Is Owning Pets Cruel? Is Breeding Them Problematic?

Welcome to our ninth nugget. In this video
and the next, we’re going to be addressing two aspects of the same subject. The fact
that we are literally loving our pets to death. Even the most grizzled of meat eaters admit
that they’re an animal lover when it comes to their pets. We’re going to take a closer
look at what the cost of our affections are to our companion animals themselves. Now just a quick note, for the sake of time and simplicity, I’m going to be using the terms “pet” and
“owner” in this video, though these particular terms are far from ideal. And most of the
time, far from accurate. And now, a bite-size look at breeding. Let’s start with the words
of Gary Yourofsky “We love these animals to death. And I say to death for a reason. We
love them so much, that we breed them, and we breed more of them, and we keep breeding
them until we end up murdering 5 to 10,000,000 unloved, unwanted, homeless dogs and cats
annually.” Due to prolific production to meet public demand, the most coveted dogs tend
to have the most genetic disorders. A closed registry that allows no new blood into the
mix exacerbates the problems. In many AKC breeds, the founding gene pool was less than
50 dogs. And in some breeds, it’s less than 20. In the words of Dogs Today columnist Patrick
Burns “We did not create the dogs we love in a closed registry system – we have only
ruined them there.” Cambridge University Professor Sir Patrick Bateson states “To the outsider,
it seems incomprehensible that anyone should admire, let alone aquire and animal that has
difficulty in breathing or walking. Yet people are passionate about owning and breeding animals
which they know and love, even though the animals manifestly exhibit serious health
and welfare problems.” It’s a trend that even prompted Consumer Reports to issue a warning
in 2003, telling readers that the demand for ever more perfect purebred dogs has concentrated
bad recessive genes and turned many pets into medical nightmares. Even many pet stores that
offer AKC registration or proof of purebred standards with their puppies are receiving
these dogs from puppy mills where there is no regulation of breeding practices. Puppy
mills are low-budget commercial enterprises, often backyard operations that expose animals
to filthy, overcrowded conditions, with no veterinary care or socialization. While we have dog breeders and cat breeders making selective breeds, and people consistently
flocking to pet stores, an estimated 25 million animals become homeless every year. And as
many as 27% of these are purebred dogs. Of these 25 million homeless animals, on an average,
9 million die in the streets from disease, starvation, exposure, injury, or some other
hazardous street life. 16 million die in pounds or shelters that have no room for them and
are forced to kill them. Almost 50% of the animals brought to shelters are turned in
by their caretakers. Some shelters with budget constraints are forced to use gas chambers
and can take as long as 20 minutes to die. It is by far less merciful, more traumatic,
and painful. But the procedure is less expensive. Some pet owners don’t want to spay or neuter
their pets. Maybe because they want to breed them and sell the puppies. There’s also the
case of male owners that refuse to get their animals neutered, because they see the process
as a demasculinization of themselves. Unwittingly or not, pet owners that refuse to spay or
neuter are contributing to the euthanization of over 60,000 pets every day in America alone.
So come on guys, grow some balls, and stop associating your manhood with your dogs testicular
status. If your dog’s lack of balls is a measure of anything, it’s your compassion. Gary Yourofsky
effectively speaks to this issue “Since spaying or neutering an animal is a surgery performed
with anesthetic, it cannot be labeled cruel. It is simply a violation of their rights,
not an act of malice. Considering the alternative – murdering millions of live dogs and cats
in city slaughterhouses every year – I will gladly take away an animals rights procreate.”
And now we come to our perils of pure breeding poster child. The bulldog is the most extreme
example of genetic manipulation in the dog breeding world. Bulldogs are significantly
more likely than other dogs to suffer from a wide range of health issues. Three independent
reports into purebred breeding found that some modern breeding practices, including
inbreeding, and breeding for extreme trade, are detrimental to the health and welfare
of dogs. Bulldogs were noted in all three reports as a breed in need of intervention.
With one going so far as to question whether it’s ethically defensible to continue breeding
them at all. Most breeders have a year-long guarantee on their puppies, meaning that if
your puppy is defective or has too many problems, you can trade them in for a better model.
Ooby is one of these trade-ins. She’s had five surgeries before she was one, had more
ER trips than I’d like to count, and in a single month racked about $3,500. Now I go
through all of this not to disparage Ooby, but to put a face to the cost of what happens
when we breed animals for our own means and not for their own health. Natural selection
would never say “I’m going to make an animal that can barely breathe and has chronic allergy
issues. But darn it, it’s going to be cute.” Should dogs have to go through surgery simply
to function as dogs? Is this what we want for our best friends? Perhaps some of the
tough questions we should ask ourselves are: can we keep animals as companions and still
address their needs? Is our keeping companion animals in their best interest, or are we
exploiting them? Some of the ways humans hurt animals are clear and easy to see, but others
are more subtle and more difficult to address. Thanks for watching and if you haven’t already,
be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss the next nugget where we delve
into the pet food industry.

