Is The ZOOM CHALLENGE Dangerous For Kids and Pets?

there's a new challenge out there and of course parents are being warned not to let their kids attempt it you're watching what's trending I'm Shira Lazar be sure to like this video and subscribe for more social media news daily the Zoom challenge is very simple all you need is Spotify pair of legs and a friend tripping up the back street running like a trick it typically involves a kid sitting straight legged on the floor while the first verse of little yachties mickey plays and then when the Xoom happens someone pulls you by the legs and of course here what's trending we try all the trends and challenges ourselves we put them to the test so stay tuned till the end of the video where I will try the zoom challenge myself and I must say it's pretty eye-catching it's hard not to watch a bunch of these and not just get really into it sharpen up the back street running come with us on MSP but even though this challenge doesn't include Tide Pods or snorting condoms you could see how it could potentially be a bit dangerous Women's Health magazine talked to dr. Jennifer wieder who called the challenge a parent's worst nightmare and said smaller bodies and even unprepared larger ones can be grabbed and moved too quickly increasing the risk of neck injuries whiplash and concussion but from what we can tell no one has actually been legitimately hurt yet from this and even those in the fail versions of these seem to be having fun with it that said it's hard to ignore the fact that someone might get hurt at a certain point from this after all these kids are being yanked really hard hmm and even though this does look like a lot of fun as we've mentioned just please don't drag your pets into it the Zoom Challenge is exploding in popularity even though the song came out in March and actually back then people were doing the zoom challenge but it was a dance tweeted a couple of his favorites and wrote wait zoom challenge really viral lol and actually the one that little yadi posted his Instagram might be the best one we've seen out there trumping that the best street running Budapest like track soon we'll know wasn't with us on a nasty he's also using Instagram to promote the broken shoulder challenge which is a pretty self-explanatory once you watch that challenge is based on lil yachty song and be a young boat interestingly enough the shoulder dance may have originated with most-hated mane on instagram who first did it over Mickey so do you think the zoom challenge is dangerous or should people just chill out and have some fun let us know in the comments below and be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more of what's trending and for more stories go to watch churning com trepan at the back street running through the pest like

29 thoughts on “Is The ZOOM CHALLENGE Dangerous For Kids and Pets?

  1. Lmao when she said you need a pair of legs-

    Her: All you need is a Spotify, a friend and some legs

    Some random guy with no legs: * Looks down * Dammit

  2. I don’t feel the like challenges period is dangerous it depends on how hard you pull the person and what age they are like I feel like this can be 100 percent safe if everyone just pulled really softly

  3. That’s not true but some people do that but actually you just push yourself off a wall with your feet and then reverse it

  4. First of all they pull them to hard I’ve seen this pulled off correctly when done slow n they need to be on carpet

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