way down it was it was just purple 9 9 0 that's a dopes like that's a dope name Papa Papa gay Kordell 0 – no but now we're at – 2 meters so I don't think it's a homer since it's good that's hilarious hmm I think we got him I definitely think we got him a hundred percent that's gotta be him okay but I'm gonna do it wait hold on me see if I have the old school band I gotta pull it up boss Alex zero three and make sure my light my life stream chat agrees it's Alex I went back and watched boss Alex yeah look back at history 100% boss Alex was the guy major Blake I'm here telling me that it was both Sonic zero three zero three as well so oh my god detective Rob coming back are you kidding me right now oh I'll be fixed by it my Myka but like we got a this is this is the moment everyone's been waiting do I have the band music I don't think I have it anymore no and okay you know what we can we can we can figure this out here hold on a second give me a second guys we are going to do this we're gonna do it right I'm gonna open up the video when do i ban someone here we're gonna get this going are you ready to ban them yeah okay fine yeah here we go I know no it's okay that's okay it's okay three two one now [Applause] there we go easy ban let's go easy ban he might not have been Auto clicking that bro he was hacking there's someone else no stop punching yeah he's trying to fake me out who's chata baby ah dude I it's toxic that's toxic oh my god back to I Scott alright thank you very much anytime all right cool that was that was hype that was high let's go let's go I'm flying that's why it's not breaking ladies and gentlemen we got him sorry Alex but you can appeal go back to demonic realm bro with what I've got I've got nothing man I'm gay absolutely quick dropped if I go I trust me I'm down but those things are so tanky and I've got oh I actually do have a full set of iron I would need to get this brought three man and if I go to enchanter like I need to be is level 10 to even do this okay there's just no way there's no way any way more XP anyway more money we're just not there yet all right we are not there yet soon we've got it unlocked the cool thing is that we get it in our rank it this is gonna be the end of me let's go come on spawn bro why you're not spawning this it's gonna be every day we're gonna get that rank it and it's gonna be absolutely GG so I'm gonna make sure to come on every day to get that going for you guys alright don't worry we will do the demonic realm and we will Merc it we will go ham on the demonic rum okay well yeah let's see let's do it Vic is up to you really quick I think she's just such home yeah I don't think what the hell dude he's got so much bye-bye week no oh that's where he is dude this is not big enough bro oh my god is that really all he's got what's he doing right now he's not BR is he online tpo Victor he's not online oh my god I guess I've been shooting for an hour and 12 minutes I probably should end he's not even uh Lord okay where is he putting his scraps because I actually feel there we go a lot of scraps well well well well well let's go is Co adventure though by the way absolutely stuffed right now two instances 17 people in the lost waistline we've got to get prot three on on all this like that's gonna be definitely our next our next set of achievements here it's just like really expensive all right arm ran chance brought to you 150 K like brought to two million okay it's a little weird prot 1 600 K we've got to get actually you know what we've got to get ice level 10 now that is this week our goal is to get is level 10 100 % we need 20 million and then we need 50 million dollars we need to go like actually this happened turn stop it stop it we need a lot of money like I have I've decided it needs to happen okay so we got to get up there I don't think the spawn rates are actually messed up you have to just sometimes redo the staff but we will look into it a little they're spinning like way faster if they're stacked that's kind of hilarious because they were I had on a stack of like 50 spawns so that doesn't really make oh my god five thousand two hundred and fifty like this is ten twenty yeah so that's moving now thirty fifty sixty oh my god okay hello so I think what it's like yeah let's see if this if I kill a couple look it still goes up let me get the music back is it – yeah are the spider spawners too low or too high up so it's not it's not like building up here let me try something guys really quick if I put this all the way up here oh no worst feeling ever get back there okay and I gotta kill these guys oh my God look at that XP baby alright break this and now that they're that high let's see this works now it's tilt for eight too slow that's too slow definitely too slow 100% too slow there we go start it well yeah and then place definitely too slow man seven times right there that's decent I mean that should be like 17 25 35 50 sit you name in there we go 21 I feel like now it's registering that I'm here okay that seems better but just a second ago we had like 70 spiders and I want all this xp it's so good autumn item by item recipe for mash su boo and the lucky block Explorer hello I don't know man this seems a little it seems a little messed up what do we need to do to fix this guys what do we need to do to fix this 24 we're good in the chunk 100% we're all in the yellow chunk so it's all the same chunk there we go and it's it's it's definitely I think the stacked spawner seemed a little bit weird 20 times spider 30 okay fifty hello okay like let's go man seventy I spent like ten mil of these spider spawners come on yeah all my tarts stacked go above