Is this a good Hamster cage? | IKEA Detolf

so in today’s video we are gonna be
talking about the pros and the cons of having a IKEA detolf as a hamster cage
to start off what is an Ikea detolf? well it is a glass cabinet that you would get
from Ikea it is meant to be a display cabinet for collectibles or other items
that you want to display in a glass cabinet but because we’re handy-dandy
people in the hamster community we have learned that you can actually convert
this into a hamster cage so why would you get an Ikea Detolf when you could
just go out and get a glass aquarium well the detolf is about a equivalent
to a 90 gallon aquarium so if you were to go out and buy a 90 gallon aquarium
that’s gonna run you about eight hundred dollars whereas the IKEA detolf costs
only about $69.99 so how do you transform the IKEA Detolf into a hamster
cage? because it originally is supposed to be a glass cabinet assembly is
required when it comes to building the detolf and you should have two people
building it or else you could accidentally break it because we are
dealing with glass here so it does require at least two people to help
build it basically you’re going to build the entire detolf except you are not
going to attach the door on to the detolf and you’re just going to flip it onto
its back now because the detolf isn’t made to be a hamster cage it’s been
converted to be one, you are going to need to make your own custom lid because
it doesn’t come with one of course and it is mandatory I do not recommend
having an IKEA detolf without a lid it is very easy for your hamster to just
climb out and escape and you don’t want that to happen it is quite simple to
make your own lid there’s several different ways I’ve done two methods of
making lids for my detolf so the one behind me is actually just simply made
from some wood, rodent mesh stapled to the wood and some little handles
attached to it and it was quite easy and simple to make my other detolf on the other hand the lid I’ve chosen to create for it
is I’ve taken the two glass shelves that come with the detolf I’ve put them on to
the ends and then I’ve taken a wire mesh bottom that used to come from a rabbit
cage that I no longer have and i’ve zip tied it to the bars of the detolf and
I’ve just put weights on top and that is my lid so the IKEA detolf comes to about
950 square inches of floor space with the outer measurements
being 64 inches long 16 inches wide and 14 inches tall when you get your detolf
you are going to want to make sure that you have a dresser or shelf or whatever
you’re putting it on make sure that it is a little bit shorter than the detolf
you should have a couple of inches hanging off on each side because the detolf does have these wooden ends and they stick out just a little bit on the
bottom so if you were to put it on an equal sized dresser the middle of the
detolf would actually end up bowing so the glass would start to bend in and
then eventually the glass will smash you don’t want that so make sure you have a
dresser or something that is a little bit shorter than it or you can create
some type of things so it’s all equal I don’t know how to explain that very well
I’m very sorry about that another thing about the detolf it is only
14 inches tall so that kind of limits you to what height of things you can put
in there like for example the wheel you’re not going to be able to fit
anything more than a 11 inch wheel I don’t think a 12 inch would fit it
probably would be touching the top of the lid unless you make a lid that’s a
little bit lifted another thing that might be an issue to some people is that
the detolf is only 16 inches wide so you might have some trouble trying to fit in
wider items of course the detolf is really long so there’s quite a bit of
space for you to put things this way overall I really would recommend the
IKEA detolf it is one of my favorite hamster cages that I’ve had I like it
because the fact that it is fairly cheap and it is large it also looks really
nice it’s like a fish tank except half the price my hamsters have enjoyed
living in the IKEA detolf and I haven’t had any bad issues with them they
haven’t chewed on the inside bars nor have they chewed on the outer wood
pieces and they’ve overall just really enjoyed the cage so I hope this video
has helped anybody who is looking into the detolf or maybe you’ve never even
heard of the detolf. Hopefully more people in the future use them as
hamster cages because they are great cages and I actually think that more
people buy them for hamster cages then display cabinets and I’m not sure if
IKEA knows that but they should so yeah guys thank you for watching bye

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  1. I really want to know can we feed our hamster rice cause my hamster is a picky eater and it almost won't eat any food mix . She only eats vegetables what should I do ?

