Is it illegal to have a dog loose while driving Why you should secure you dog while driving and how

in this video we will show you why you should ensure your dog or pet is safely
secured while traveling in your car, as well as detailing the best pet guards
and in-car pet safety harnesses for your dog. Did you know that as a driver you
could face a fine or even a driving ban for having an unrestrained pet. We are a
nation of dog lovers big and small and we consider them all as part of the
family but you could face a fine of up to two thousand five hundred pounds and
penalty points for traveling with an unrestrained dog. Rule 57 of the Highway
Code states when in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably
restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you or
themselves if you have to stop quickly. While not conforming to the highway code
does not mean you are breaking the law you could be charged with driving
without due care and attention which carries a maximum fine of two thousand
five hundred pounds and nine penalty points. Let’s be honest most drivers have
never even heard of rule 57 of the Highway Code but some insurance
companies are now warning customers that their car insurance could be invalid if
they are involved in an accident with an unrestrained pet in their vehicle.
You wouldn’t think twice about traveling with a child or other passenger without
ensuring they are safely secured so why do we not restrain our pets. By taking
unrestrained pets in a car drivers are putting themselves at risk of
potentially deadly distractions if you are involved in an incident and have an
unrestrained pet in the back seats this can potentially be serious for your pet
you and any passengers. A recent study found that one in ten drivers has had an
accident while traveling in the car with a pet and by letting pets ride shotgun
or hang their heads out of the window millions of drivers are unwittingly
breaking the law and leaving themselves open to a fine points and invalidated
insurance. so to avoid these consequences and to keep your pet safe here are the
best ways to secure your dog while driving. One keep them secured in the
boot with a pet guard or in transport crates this is safer for your dogs and
your passengers for many dogs traveling in a crate in the rear of the car
actually makes them calmer and feel secure. two use a dog restraint that
attaches to the seat or seat belt in your dog these are better when used with
a dog harness rather than attached to a dog’s collar. 3 for smaller dogs you can
use a pet booster seat that also has a safety leash these attach securely to
the front or rear seats. 4 keep smaller pets in small pet carriers attached to
the seat or seat belts. These simple methods will ensure that you and your
passengers and more importantly your dog is safe and secure while traveling in
your car. You can read our review of the best-selling pet car safety restraints
travel cages and universal dog guards using the links below. Thanks for
watching and please remember to subscribe and leave
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