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  1. My cat was viciously abused before she was even 4 weeks old from being thrown out of a moving vehicle. I am so happy I adopted her she is the most loving cat I've ever been around. I worry if keeping her inside is fair to her though. Would she be happier outside. I've read cats aren't domesticated like dogs and still have all their natural instincts, what are your thoughts?

  2. Wow, I had no idea that Bulldogs were so troubled. I don't want to repeat myself, but Ooby looks great and I'm absolutely sure your are taking good care of her. I don't know how you make your videos so good…but the info you share are always top quality. Thanks!

  3. Hello.I am happy to hear someone on the hypocracy that lies in a simple (too simple if you ask me)decision in adopting an animal,in the specific a dog.Now,since I do not know the history behind Ooby's adoption I admit it did come to mind to ask myself if you payed for her and if so why would you have supported this modern(I wonder if we may still call it so)zootechnics.My affection to dogs first led me to understand the modern crap on "pure"bred dogs,then the manipulation of animals in general and so the aberration of specieism,and,now finally,get veganism.

  4. Your statistics are a bit out of date. Thankfully, due to increased spaying and neutering, the number of animals euthanized in shelters has decreased to 3.5 to 4 million per year.  

  5. Is Breeding And Owning Pets Cruel?

    vintage nugget!: this is a  look into our practice of breeding animals for "pets." what effect does our undying love for our pets have on the animals themselves? Do we have their interest, or our own in mind? what are your thoughts on this?

       #animalrights   #animallovers   #pets   #dogs   #cats   #purebreed   #breeding   #vegan  

  6. WELL FUCKING SAID. I run a rescue here in florida and I cannot get tired if repeating what you just said, yet millions continue to buy puppies. It makes me sick to me stomach to see the millions of dogs killed DAILY where these assholes continue to breed and bring more into this world. LOVED your video. THANK.YOU

  7. Does Ooby have health insurance? She might already be ''behind the 8-ball'' because most of her problems might be considered 'pre-existing', but I paid for my German Shepherds health insurance and it completely paid for itself the first time he broke his paw. It's fairly cheap and I can get you more information if you would like!

  8. So I completely understand why we are suppose to neuter cats and dogs because of all the homeless ones out there and everything you said above. But I wouldn't feel comfortable neutering any animal myself. And no this has nothing to do with my "manhood." I just feel like I am responsible enough to watch my animal to where they wouldn't have any unwanted babies. Nor would I want to breed or have any babies for the dog. My main question is, I seriously want to adopt or rescue a dog, but everywhere demands a neuter. which, again, I completely understand, mainly because of the owners not taking care of the dogs. But I feel like I could just have the option not to. Any light on this? To me, it's like getting upset at the pregnant teenager and not the parents of that pregnant teenager. I feel like I can keep an eye on my dog and not have to take away their balls. Why take away a right from them if I could just be a better parent/guardian and protect their right. Am I the only Vegan who feels this way? You should do a video on it.

  9. This makes me so angry, and it makes me cry. My own dog is a healthy, castrated "love child" rescue, we think he's beagle and lab, and I get so many sarcastic, snarly coments about how I'm an unserious owner, "bet he was expensive, all designer dogs are" etc. We went to this dog festival (ofc my dog goes everywhere with me) and it was possible to sign up for a show just for fun. I figured, my dog is pretty, why not. It was the first time I ever felt bad about joining us for any activity. He was expected to be a ok with some snobby judge looking at his teeth, without saying hello to him first, and I was told off because I hadn't bored him with hours of grooming, and this is the prime activity for "serious" owner… Nope, I'm definitely sticking to activities that are actually fun for the dog! 

  10. I'm ashamed to say that I bought my dog from a breeder 6 years ago. I wasn't vegan back then and honestly didn't know what dogs went through when they were bred. I love him to bits and wouldn't trade him for anything in the world, but I feel so guilty knowing that I supported this industry by buying him.

