Is it Bad if Rabbits Eat Cardboard?

Is it bad if rabbits eat cardboard? Rodents like rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils
have teeth that grow over their lives. They like to chew on things to keep the teeth sharp
or simply from getting too long. They seem to be eating it like food. Shredding the cellulose in the cardboard adds
to their padding. However, they should have other padding and chewables. Cardboard is readily available. Hay is not expensive. Adding grass they can
eat and twigs they can chew on should be as simple as picking it up from around the yard. Can rabbits actually eat paper, as opposed
to chewing on it and spitting it out like used gum? If they ingest a little, it won’t hurt. A
lot can irritate their stomachs, block the digestive tract and fill them up so they don’t
eat nutritious food. What else can I give the rabbit? He likes
to tear stuff up and the chewable things at the store are expensive. So put a pine cone in there. Just don’t use
one sprayed with artificial evergreen coloring and scents. Or do that to recycle the painted and glittered
ones from Christmas. I know that would be tempting as a way to
get rid of it, but don’t. I thought cardboard and paper were safe for
rabbits. Bleached paper like what you use for printing
paper is bad, as is cardboard that has inks and colors on it. Is the cardboard from a box OK? Much of that has too much ink or chemical
treatments on it. The untreated cardboard like what is inside the paper towel roll and
toilet paper roll is OK. Now my kids have a reason to change out the
rolls. Assuming they don’t leave a pile of paper
towels in the trash to give the rabbits the roll. It cannot be worse than the rabbits getting
the cardboard toy boxes to chew up because the kids think it looks funny.

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