ISLE OF DOGS 5 New Clips and Trailer (2018) – Wes Anderson Stop Motion Animated Movie

ok I got a question what's your favorite food a double portion of doggie top from the can mixed into a bowl of broken puppy snaps for the vitamin crushed up into it Kings the spokes dog for that he's the doggie top dog yeah used to be was that your daily meal not always my master was a school teacher we weren't rich you center-cut coab a ribeye seared on the bone with salt and pepper Wow was my birthday supper every year mines hot sausage jacket or Eastown the snack vendor always saved me one on gamedays Duke green tea ice cream my master had a sweet tooth I probably inherited from her you heard the rumor right about doggie chop – again I don't remember how they folded no donkey doggie chop folded how about you chief what was your favorite food hey I don't care garbage trash scraps of rubbish I'm used to leftovers yeah of course I wasn't always a stray wait what'd you say I said of course I wasn't always realize about that I wouldn't drink that if I were you it's full of toxic chemicals how do you know because my sister-in-law try and get in her tongue turn black oh you're Felix's maid I beg your pardon I mean I think you made it with Felix if I heard it right that's none of your business no no I I don't suggest whether it actually happened or not I'm just saying that I recognize you from when I heard that rumor I think I'm gonna say good night wait wait wait wait oh no wait start over who cares about Felix I'm chief that's my name I see I'm introducing myself who are you I thought you knew all about me right I don't know anything they kept my mouth shut it's all hearsay anyway you do not make so you do know me after all after all yes turpentine brandy it cools the head warms the dog bonds it may snow tonight really thank you very much Wow to whom it may concern she sees the future huh no she understands TV you seek a dog named spots dog zero dog zero canine saturation has reached epidemic proportions an outbreak of snout fever rips through the city of Mecca sake lizards have infected fleas worms ticks and lice menace the citizenship dog flu threatens to cross the species threshold and enter the human disease pool in a special midnight session at the municipal dome mayor Kobayashi of mooney prefecture issues emergency orders calling for a hasty quarantine the expulsion and containment of all breeds both stray and domesticated by official decree trash island becomes an exile the Isle of Dogs [Applause] [Applause] before we attack each other and tear ourselves to shreds like a pack of maniacs let's just open the sack first and see what's actually in it it might not even be worth the trouble i rancid apple core to war meat and banana peels a moldy rice cake a dried-up pickled tin of sardines bones about broken eggshells an old smushed up rotten gizzard with maggots all over it okay it's worth it the japanese archipelago' 20 years in the future canine saturation has reached epidemic proportions an outbreak of dog flu ripped through the city of Mecca sake mayor Kobayashi issues emergency orders calling for a hasty quarantine trash island becomes an exiled colony the Isle of Dogs I don't think I can stomach any more of this garbage nobody's giving up around here and don't you forget it ever your Rex your king your Duke your boss I'm chief we're a pack of scary indestructible alpha dogs Atari Kobayashi you heroically hijacked a junior turboprop XJ 750 and flew it to the island because of your dog darn it I've got a crush on you we get the idea you were looking for your lost dog spots does anybody know sparks if he's alive may very well be living even at this moment as a captive prisoner somebody is up to something will you help him the little pilot why should I because he's a 12 year old boy dogs love those we'll find him wherever he is if he's alive we'll find your dog it's gonna be a fight or somebody spoke his language Wow to the north a long rickety causeway over noxious sludge marsh leading to a radioactive landfill polluted by toxic chemical garbage that's our destination great get ready to jump [Applause]

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  2. chief had the life of a (vira-lata) street dog with no owner that survived by turning over garbage cans in hopes of finding food scraps.       basically what mel Gibson is doing now……

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