  11. I'd say "owner" and "servant" are most accurate.  You may pay the bills, keep the house clean, and put food on the table, but that house belongs to the dog and he/she has just been generous enough to let you stay there lol

  12. We bought our dog from a breeder, not knowing any better. She started having seizures after her first birthday. Lesson learned: Adopt a shelter dog and save a life! Poor breeding led to her condition, which took her life just a few weeks ago. We miss her so much. RIP Rosie

  13. my family used to breed golden retrievers… we were unware of all the problems that come with breeding. We found out too late that the one breed we particularly loved has a big tendency for cancer deseases. All of our dogs were very much loved, and I've seen almost every single one of them slowly die of cancer. I can't tell you how horrible and sad it was, strugling to save them, and realizing there was nothing we could do. We stopped breeding dogs. And from now on, we've decided to adopt dogs from shelters, and not to care about pedigree.

  14. Gread vid! I guess it's possible to keep an intact dog without accidents but its risky and it can be a lot of distress for the dog if they feel the need for sexual activity but aren't allowed to. Ideal it would be enough to neuter the males because that surgery is less risky but because there are a lot of intact males it can be risky to keep an intact female. As a rescue organization all dogs should be neutered because that will prevent the coming owners from exploitating these dogs. Many people who adopt rescues do not have the same moral comittment and it's likely that one day they will say "my dog is so cute and pretty, let's have some puppies" – thats exactly what I heard of a woman today who adopted a male Russian rescue that was not neutered because of the costs. I think its also important to consider the suffering of females exploited for breeding because it's highly straining for their bodies. And one last note I think love is a bad term because many people do not love dogs they exploit them for their emotional needs so instead of pet you could say emotional livestock (referring to other livestock that is exploited to satisfy different human needs/greeds). They exploit them, they mistreat them, they neglect them, they act their aggressions out on them, they will get them killed whenever they feel up to etc.

  15. So I know you have a list of different topics that you eventually want to do videos on. In a previous comment I mentioned shedding some light on the use of dogs for work (police, protection, sled pulling, herding, etc.) but another thought that just came to mind that you may or may not already have down to get to, is cropping and docking. How with certain breeds people will crop the ears and dock the tails (Doberman, Rottweiler, etc.) 

  16. based on this logic should humans be able to continue to breed if there are 1,000 of kids without homes? and what about women you cant naturally get pregnant, by this logic wouldnt that mean natural selection is making a choice not to continue her defected blood line?

  17. In a vegan group people have been telling me that vegans shouldn't have pets, that it's cruel. Wha are your thoughts on this? Could I adopt a dog and it not be wrong?

  18. Someone might have already mentioned this but another reason Bulldogs are the best/worst example of dog genetics gone wrong is that a majority (~80%) are born via caesarian (french bulldogs and boston terriers too). This is due 100% to breeding!!

  19. I have a rabbit as a pet I rescued from SPCA, although I think of her more as my daughter than a pet lol, and I plan to get her neutered because the doctor told me she could have possible health risks if I don't. do you feel its necessary to get a rabbit neutered too?

  20. Why can't a dog get a vasectomy and then no one has to worry. I personally think cutting a dog's balls off is genital mutilation… So, I have no pets. What kind of crazy world have we created where the most responsible thing to do is genital mutilation? We have vasectomy available for humans, why not dogs? We should treat animals the way we want to be treated. We should have more humane means of birth control for animals.

  21. So…breeding animals to death is obviously bad. Adoption is the only good option because it saves them from being killed at overcrowded shelters and such? I never had a companion animal before but I really want one and I'm just worried about the 'medical nightmares' of pedigrees and the behaviour problems of shelter/rescue dogs and cats. Would you say a mixed breed is better and children are safe around these rescue dogs?

  22. Pet ownership just doesn't seem Vegan and the whole industry is one of severe acceptance of pain and suffering. No amount of "animal companion" "guardianship" and such euphemisms can change that. If people should give up meat for the sake of animals, people should give up their animal companions as well.

  23. I feel bad for what has happened to the English Bulldogs. They used to have longer legs and snouts. They were crossbred with pugs decades ago and as a result have shorter legs and shorter snouts causing breathing problems. They can't even mate without the help of humans. Whether that be by artificial insemination or 'by hand'. 'By hand' means the female dog is strapped to a breeding board and the breeder physically helps the male to mate with the female…very very sad.

