34 thoughts on “IRISH SETTER PUPPIES by Eduardo Durán Haedo

  1. мои любимые собаки ирландский сеттер обажаю их у самой 2 года уже красотка Джолли

  2. What is the name of the song that you used for your awesome video of non-showing and showing irish setters

  3. We had a nice setter , unfortunately he died at the age of 12 and a half. That is about ten years ago and I still miss him. A wonderfull breed, and our setter was admired in the neighboorhood, he had such a sweet character. Nice video! Brings back some memories.

  4. El perro que sale en el minuto 0:19 es mío!!!Se llama Pingo,ahora va a cumplir 5 años,pero esa foto es de cuando era cachorro. Son guapisimos!!!!jejejeje

  5. Beautiful Setters! I had once & had to give him away. He was born to run & I lived in small quarters. The fellow that took him had a large ranch so that Setter could run as much as he wanted!

  6. Whenever I see these pictures,I think I have to make much of my setter. In 9 years ,especially in sorrow days he helped us very much. In addition to the character of cheerfulness ,bright ,beautiful and sympathetic wonderful dog, I believe. Thank you for your uploading.

  7. i have an irish setter. and i LOVE her! her name is Farah.
    but irish setters are smart gentle,beautiful dogs.
    (even if mine dosen't listen
    when she's outside : P)

  8. These are my favorite dogs! im scared to raise another one, because when my dog Brandon died a few years ago i was brokenhearted, and still I am:((

  9. I have an Irish Setter, one of the best dogs I have ever owned, very intelligent dogs, even smarter than my labrador.She is gorgeous and is very gentle with other pets, treats them like her own, but my labrador tries to kill my cat.

  10. apparently well at least i heard anyway that theese dogs are good dog fighters as much as i hate dog fighting but just curious is this tru?? born and raised in ireland and irish myself so i see quiet alot of them and just curious is this true? i couldnt imagine them dog fighting.

  11. i'm hoping that 2 months has done something to dull the pain. We had our guy put to sleep 10 years ago — and i still occasionally tear — like when i read your message here. He was 12 and had cancer. You were lucky to have yours for that much longer. Ours was Brutus — the noblest puppy of them all. Remember there are still so many wonderful dogs out there who need ur luv. You'll know when the time is right. Take care.

  12. if ur gonna make a video about irish setters and their history surely u shud hav a red and white in there because the reds are as a result of selective breeding. I have both and their all gorgeous!

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