It’s a Leopard Stakeout | Animal Fight Night

Leopards can catch
their own food. But when a tasty looking
dinner comes along, it’s hard to resist. The hyena has done
the hard work already. It won’t be easy to steal. At 130 pounds and 2.5
feet tall at the shoulder, the hyena outclasses her
in weight and height. Stealing the scraps
may be safer, but the hyena has no
intention of sharing. The leopard could inflict
deadly damage to her. Despite the risk, she drives
the thief into the bush. Round one to the hyena. And by nightfall, she has gorged
herself on half the caucus. Hyenas are some of nature’s
most effective binge eaters. Ultra powerful jaws
close her scissor like incisors, slicing
through the toughest parts of the caucus. Strong enough to
crush thick bone. Inside her stomach,
hydrochloric acid breaks down matter effectively. In one sitting, a
hyena can consume up to 40 pounds of food. The equivalent of 10 average
sized roast chickens. By now, she’s loaded with meat. Even a hyena can
only eat so much. A shadow approaches. It’s round two. Hunger drives the Leopard, and
this time it doesn’t back down. The thief’s patience pays off. The hyena is slow and weak. She has no more fight in her. There’s plenty of meat left. It’s sure to attract
other thieves. So the Leopard takes
her prize to where few animals can follow.

20 thoughts on “It’s a Leopard Stakeout | Animal Fight Night

  1. •Round 1
    Hyena: Don't eat it Leopard it's past the 5 second rule!

    Leopard: But I'm Hungry!

    Hyena: I'm just protecting u!

  2. The only reason the hyena lost was because it was full. It could easily kill a leopard if it tried to.

  3. The hyena looks like she's always out of focus/ low resolution… I had to verify my res just to realize that she's quite fluffy.

  4. What's required to "slice through the thoughest parts of the carcass strong enough to crush thick bone" aren't the incissors, but the carnassials!!

    How could "Nat Geo Wild" be that mistaken on this?!?!?

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