Is “People Milk” Poisonous to Cats?

[Music]>>Meg: I was told by a vet that people milk
is poison for cats.>>Meg: However, I have seen cats (mostly
feral cats)>>Meg: exist on people milk and survive.
What gives? Ok. So first off, when we start talking about
“people milk” I’m gonna assume that we’re talking about cow’s milk,
so let’s just make that assumption. The straight away short answer is, it’s not
poisonous to cats, but there are three things that you need to
know. Number one, it’s not nutritionally necessary.
Meaning, your cat doesn’t need milk if they’re eating a commercial cat
food. Number two, it’s high in calories. A little
bit of milk and a little bitty cat is a lot of calories, so I see cats that drink
milk as a treat getting overweight quite often. So that turns me off
a little bit. And number three, some cats are lactose intolerant.
Which means they can get upset stomachs, they get diarrhea,
they get flatulence. And there is nothing funny about cat flatulence.
So, there. Those are the three things that I think about,
and just so generally I don’t give my cats milk. What else ya got?>>Meg: Toilet paper orientation: over, or
under? Ooh, if you have cats and you use the “under”
toilet paper orientation, then if they treadmill, it doesn’t unroll. The more you know. [Music]

6 thoughts on “Is “People Milk” Poisonous to Cats?

  1. Yes, let's hope we are talking about cow's milk, but I did recently have a pet owner report giving some of her breast milk to her cat. Yep, true story! But thanks for the great info. I too get this question all the time. Keep up the GREAT work Dr Andy!!

  2. I had a glass of milk sitting by me and my cat and my cat just started drinking the milk but the glass was so tall and thin my cat couldn't fit her head any farther into the glass. Resolving my cat to walk away.

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