the spew knees after they get killed by a player or magma block they start spawning normal speed so let the stock build up I guess and then kill it but then the stack just like dies right this seems to be going pretty quick though now like I'm pretty happy about this 120 spiders okay it's definitely a lot better 120 is that like your max let's see how much XP this gives us now a hundred spiders but yeah they're not like keeping up right so if I go down to five or four God just kill the whole stack what in the world hey what's up glad oh my god the content fly all the way over here get out of here you guys are crazy no golden I don't think that's how spiders actually work though I think spiders are different that way maybe I could try that out they actually seem to be working pretty good now though like they're 10 that actually seems to be doing pretty good you have a stack of 8,500 spiders right now Jesus dude this is pretty nice this is pretty nice okay these are these are actually working now so I'm like what we do is we come over here we go to pb1 we grab our mining mat pet we break these hope for a respawn don't get one break this definitely would love a gem finder for stone it's really like keep that on the auction house and then repot them with the pet no duplicate man and then BOOM ten more iron just like that Oh wrong place pb2 amazing alright guys let's uh finalize some of our farms and head off for the day mit has a lot of fun thank you so much for watching let's just sell some stuff there we go I don't like press we're gonna make sure we turn this into sugar and this should be like another mill but guys we're not spending any more money I swear we're not spending any more money until we actually go ahead and get our is level ten all right 600 K break all these carrots as well and then we'll sell that the games just not as pretty without my shaders on man I miss him and this should be like 2 mil I think we make a lot of money from carrots man we need those auto farms man ok my plan this week is get level 10 so a couple couple like a hundred mill pretty much and then start finally start saving up for an auto farmer an auto plant er sorry like I'm I need it I need it it's getting to the point where I need it and then also rebuild that maybe I can also rebuild it in a better spot or a question for you guys do I rebuild that and do carrot there do i rebuild the tax you work with carrot I think that might be a livestream though like I actually want to build it on camera or or like I'll record it because it's a lot of work and I stepping in taking like an an hour to to to do it right I think 70 mil all right man time to start the grind a 70 mm I have no idea how we're gonna get up there man that's pretty honestly we get up there by having the that demented demonic realm fragment I'm at unlock that's Loki how we get up there we get one lucky drop there and we are straight golden we're assuming every day this week so make sure you hit that sub button check back at about 2 to 3 MP 2 to 3 p.m. est every day we start a little bit early today because I want to go for a little bit longer you know it's Sunday we out here chillin yeah if we could just get lucky with that demonic realm whoo like the fact we get like 5 to 10 mil from a chest is actually crazy we didn't miss the Battle Royale so the next ones in 46 minutes unfortunately someone's got a beetroot primer recipe that's actually fire that's in such high demand right now and cheeky slash so Han 700k I mean this like the carrots is what makes us from those cash though like getting this done is way way worth it like it's just so much revenue they came forth in a battle royale that's tough men he's also come first before so I don't feel too bad at least that was the word on the street I never saw it light levels do not work for spawners deep our cosmic sky it's custom so correct my friend but I appreciate it I've been live for an hour and 28 minutes so I'll probably go for another 10 minutes and then kind of get all this stuff sorted sell my things build up some cash start saving up big 70 mil Gaya 70 million dollars and I'm honestly not entirely sure how we'll get it considering you make like 5 mil a day I think we can actually see when we do whitey top what are like what's her today for example we're at 300k oh my god what does Gundel trying to do man gondol look at him in his diamond just trying to mind everyone i actually should go mine that I'm on my way gun do you guys are wondering he can't actually do anything on here alright I don't know what he's trying to do he is unable to do anything on my island alright oh my lord it's trolling me bro he's trolling me come to by the way is iya stop I think he's on come to whose island are you on huh wait how do these respawn right away what the hell didn't it just mine these are oh no no I was minding the coal wait what does the pet work oh no it's abuse it's a beaut stop it it's a few stop it okay so pets actually work on other people's islands really is that just that pet I feel like that's not yeah that's fine by me how many carrots do I have I got a lot need my is farming already I've grown today 10,000 apparently so which is a thousand but it's still a lot I definitely want to do like a report by the way of how much money I could be making a Milan per day if I hit all my quotas so we know that we really should be hitting them it's mainly the sugarcane and the carrot that we're really going for there's pets running around man oh when's our loot along the level three to a roof ten more days guys almost next week we'll have a level three loot Lama that's actually fire all right slash tell Han another 