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    Like so she can see

  3. Tori can you make a video on how to make wire hamster wheels safe for hamsters because wire wheels are the only ones available in my city and my parents wont allow me to buy online

  4. Just a question: Can I use newspaper as bedding? It's shredded and she does not seem to eat it. If she wants to shred it is it safe?

  5. Hey, do you think a 40 x 20 x 20 inch "Cage" is enough for a dwarf hamster? Plus a 20 x 10 inch second floor

  6. I’m buying one this weekend!! And I was wondering what bedding you use? ❤️❤️❤️ Love your videos xx

  7. Hi Victoria,( if you are reading this) I just got a new winter white dwarf hamster!! what do you think I should name him? He's really cute!!

  8. I am kind of late but I bought a metod ikea cage and I used Plexiglas for the sides. It has 677 inches of floor space and it only cost me 42€(Plexiglas added). I was planning to get a detilf but in my country it costs 90€ and it wasn't that affordable. I live in Europe so I recommend it for European people !

  9. I’m looking into buying a second hand one because I can’t afford to buy it new but I still want my hamster to be happy and have a good home so I was just wandering how you could take the shelves out of it x

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  11. My hamster chews the bars inside… i spent a fortune getting this thing, driving to Ikea and back, making lids etc and never would have bothered if I knew about the bars… just thought it should be mentioned because I’ve read about other hamsters doing this too! Sometimes a massive cage is still not big enough

  12. hey victoria!!i have quite an issue lately with my hamster!!Lately i have been noticing that my hamster is itching a lot around his ear and i started looking closer and i noticed that he is missing hair around his ear and a little bit on the back of his neck.Im really worried,from what i’ve searched up on google ,it either said that it’s because of the bedding or if his water bottle is licking and his bedding is wet…and i wasn’t sure ,he’s water bottle isn’t licking and his bedding is dried * except for where he pees around the cage* and the bedding that i’ve been using and still using is the original white non cented bedding kaytee clean and cozy.PLZZ HELP ASAP and ty !!!?

  13. I said I liked emioligy better now I can’t find the comment to say …

    I’m SORRY I still love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. I used to have my hamster that passed away in a 20 gallon tank. I then got him a detolf and he showed less signs of stress. I love your channel btw!?

  15. I actually have a wooden Terrarium for my Hamster which has a Floorspace of over 2300 sqr inches / 1,5sqr meters and 12"/30cm of bedding hight throughout but… it of course requires way more customization as a detolf because thos terrariums are not made for animals that chew on wood since they could easily chew through it. So I put Tiles on the inside and thus made it chew and moister proof 😀 It wasmore expensive then a detolf but I like its looks alot!

  16. i've had mine on the floor for about a year now D: I didn't know you're supposed to have it on top of something. how big is the risk of it caving in and the glass shattering?

  17. I need help please!
    I have a question about my hamster ?
    Why does she feel so cold, and how could i maybe make her warm?? Please help me . Other than tht i think my hmaster is slowly dying ? ? hut please i need help

  18. hey everyone, I have a hamster who likes to put bedding all over it’s food and I would check the food ever so often and see that much of it wouldn’t be eaten. is this normal for a hamster to cover its food?

  19. Phenomenal video, Victoria! I do not own an IKEA Detolf but I might use it in the future!! I use the Small Pet Terrarium Kerry for my adorable Robo Hamster, Coco.
    Thanks for making helpful videos like this, your videos give so much helpful advice.

  20. Hello I was wondering if you can help me because I have a Syrian hamster and when I close the lid cage she climbs her house and bites the lid cage thing off then she escapes. Do you have a diy house that will prevent her from escaping?

  21. Does anyone know if you need to trim hamsters nails??? I’m getting mixed things off of forums. My winter white dwarf has very long nails and I’m worried about him hurting his little paws.

  22. I would love one for a hamster.. But i don’t have a long dresser. I know it needs to hang off, but my dresser is extremely small. Im afraid of it falling or something. I also have a short bookcase, but it has these top parts that are slightly raised. -_- I can’t put it on the floor, either.