  24. so they should take the rat breeding ethical code for show and pet rats and apply the ethics to other animal and possible stop pure breeding and just switch to a varieties system.the basics of rat breeding ethics is
    1 breed only for health
    2 provide a suitable environment for them
    3 take full responsibility for all rats brought into this world.including taking babies back or blocking and warning of those who just want to breed for other reasons then health.

  25. I just adopted a rescue dog less than a month ago and he is awesome. Such a chill pup and gives me the same friendship a fancy breeder dog would've. Plus I like his uniqueness since he is a mix. Good info.

  26. I can't say this has convinced me to  be an abolitionist but I agree there is no reason to bring another cat or dog in this world as of 6/12/2015

  27. Why do vegans consider it wrong to clip a queen honey bee's wings so it won't fly away wrong, yet neutering a pet is OK? In both cases, the animal is being altered for our benefit.

  28. Breeding pets is obviously problematic when our arbitrary goal in breeding happens to create unhealthy dogs, like pugs and bulldogs, you can make this case for lesser things too, like the plethora of dog breeds with hair so thick they couldn't see if a human hadn't pinned the fur up for them. German shepherds with tiny back hips.

    etc etc

  29. I got my German Shepherd as an adoption/rescue sort of thing. The people who had him before me, got him from a BYB when he was a puppy. I love pure bred German Shepherds, but will only ever get them from a rescue situation. I could never support breeders by buying a German Shepherd from them. There are so many pure breed rescues around this country that there is really no need to ever utilize a breeder. Just my opinion… I love how you stated the facts in this video. Ooby was looking really adorable too. 😉

  30. Now I'm going to cry for the rest of the evening. 🙁  I almost always get my pets from shelters but a few of them came to live with us from the street…. homeless I guess.

  31. For your dog's individual health do not spay or neuter them until they're at least physically mature. At 1.5 to 3 years depending on the size of the dog. Either be responsible during a bitch's cycle and keep males from roaming or choose a healthier sterilisation alternative like tubal ligation (female), ovary sparing spay (female), vasectomy (male) or Zeuterin (male).
    Here's why –

  32. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats from a shelter. I think the main reason why people don't take dogs and cats from a shelter is that they want a puppy or a kitten. But there are so many young animals in shelters who deserve a home.

  33. How do you, and other vegans defend the fact that you contribute to this by having dogs and other animals(I mean in small cages for example). I am "pro pets" if it's a former street dog that would otherwise be put to sleep, but not otherwise.

  34. so you say natural selection wouldn't make a cute animal with health issues, your saying natural selection is good??

  35. I dont understand the point of buying and breeding some extremely degenerated breeds. Or some poor pups from mass breeders and puppy mills. Yet come on, whats wrong in buying the breed which has actually no disorders or health problems at all – like czechoslovakian wolfdog – from certified registered breeder?
    Big amount of animals in shelters is not problem of breeding in general. Its problem of mass breeding, puppy mills and because if this – problem of mass production of cheap mutts who have nothing in common with breed they are imitating. Noone would leave his dog behind if he had to pay thousand bucks for it.

  36. My cats were from an animal shelter where they would be put down the next week if my family had not come. We feed them Vegan cat food and they are happy and healthy. We also used to have a rabbit from a shampoo testing lab but he sadly passed away last year.

  37. ok you have 2 choices both end up screwing you. You can breed them and have some homeless and misused animals or you can stop breeding them and let them doe off leaving no dogs in the world at all.

    which one?
    a few to suffer
    or none left to enjoy.

  38. @Bite Size Vegan I don't know about what you've said, but I know this: Vegans shouldn't feed their pets vegan food. Dogs are carnivores, thus it's okay to feed them meat. I'm a vegan, but I understand that a human being is a herbivore.

  39. about the spaying/ neutering thing, I don't do it to my pets because I rather not have them live their lives missing a body part just because "they might get out " or something like that. if you wouldn't do it to a kid, why do it to a dog?

  40. All the pro-pet owners advocate it because it benefits them, not the animals. If an animal is a sovereign being, let's respect it enough to not own it and control its movements and life. Pets are nothing but an animal product of selfish human enslavement and breeding program for selfish uses.

  41. Dogs are severely deformed wolves purposely done so by humans over tens of thousands of years for selfish human use and enslavement. Pets are Pitiful Enslavement to Serve.

  42. this is an under talked about subject.  I'm switching my pet to vegan when her food runs out.  anybody have any suggestions on what vegan pet food cats like best?