700 K oh my god what is happening man do you guys actually fly all the way over here oh my god 390 spiders let's go we're gonna get to here we need some more shards oh my god let's go GG man and they said stack spotters are broken not a good bro you go just let him build out let him build out worth it you're gonna go spend your life looking for the island I mean the coordinates are out there somewhere dude we're gonna get like a hundred oh we're almost at fully spider slain too so we can start doing zombies but we got to get is level 10 for zombies now so oh man fires so hand sell hand three more spider shards I think we're at five right now oh wow we're already back up to 40 actually no I need some don't hurt it man don't hurt it you let it build up you know this Rob come on pour another shard though that's lucky all right let's let these guys build up I would like them to actually fall a little bit like more into here but what if I do nope nope nope abort abort seriously Oh what hey okay there we go yeah that's fine all right 70 spiders nine seconds eight seconds what's up good Gundel you should just hook me up with why bro no we don't get 10 times XP I think we get 5 x x.b you remember from cooking what's up bro hey dude oh man I saw your Island I think I saw your on it's looking absolutely fire ok so realistically we got to get rid of these potatoes pretty badly Oh – this redstone break oops collection chest picking them all up oh man I've got content on my Island now this is and I'm honest I think I'm just gonna cook half of these keep the rest and then we're gonna reap we're gonna read you this this farm it is time guys it is time oh nice little respawn there amazing so I believe that that is it guys we are done for the episode I will see you guys tomorrow at 3 p.m. est for the next live stream should be a lot of fun let's just quickly check to see this has been about an hour whoo that's what's great about having this coal man we get to do this oh man so hand $800,000 let's go let's get that stake continuously cooking I gotta make sure that this stays spawning man I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it I'm gonna I can't play too much more today guys have already spend so much time but might do a little bit of off-camera work break this all down and start start building it a lot better over here I think we got a much better system planned out you got X bean your PB 1 now I've used it all forget that that's trash it's a trash yeah all right I asked farming let's finalize everything we've another 10,000 sugarcane we can grow we have another 8,000 carrots we can grow we've got another 10,000 potatoes we can grow and we have maxed out our lovely wheats so we'll definitely be going ahead and just kind of making sure that gets grown and placed out break this down and I think I'll do the potatoes over here this time I think might be a good idea so kind of have it a lot cleaner so we'll break this all down it's a good system and I definitely want to use it so we'll definitely build we're gonna build it out so if you put grass I try I tried putting it's not that it's resetting I mean I'll try obviously but I really it's just a weird glitch right now yeah I don't know why it's not working really quick recap guys super quick for all you guys who are joining now what do we get done this livestream off camera I got this cute little spider done he is looking absolutely nasty though Jesus okay we bought a whole bunch of spiders probably spent about like 7 mil or something on spiders we got the content crew flew over to our island which is kind of crazy I actually think that they probably bought a TV from this kite or something but they're nuts we also realized that we have to have this in a chunk so we're gonna go ahead and rebuild this potato farm and do it properly and start getting it ready for be audit for automation but we're gonna take our time simply because we need to actually get the auto planters to work we sold the whole bunch of sugarcane sold a bunch of potatoes got this auto crafter building some wonderful stuff for us we are all out of wheat though unfortunately so I'll probably just get this weed in there but we're at our max there we also unlocked the demonic realm which is insane so I'm very excited about that but it's very very very difficult and I think we'll definitely need a couple people to help out with us or to just meet up with some people in there using a local chat so if you guys have demonic realm I might be doing that next livestream where at least when I can get a good iron set going which we need to get is level 10 for so that's our next call let's get is level 10 until then I will see you guys later yeah right now we are sitting pretty okay on YouTube top I think we have like a better built island right now like we've got you know a lot of money spent in a bunch of like iron nodes and we've got money built in our Auto crafter we've got in our PV one we've got all of our collection chests and all this fun stuff so I think we're pretty set in terms of oh man in terms of how the island is set up so yeah we're looking good we are looking really looking very good and I gotta fix this system so these guys fall down but I will take money I will do that later oh there we go I will speak to you guys later and this is like og factions days man with my blazes you know I love it I'm gonna be grinding these guys like like it's my job but not too much guys as always you guys now 1 or 2 hours max per day so I won't be on too much but will be grinding so I will see you guys later thank you so much for watching take care back

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