IPM Tips – Start a Successful Integrated Pest Management Program

Lance, if I were to have a grower, which I
do Come to me and ask me about how to start an
IPM program Tell them it’s a combination of a lot of things
sanitation, certainly scouting, you have to have an excellent scouting program and be
proactive and not reactive then you have to as you mentioned there are
chemicals that you have got to stop using There are certain chemicals that for whatever
length of time will kill them Some of them are three to four months
Three to four months After the last application
Absolutely and you can run into problems even with the
residue in the tank if you haven’t cleaned out your tanks well spray that another chemical
that safe you can still kill the predators just from the residue that is in the tank
So you have to start at ground zero you look at this nursery and you can almost
eat off the floor it’s clean okay so when I walk into
We knew you were coming Now I’ve been here before
But the bottom line is that it is a combination of things you have to be clean
I can look at this crop I don’t see any mites on it right now
That’s the time to start the program you don’t start when you’re already losing crop and
you’re panicked and that’s he biggest problem we have
we have growers come in says I can’t kill them with chemicals
I’m going to lose the crop can I use biocontrols
and it doesn’t work No it’s a lifestyle of growing is what it
is and when we tell these growers you know you
don’t try to do your whole crop you if anything you even start on just three or four plants
get a few predators and teach yourself how these things work okay learn about you if
I put them on today What’s going to happen tomorrow
How do I recognize what a predator looks like How do I recognize what a predator egg looks
like How do I know when a dead mite is there whether
a predator has eaten it or that sort of thing and start going to we have conferences all
the time all over the country on how to use biological controls
Start simple, go slow, teach yourself so you’re confident so you know what to expect
and you make sure that you have communication between the person that is scouting all the
way up to the top so everybody is on the same page and that’s how you start
and it takes a commitment and you have to be committed to it to make it work but to
make it work there are speed bumps in your way they are not mountains they can be done

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