Is Fish Oil Deadly for my Dog?

[Music]>>Meg: In the Cone of Shame episode on top
people foods that poison dogs,>>Meg: fish oils were listed as a food to
watch out for. What’s up with that? Ok. I’m not knocking fish oils. Fish oils
may be great for pets. They’re full of Omega-3 fatty acids, which
have anti-inflammatory properties, or can help with itching, or better hair coats,
or less shedding. There’s good stuff there. However, some fish
oils are sugar-free. There’s a chance that the sweetener used is
Xylitol. Xylitol is very very very bad for pets, and
if you want to know more about why, and how it’s bad, check out this link right
here to a previous episode of Cone of Shame. The big things for you to know is this: I’m talking about sugar-free fish oil. Flip
over the bottle, look at the ingredients, and make sure that Xylitol is not included.
If it is, that’s not the fish oil for your pets. Ok?
What else you got?>>Meg: What emotions do you feel when you
listen to Lionel Ritchie’s timeless ballad, “Hello”? All of them. [Music]

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