Is Bang Energy Drink Keto Friendly? Plus Keto Bang Energy Drink product review

Hey everybody, Caffeine Man here and
today we’re gonna be discussing, Is Bang Energy Drink keto friendly? A lot of
people have been doing well with the keto diet and this new diet has really been
gaining popularity. What else has been gaining in popularity? Bang energy drink.
So we’re gonna go over if Bang energy drink is keto friendly and we’re also
going to do a product review on three keto specific Bang energy drinks. All
coming right up. INTRO: C *THUD* M *THUD *LIGHTNING STRIKE* Hello again everyone! Thanks for joining me.
In today’s video we’re gonna be going over Is bang energy drink keto friendly? I’ll
briefly go over what the Keo diet is, then I’ll go over the basic ingredients
in Bang energy drink to see if they’re keto friendly, then after an overall
review, to see if Bang is keto friendly, I’m gonna do a taste test and product
review of three specific keto Bang energy drinks. Bang came out with three
keto specific coffee drinks and the flavors are Heavenly Hazelnut, Cookies
and Cream Craze and Mocha Madness. I’ll let you know how those taste compared to
the other Bang energy drinks. And if you’re actually curious what the other
Bang energy drinks tastes like, I also did two other product reviews covering
almost all the Bang energy drinks, so feel free to check them out in a card
above or just at the end of this video. The ketogenic diet, or keto for short, is
a low-carb, high fat diet that’s known to have many health benefits. In addition to
losing weight, currently it’s most common use, there have also been several studies that
have suggested that keto diets may have benefits against diabetes, cancer,
epilepsy and alzheimer’s disease. This very low carb, high fat diet shares many
similarities to the Atkins diet and other low carb diets and they actually
have several different kinds of keto diets. The most common one is the
standard keto diet which consists of 75% fat, 20% protein and only 5% carbs. The
keto diet involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it
with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called
ketosis. When this happens, your body becomes incredibly efficient at burning
fat for energy. So when it comes to Bang, Is bang energy drink keto friendly?
Let’s take a look at the ingredients. First, let’s start off with caffeine… because I’m
Caffeine Man! Bang energy drink has 300 milligrams of caffeine, so it’s going to
help you stay energized when working out and it’s also going to help boost your
metabolism. It also has creatine. Creatine can increase muscle mass, strength and exercise performance. This also has CoQ10 in it. CoQ10 helps the production of ATP, which is a chemical form of energy, and will help increase power during exercise and
reduce fatigue. This also has lots of B vitamins in it, Niacin, Vitamin C, magnesium, as well as a bunch of BCAAs. BCAAs are branched chain amino acids.
Branched chain amino acids, is difficult to say, and are good to increase muscle
growth, decrease muscle soreness and also reduce exercise fatigue. So these
drinks are excellent for gaining energy and improving workout performance.
Combine all of those things and then include that there’s no sugar, no carbs
and no calories, and you got yourself a keto friendly energy drink! There isn’t
anything that’s gonna take you out of ketosis and it also helps to improve
your metabolism and gives you energy. If you want to find out more in-depth
details about those specific ingredients in Bang energy drink, feel free to watch
my first video I did on Bang energy drink. It is titled “Is bang energy drink
good for you?” But for now those are just the basics as to why Bang energy drink
is keto friendly. But why is it just friendly? Why can’t it be more than just
friends? Why is it not ‘perfect’ for the keto diet? Well even though it doesn’t
have any sugar or any carbs or any calories, it also doesn’t have any
protein or any fat. So it’s friendly, just not perfect. But what’s this? Aahhhh…
can I swipe right on Bank keto energy drink? It’s a keto specific energy drink. Are you keto’s soulmate? Let’s take a look and find out. So how is Bang keto energy
drink different than the regular Bang energy drink? Let’s take a look at some
of the ingredients. It still has 300 milligrams of caffeine and it still has a bunch of BCAAs in it, but it also has 20 grams of protein in it, so that seems keto friendly to me. Let’s look at some of the other ingredients. Besides protein, fat matters, so let’s see how much fat is in. It this has 2 grams of fat, so not
very much fat, and if I recall correctly it’s supposed to be a high fat diet and
a low carb diet. So let’s move on to carbs and see how many carbs are in it. What? This has 11 grams of carbs in it. Granted it’s got 5 dietary fibers so if you’re looking at net carbs you’re looking at 6 net carbs, but that doesn’t
seem right. I’m going to the other two as well. All right, so the other two have 10 carbohydrates and 9 carbohydrates; dietary fiber 6, dietary fiber 5, so yeah these two end up having 4 net carbs in them, so I’m not sure what’s going on, but that doesn’t sound keto friendly to me.
When you look at the keto diet you’re looking at high fat, low carb. Protein is in
the middle there, but still, the two main things are high fat and low carb. In
these drinks you have more carbs than you do fat, so from a quick glance you
have just the opposite. You have high carbs, lower fat. That just doesn’t make sense. I
mean granted it does have all that protein in it but that makes it a
protein energy drink. It doesn’t make it a keto energy drink. Okay, so let’s not
beat around the bush here. I’m a big fan of Bang. I love almost all their flavors.