  43. Spaying and neutering is not the end all solution to the overpopulation problem. Responsible ownership and being aversive to unethical breeding is key. In fact, Spaying and neutering has been shown to greatly and negativgely affect the health and wellbeing of dogs.

  44. neuter a male cat just take a few minutes, in animals even a simple things will be done under anesthesia. Female Bulldogs and Pugs need cesarean operation because they can't give birth by themselves… it's so sad… a dog and a cat will always give you love no matter if they are pure breed or the streets… they don't care about that, we are the only ones that care about looks even in the animals _… My cat is rescued from the streets and is sooo lovely <3!!!!

  45. Now I don't agree with you about the horse riding at all however I do agree with this. All 3 cats that I have owned were rescued in a sense. The first cat was nearly drowned by his owner and the last two were kittens from stray mothers that one time a farmer kindly took it and looked after mum and her kittens and the second time my cousin took the other mother. I'm not entirely sure about the first cat as I was very young however the two cats I know own have be done and I depise what they have done to dogs

  46. I'll start off by saying I'm a recently converted vegan. I understand you vegan pet owners love your pets and treat them good, but there is no doubt about what it is – it is a form of exploitation. You help create a market for animals – and once there is a market, people will do awful things to make money in that market. Similar to blood diamonds…you can only buy non-blood diamonds, but all you have done is given a market value to diamonds. And as long as there is a market for diamonds…there will be blood.

    Simply look at the things pet owners say to defend their practice:
    "If we set all the pets free they will die in the wild" – Hmmm sounds like the meat industry's saying – "if we stop eating all the cows they will die in the wild".
    "Pets can't survive in the wild because they have been domesticated, so we have removed their ability to survive, so to keep them safe we must own them and love them" – Meat industry logic again – just replace the word pet with cow, own with eat and love with…enjoy.
    Also, it might be important to point out that these are the same things the 'good' slave owners said about their slaves too before 1865.
    "If I stop owning pets no one else will, the industry will continue whether I participate or not, so at lease if I participate I can do my part to be a good owners" – Slave owner logic – "if I free my slaves someone will just enslave them again, at least I treat my slaves good".

    Another interesting parallel is how many pet owners treat their pets great, but then sell off or give away the pet babies because it is too much to handle. This is right out of a slave movie. "Master, please don't sell my babies".

    All this goes for horse riding too.

    Reality is what it is – I'm not condemning anyone. We were born into this world of exploitation and educated in horrible ways.

    As long as you love your pets you are helping to create a market for pets. And once there is a market there will be those that see pets as commodities. No different than meat or slavery. It is simply the nature of markets.

    The great thing is that there is a simple way to stop all of this – the answer is the same a being vegan. Don't own pets AND help educate people. In time the market will shrink. If you own a pet, try to not let it breed, and don't ever own another one. Educate. We can love animals, and even be friends with them in the wild, but owning them can only lead to commodification in the long run.

  47. It's interesting that this video only addresses a very limited view of many aspects regarding companion pets. Did you know that in Denmark, it is illegal to alter (neuter or spay) your dog or cat, except our of medical necessity? Did you know that in Denmark, there are no animal shelters? Why? Because the humans who have companion animals are attentive and responsible. Did you know that nearly all dog breeds were originally bred for a specific purpose? Working dogs, Sporting dogs, etc.? Not for their appearance. Did you know that all responsible breeders test, re-test, etc. their animals for diseases, health problems, genetic problems before breeding the dam and sire?? Did you know that castrating and performing hysterectomies on dogs increase their risk of several types of cancer and other diseases? Those hormones are there for a reason. While I agree with many of your ideas, I believe there are many aspects of this topic that you are not addressing.

  48. Lucky Padfoot is part dingo, boxer, kelpie, blue heiler, Rottweiler and labor door. I met his mum, and dad as I got him from a friend who have been owning this family of pups for 20+ yrs. DONT GET DOGS FROM PET SHOPS! SAVE THEM FROM POUNDS AND RSPCA

  49. my god it gets worse, we're really fucked as a species – i can't wait to die and become a baby born in a better world 😀

  50. I didn't have the money for a while, but I had my Lucy spayed because I don't want to contribute to feline overpopulation. She already accidentally got pregnant once and was not a great mother, not to mention I couldn't take care of an extra 5 cats.

  51. I have two dogs they are my best friends and I love them with all my hart …I would do anything for them my dogs like fruit and veggies if im eating carrots my friends will sitt by me and my children and eat carrots with us .

