40 thoughts on “ISLE OF DOGS | An Ode to Dogs on Set | FOX Searchlight

  1. i went and saw this for my birthday, it was amazing. the only thing i was sad about was that jeff goldblum only had a few lines, other than that; the movie was perfect. i've been waiting 7 years for another movie like fantastic mr fox.

  2. I checked Best Buy to see if they had a BluRay release for this yet. Nothing. Amazon has a pre-order up, but no date for release. I cannot wait and hope they release this on BR. Really enjoyed the film at my local independent film theater (The Leammle) in Los Angeles.

  3. This is cute because I had a husky named duke but he died because of our other dog captain and he died to and now we have 2 dogs and 2 hamsters and a fish

  4. I actually felt feelings of happiness when Chief said "thank you" for the dog treats (sorry for spoiling a scene) and started tearing up.

  5. The actors acknowledge all 9 dogs on set: Wolfie,Billie,Charlie,Hazel,Choco,Piglet,Treacle,Hopka,Gruff,(then Dora came after):- I just soo love that. So awesome! Outstanding people doing outstanding artistic creations. Am keen to see this movie.

  6. These people and this movie are everything that I wish for in life. Please don't ever stop making great films, especially ones with canines in them. <3

  7. Can You Wide Release The Film? I Can't Find The Film At Some Of My Local Theatres, And They Have Very Few Showtimes 🙁

  8. So happy that Wes Anderson is being called out for his continued marginalisation of people of colour. This film can go fly a kite.

  9. I just saw Isle of Dogs last night, and I can safely say that it is this year’s “Blade Runner 2049” for now. What I mean is it’s a visually stunning, beautifully crafted film that is already the runner up for best movie of 2018! It’s a witty, touching and perfectly animated film with lovable characters and a heartwarming story with some dark, political undertones; and it ranks among Wes Anderson’s best films! 10/10

  10. Just saw this movie and I gotta say, easily my favorite animated movie, maybe even movie. Wes Anderson has done wonders once again.

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