all right I'm back making another bubblegum simulator video this video is actually gonna be addressing like a pretty big problem in the game most of us thought that this was gone for like ever but it's not problem that I'm addressing is duping the last time I encountered duping was the video 5 months ago my most popular video on my channel it was a video that I did a trade with pH mins she was giving me a shiny overlord the shiny overlord disappeared and then as you can see like we got the same pets in our inventory that was five months ago do you think pretty much works in the way that somehow two people do a trade and then whatever pet their trading goes to both people like he the person that originally had it kept his pet and somehow the other person gets the pet too in pH mins video she's trying to get a third shiny Griffon on top of her like shiny Lord Jacques and normal Lord Jacques steam she's like blowing almost 400 K bubbles it's insane as you can see she gave for Lord shocks to shiny chocolate bunnies and more he's getting same amount of bubbles and she gets trade banned because she trades for shiny Griffon because it was duped now the shiny Griffon that was duped was actually one that I used to have the level 14 chanted one and you guys remember I used to have two one was max enchant max level and then the other one was like level fourteen something well I traded the level 14 something one two chunga's and I let P H mins borrow this one she pretty much does a whole investigation trying to figure out where it came from here's the video where I let her use my max enchant one and some hats to blow bubbles and she gives me a shoutout it's pretty much going through the dm's of people that had all the shiny Griffin's and is trying to figure out the person that duped them here's where she shows chunga's video where I gave him my lower enchant shiny Griffin there's me giving him the enchant 14 th mins actually gets her pets back from this guy that gave her one of the doot ones because he felt bad so don't send hate to him don't send hate to moon either ya moons 95 I don't think he was the person duping we don't know who the person was yeah don't send hate to anybody just because they're involved I was involved Chung as was involved pH was involved in a few other people and those few other people are the ones getting the hey just because they don't really have a voice to defend themselves we don't know who's been duping the shiny Griffin's but this has been happening with other secret pets like Easter baskets and stuff everybody thought that duping was gone since like update – it's like update 26 now and it just randomly reappears and also just to get this out there because for whatever reason nobody knows this everybody's accusing this person of giving people do pets they're like you're the person that duped it you didn't get tread ban but I did you get trade banned if you have both of the duped pets in your inventory duped pets starts with one pet and then they trade it to somebody and then the pet is duplicated into two different inventories if both of those pets end up in the same inventory that's how you get trade banned until you delete one of the copies you just can't have the copy and the original and you're like one inventory at the same time so just spreading around like a duped pet if you don't have the other copy you won't get banned so it could literally go through like 50 people without anyone knowing and then say like it's a dupe soul heart and you have the other copy somebody trades it to you after it's already passed through 50 other people and then you get trade banned and then you're accusing that person they had no idea so duping is really messed up and it's really hard to trace because it could go through a whole bunch of people before it goes to somebody that has the other copy and then that's the person that gets trade banned they have to delete one of the copies and then sometimes the person that traded to them doesn't want to give their pets back because like they didn't know that it was duped so like both people are kind of getting screwed over this is a really bad time for duping to be happening because like the game isn't doing too well right now and Isak not too long ago just announced that he's only gonna be updating the game every two to four weeks and he's already been updating it like only every two weeks for the past month and a half the games already doing pretty bad it's going down to like the third fourth fifth page on the popular games a bunch of other new games are about to come out like pet simulator too and stuff and now duping is back not only is that bad because it's destroying the marketplace but it's like making people quit the game the guy that gave all the pH has pets back to her because she had to delete the shiny Griffin he quit the game he gave he pretty much traded his shiny Griffin which is only pet to her she had to delete it because it got her trade banned and he was nice enough to give all of her original pets back duping is destroying the marketplace pretty much it's making scams happen because like I said the duped pecky go through fifty other people until it or in it ends up in somebody's inventory that had the original copy the other like copy of the pet if they're both in this one person's inventory at the same time that's how you get trade banned so you could trade someone a duped pet not even know it's duped and then you're the one getting accused and they're telling you give me my pets back but like you didn't know is duped and like did it just causes so many problems there's already been like multiple drama things about these duped pets and like accusing people but nobody knows who did it it could go through so many people before it ends up in the same inventory as the other copy people don't understand that for whatever reason they're like you gave me a duped pet now I'm banned like why weren't you banned that means you duped it no it doesn't you only get banned when you have both copies in your inventory that's how it works and I figured it out it worked like that with Zac and the basket thing you had the other copy of the same exact basket it happened with pH mins because she added multiple other shiny Griffin's the one that she was given was the enchant 14 she had the other enchant 14 in her inventory they were duped I'm gonna repeat it one more time because so many people don't know this and it causes so much controversy you can't blame the person that gave to you a dupe pet they probably didn't know it probably passed there's so many other people before it got to you and the only reason you're the only one they got trade banned and they didn't was because you have both copies in your inventory at the same time mappy that I kind of cleared that up but that doesn't really fix the problem duping was fixed shortly after me and pH mins addressed it in those old videos back in like update two or three whenever it was maybe update for I don't know isaac shortly after fixed a duping and somehow it's back so if we want b gs to stay alive it still can even with the less often updates but with this duping problem it's definitely it's not gonna work Isak fix this please your game is going to die it's all I have to say thank you guys for watching peace up

43 thoughts on “ISSAC PLEASE FIX THIS!! DUPING PETS IS BACK!! (Bubble Gum Simulator Roblox)

  1. but alpha- either ur shiny gryphon was the original or it was PH's gry…. so whoever traded it to either of u are the 2 main suspects for it… because if it was the original, and ph had the duped, then whoever traded it to u guys had to have duped it, since i know u guys wouldnt do that.

  2. well if duping pets wont get u trade banned I wish it will never be fixed cuz its rlly op but sigh…..its not it WILL get u TB-ed so good luck trading others
    thank God I quitted this game or I'll be banned I always trd others

  3. The glitch is good cause u get more pets but it’s not that good because people can cheat the game.

  4. Im confused on how they dupe it in the first place ive duped with strangers by accedant but i think I know how lol

  5. I traded for shiny gummy and that was dupped and that person leaved and then i go watch to my inv and no shiny gummy that was pretty much all my inv gived for shiny gummy

  6. That's why Vietnamese players hatch the pets by themselves, they have TONS of OP pets by hatching…

  7. Wahsabie is my freind on roblox i was surprised hearing this aswell.. felt bad for him. Maybe PH should give wahsabie some pets in return instead of him giving all his pets returning nothing thats just the best act of kindness ive ever seen.

  8. Exactly I didn’t know the basket I traded to zach was duped and that got me hate still now I’ve pretty much quit the game cause I’ve lost all my secret pets this game is gonna die no matter what. 2018: Bubblegum simulator 2019: Pet Simulator 2

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