  52. In my opinion, owning pets is not cruel, but selective breeding is. The animals we now keep as pets originally evolved alongside us as companions. But the fact that we breed them selectively for our amusement is not only disrespectful, but completely abusive to the animals who love and depend on us.

  53. there is a stray cat me and my sister found, i could get a litter box and litter and I could potty train her, we already have 1 cat so food isn't a problem but they don't like each other but our cat doesn't like being inside so Oreo (the stray cat) could be inside, but my dad says no because his dad never let him bring a cat inside. I tell him it's better than Oreo being found and killed but he still says no…

  54. +Bite Size Vegan Is it vegan to purchase companion animal products and accessories from Petsmart, Petco, etc? They offer dogs and cats from shelters, but I am pretty sure their "exotic animals" such as rodents, fish, birds, etc. are from regular pet store methods… I would love to hear from you on this! 🙂 I am a new vegan, so I need all the help I can get.

    If not, PLEASE do a video on the ethical evaluation of purchasing/supporting big chain stores like those.

  55. l have 2 cats and 2 dogs today I saw a puppy and it's a girl my mom told me that I can have the dog and it's a golden readtrevr she's so cute and wen I saw the first thing I did was give her food and water and she was happy but I need your help me with too name her so can you please

  56. a similar practice goes on with goldfish like bubble eyes and orandas. The bubble eyes have huge sacs of fluid that comes out of the bottom of their eyes and orandas having a giant chunk of skin on their heads that when matured could cover up most their eyes.Their is pompom goldfish which have giant chunks of skin that come out of their nose and their is the pearl scale goldfish where there lower parts of the bodies are giant spherical and their fins come out from the front of their bodies.I brought this up at two fish groups on facebook but they cared more about me saying that you can keep ONE goldfish in a 10 gallon and I even got blocked for saying that.

  57. I honestly don't care what breed my animals are I have no idea what breed went into all four of my cats and I don't care i love them i also plan to get my cats sprayed and nutured.

  58. How stupid are vegans? Just owning a pet is cruel? My dog, my horse, my 2 ferrets are all SPOILED. They are happy and playful and show love to me and my friends and family.

  59. just because you are vegan dosent mean you have to make your dog vegan, it is unhealthy for carnivores to be vegan just go buy steaks or raw chicken legs for your dog

  60. I volenteer at a cat rescue center and I'm an animal health major. Breeding bad induviduals are bad and cause these problems within breeds. Pugs, bull dogs, King charles and so on have big health problems due to incest breeding. Nudering animals is really important. We should stop breeding with bad induviduals and start cross breeding with difference breeds to get rid of the bad genes within each breed.

  61. Well if we stopped breeding dogs, cats and other types of pets there would be no more of them. So owning pets isn't wrong, purebred and hybrids are both good

  62. IRRESPONSIBLE pet owners that have their animals not neutered/spayed are the problem. I refuse to have my animals spayed/neutered (unless there's a massive medical problem). However I am a responsible owner. I keep my animals close, don't let them breed. If my animals are outdoor (like my cat), they get tablets to stop them getting pregnant. No need to mutilate their genitals.

  63. I find your perspective interesting but the gruesome pictures unnecessary. I can understand your words, I dont need traumatic pictures flashing on the screen. (Im a fellow Vegan)

  64. I was wondering about people's stance on neutering. But I was also curious about your take on de-vocalizing dogs and de-clawing cats. It seems inhumane in my standards, but I was wondering what others think

  65. You don't like the word owner because you know the implications of that word. You would have to justify owning a sentient being. But be honest, you know that owner is a correct word. We chain them up, fence them in, spay and neuter them, are held accountable for their actions. If they were merely guest and companions than we would not be held responsible if they bit some kid days after they freely left your home.

    So i pose the question, which trait present in animals, which if present in humans, would justify owning a human as a pet? Meaning, fencing in a human so they can't escape your backyard.

  66. Is it ethical to have pets that are herbivorous and are lower order animals like insects? I own a leaf insect a millipede

  67. Pets belong to nature,that's where they were designed to live and for many millions of years…We should stop contaminating their dna and habits…Animals are designed to be part of the Ecosystem's Food Chain and Nature is NOT CRUEL,but infinitely intelligent and seeks for balance…It's human manipulation(yes,included sheltering and feeding cats and dogs) that causes suffering in this world…Being vegan doesn't mean to pet animals,but TO RESPECT ANIMALS!!! big difference here…

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