  23. So my room gets really really hot in the summer where I live (20-29 in celsius) so glass gets even hotter and my room gets direct sunlight so the room gets just as hot as it does outside. Does anyone know if I can still get the detolf?

  24. Trying to decide if I want the IKEA Detolf for a Syrian or a three story connected “Test Tube” diy Cage by Erin’s Animals. I like the way the “Test Tube” but I honestly don’t know how I would connect the stories. I would also like to make another one for a male mouse. Any suggestions?

  25. I have the Detolf and my previous Hammy and new edition love it, so much room to run around. Whoever thought of the Detolf as a hamster cage is a genius❤️ ?

  26. I really want to get one of these! I currently have 3 hamsters, all in bin cages. My female syrian cookie is in a 110 quart bin and I really want to get her a detolf once we finish painting my room and I save up, because I want the storage cubes underneath as well. My two dwarfs Pinecone and Marshmallow live in 2, 66 quart bin cages and I HATE IT! So I am thinking I will move them into the 110 quart bin after that.

  27. Wish I could get one but my mom is always saying you have to get a cage or else there hate it. Anyway I’m not getting a hamster mainly because I don’t want to hurt him/her because of the things she says (Thx for listing to my rant if u read through)

  28. I just wish I could get the detolf ? I really like your channel! It gives me so much information! ????

  29. This has helped me a lot. In the next few weeks I am going to be getting one for my hamster♥️

  30. 0:34 Victoria Rachel : "So why whould you get an ikea detolf when you just glow and get a glass aquarium"
    Me : Because I can't glow and get a glass aquarium

  31. I like this because i get triggered when hamster owners buy a two or three story cage and im like sis hamsters like to run, its what they do in the wild, not climb or fly. Basically the longer the habitat, the better for hamsters

  32. I got a 12 inch wheel and it’s way to big but it worked for my hamster , but a few days after I got it my hamster died and now I have a dwarf who can’t move it and I’m getting an ikea detolf soon , so if I get a bigger ham the wheel won’t even fit in the detof and I can’t send it back so that was a giant waste of money . ?….. more than $25 ? ….. yup

  33. Hey, i dunno if you remember me but I asked you why my hamster is running around like crazy. You said that the cage was to small so I decided to buy a new cage. Do you recommend a detolf cage?? My mom said no but I will try to get money for a cage. My hamster is running like crazy every day I am afraid that he will die.

  34. Really wanted to get a hamster but my room is too small, theres no place to put a cage of this size.. Also i have cats and i dont want the hamster to feel stressed or afraid. I dont want to compramise quality. I would want my hamster to be happy and i couldnt provide that for her 🙁

  35. Thank you!! My mom kept saying no and no and no until I showed her this!! She is so excited now lol ? thank you! ❤️ you and ur hamsters!

  36. Hi Victoria, my hamster lives in an IKEA detolf and he started to chew on the bars of his cage. Why is he chewing on the bars of his cage and what can I do to help it stop?. Also, thank you for that amazing video, it helped me a lot.

  37. Ikea : hmmm if we can get sales for making furniture into enclosures but we can’t get sales for normal furni- Aha! We need to become a pet shop!

  38. I used the cardboard bits from the Detolf box to shim the glass bottom every foot, so it comfortably rests on a bookshelf that’s wider.

  39. This has helped me a lot! I originally wanted to get a cage for $74, and the cage was smaller than this. I was looking through your channel looking for information about cages and such. When I saw this I got really happy. I’ve seen the “cage” behind you, and I really wanted it, but I had no idea what it was called, or where I could get it. This really helped me! Thanks! ❤️

  40. We just got the detolf!! We are on our way home. So excited and thank you for showing it to me!!! ❤️ u!

  41. Can the cage stand on the floor? And do i need to make a lid? Im getting this for My little hamster minnie??

  42. Hi Victoria, I don`t have the space for an IKEA detolf and I still want to have a big cage. Do you have any ideas for big cages?

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  44. So you need something shorter than the details to set on so the glass won’t break over time?

    Can it be the same size? Just as long as it isn’t longer than the Detolf

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