I love the amount of caffeine that it has in it. I love the health benefits of
it. I love that it doesn’t have any sugar, because I’m trying to cut down on my
sugar intake as well, and they got a lot of delicious flavors… and they’re still
coming out with more! So I’m a big fan of Bang. But when it comes to these keto
drinks, they’re not keto. They’re protein energy drinks. Looks like I’m swiping left on keto energy drinks. Now, there’s definitely
been a lot of controversy over this. Pretty much anybody who’s doing Keto diet, is
going to tell you that these drinks are not keto, and that’s just based on what I
told you. Keto is high fat, low carb and this drink
has more carbs than it does fat. Sure, it’s got the protein but that does not
make it keto. But there are still those people that argue that it’s still keto
friendly because it only has four net carbs, or six net carbs, so it’s not
extremely high on the carbs, so you can fit it into your keto diet;
Therefore it’s keto friendly. And it does have 20 grams of protein, so that adds to
it being keto friendly as well. And it has a little bit of fat in it, but it’s
really, really, really just a little, itty, bitty… so those people can argue that
they think it’s keto friendly but you’re not going convince anybody that’s
actually strict on the keto diet that it’s keto friendly. Let alone even keto! I
mean, if you’re going to have an energy drink and you’re on the keto diet, you’re gonna
go for a regular Bang energy drink, not a keto one, because the regular Bang energy
drinks are more friendly than the keto Bang energy drinks. Yeah, sure, the keto
has 20 grams of protein, but it also has carbs! The Bang energy drinks don’t
have ANY carbs and that’s the BIG thing about keto, is that it’s a LOW CARB diet.
Nobody on keto is going to waste 4 net carbs when they’re only allowed 20 for
the day! It’s just too big of a gamble, so your regular Bang energy drink is going to
be more keto friendly than the keto Bang energy and that seems pretty ridiculous.
They really need to take “keto” off of this and just focus on it being a coffee
energy drink. That’s right, all three of them are coffee flavored. So let’s take a
few minutes and put aside the fact that they say they’re ket, though, and let’s look
at it as an energy drink. Is it a good flavored coffee energy drink? Let’s go
ahead and find out. First, we’ll start off with the Cookies and Cream Craze. *small gulp* Yeah, that’s good. It tastes just like
cookies and cream and I’m very surprised that they’re not carbonated. It would be kind of
weird to have coffee that’s carbonated but you never know. So I’m happy that
it’s not carbonated. That’s a plus for me. It tastes just like coffee and it tastes
like cookies and cream, so if you forget the fact that is supposed to be keto, you actually got a good protein energy drink right here, as well as only
one gram of sugar. So if you’re not doing a keto diet, you’re just on a regular
diet, you could probably fit this in. Next, we’ll try the Mocha Madness. *gulp* Okay, it’s
got the mocha taste to it. It’s got the coffee flavor. The mocha is kind of subtle.
I’ve had different mochas from Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts and the mocha tends to be a bit stronger. This is sort of a light mocha and it’s got a slight…
one more… I hate to say it but, it’s kind of got a slight chalky taste to it. Overall I’m not a huge fan and I probably wouldn’t pick this one up. The
Cookies and Cream had a little bit of a better flavor to it. So I’m not too fond
of this one and I’m gonna move on to the next. And lastly, we have the Heavenly
Hazelnut. *gulp* Wow! That one’s really good! It’s got a strong hazelnut flavor
and the coffee flavor is really good. I’d actually heard that out of the three of them, this one was people’s favorites and I can see why. Out of the three of them,
this is the one I’d probably grab, even more so than the cookies and cream. But
this one is a good hazelnut. So if you like hazelnut coffee and want to
have yourself a hazelnut energy drink, go ahead and try the Bang Heavenly Hazelnut. So there you have it! Overall, Bang energy drinks, the regular ones, ARE keto friendly. Bang keto specific drinks are NOT very keto friendly. I mean they
really need to just change the name, They’ll need to re-label it as, like,
a protein drink or something like that. I mean, it does say ‘high protein coffee’ but
still it says ‘keto coffee’ on the top. I don’t see how we can stay on the market
as a keto drink. Actually, that would be kind of fun to keep track of.
Today is February 26, 2019. Let’s see how long it is before they take keto off the
can, if they take it off at all. But, if it does ever happen, leave me comments down below to let me know I’m a psychic! Alright, so if you want to stay informed
on all things caffeine related, feel free to hit the subscribe button. I post new
videos every Tuesday night and hope that you can join me. Until then have a great
day… …or night. I can predict the future! They’re going to take ‘keto’ off the can. It’s
February 26, 2019 and keto will be coming off the can…just when? *laugh* Imagine if that happened? I mean people would, like, leave comments like crazy. “Caffeine Man predicts the future!!!” What else can I predict? 1000 subscribers by
October 2019. The Patriots will win the Super Bowl. Which one? I don’t know, the next one. Bernie Sanders will be the next president after Donald Trump. *laugh* Caffeine Man will be so big, he will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Man, if any of that stuff
comes true, that’ll just be weird. I need to cut down
on my caffeine…

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