iPhone 11 Unboxing!

(light music) – It’s time. (funky music) Today we are unboxing
the brand new iPhone 11. And not just one iPhone 11,
we have all three models here. We have the iPhone 11 in the purple and we have the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max
in the new midnight green. Let’s unbox. Let’s start with the iPhone 11 in purple. I keep calling it lavender, lilac, but the technical color right
here says iPhone 11 purple. (funky music) This purple is so awesome. Like, this reminds me of Easter candy. I also love the new mint color but seeing these in
person at the Apple event just all together it was like
a beautiful Easter basket. (tearing) The main difference, obviously,
between the 11 and the Pro is the cameras. So this only has two and also
the display is different. The iPhone 11 has the LCD whereas the iPhone Pro has the super retina pro, super retina, oh. It’s a better screen than the 11. Let’s see what else we have in the box. Obviously we’ve got our paper work. I was really hoping for
lavender Apple logos. It’s okay, I’m not upset, I’m not upset. But think about it for next time. So we have the smaller charging brick. That’s another difference
between the 11 and the Pro. The 11 comes with the
smaller charger whereas the Pro comes with the faster charger which is USB-C and a
USB-C to Lightning cable. We’ve got some Lightning ear buds and the Lightning connector. First iPhone down. (funky music) So this is the new midnight green color and seeing this at the Apple event, when you were watching on the screen it looked like a more muted
type, washed out color but this color looks different
in every single light that I’ve seen it in so far. And now, it is in my light, in my studio. So let’s open ’em up! (funky music) Wow, wow, wow, wow, okay. I’m trying really hard to not overreact because a lot of you guys in the comments you always think that I’m overreacting but I am genuinely extremely
excited about this. Especially because it is a new color because I didn’t think that
it was gonna be something that I’m into and now seeing it here, seeing it at the event,
it is a really cool color. It’s kind of green but it’s
also kind of like a teal. But then it’s also a little bluish. Like, I have no idea what color this is. The Pro’s now come in
four different colors. So you have your midnight green, you have the space gray,
the gold and the silver and I think that I’m gonna
be getting the silver because I ordered the white ceramic watch. One of the things that I
think is really awesome is this is all one piece of glass. This part is the frosted
and this little raised part, this isn’t separate and
it’s raised way less than it looked like in the rumors and all the leaked images that we saw. The introduction of these three cameras is pretty awesome and the camera is what makes these new phones so special. You have a telephoto, an ultra
wide, and a wide angle lens. And the front facing camera
also has some updates as well. You can now shoot in 4K, and not only 4K but you can also shoot in slow mo. I know that they coined
the new phrase, slofies. I’m not sure if I’m a
fan of the word slofies but you better believe
that I’m gonna hashtag it and take slofies all the time. So, I’m a part of the problem. This is our previous version. As you can see they also
moved the Apple logo down and this phone without a case
is so incredibly slippery and you can tell with this that because it has that matte
finish it’s less slippery. It’s also stronger glass. They never gave us anything specific as to like what that means
but the glass is stronger and if anyone is going to durability tests and not on purpose,
it’s always accidental. Another thing that is cool is the clear cases that they have. So you can actually see the colors. I’m usually not a fan of clear cases but if you really want to
see what the phones look like this is what you gotta do. This actually feels pretty substantial. Some of the clear cases that you’ll get on Amazon and stuff are
very thin and flimsy. This is pretty, it’s pretty nice. Let’s put you in before. That’s the wrong phone. This is for the iPhone 11. The one thing that I also was surprised by is the fact that they didn’t call this the iPhone 11 R. They dropped that. So now this is just the iPhone 11. You guys, it is iPhone season! Oh, if you guys haven’t
subscribed to my channel already please do so. Yes, I’m crazy. I am a little over the
top but this is something that I’m just so excited about and I know it’s crazy but
ever since I was little I’ve been such a huge fan of Apple. Especially if you’re new
here you might not know that. Be able to get these things here in hand and show them to you us just, ah. It is a dream come true. Let’s see what else is in the box. I mentioned this faster charger. So as you can see this is USB-C and they have the USB-C
to Lightning cable. So now that everything’s unboxed, let’s take this stuff outside. I will be doing way more in depth reviews and looks at these cameras and phones in the next week or so. Hit the bell to be alerted
when I post new videos, but now let’s take our
new little babies outside. They look good, even the purple and green look good together, ah. Let’s go! We are down in my usual
spot in Santa Monica about to get some sunset
shots here on the new iPhones. And now we’re gonna do some video and a little photo test for you guys. Just to kind of get a first little look because this is the first
time that I’m actually getting to spend some time with it. (funky music) One of the new camera
features that I really love is when you click right here,
this little arrow button. That’ll give you a wider angle view. So you can click that to go back and it’ll automatically give you that view when you rotate the phone now. Hey guys it’s Tyler. Oh, I can get him in the shot. Slow mo selfies are also
a thing on the iPhone 11. Not just the Max. So let’s get a slofie. I can’t, I can’t even say it. (funky music) I knew I washed my hair
for a reason today. I was gonna make a Pantene joke but that’s what I use. This is a Pantene commercial. (funky music) All right, now let’s test this out on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Oh my goodness, there it is. Looks just about the
same as the iPhone 11. (funky music) Obviously one of the new highlights is the three cameras on the Pro version. So let’s test it out taking a nice landscape photo over here. Let’s start with the wide angle view. Zoom in to the 1X and now to the 2X. Oh the cool houses over there. I still love how cool this is because when you’re in
this view you can see what the other lenses are seeing. (light music) Front facing 4K video. This is gonna be a good
test because the lighting is a little bit harsh right here. So here we go, hitting record now. All right, it’s a little windy. We’re here in Santa Monica
getting a beautiful sunset. I’m wearing tie-dye. I think I have food on me. Oh, I probably do. Well. I don’t know, this is real life. ♪ Under a red sky with a mountain ♪ ♪ Someday we’ll be♪ Let’s do a portrait
selfie on the 11 as well. ♪ Somewhere we’ll do fine ♪ ♪ Across the final road I think♪ So I took a few photos with the iPhone 11 and honestly when you guys are deciding which phone to get this
phone is really great. So don’t think just
because this isn’t a Pro that it’s not an awesome phone. What’s great about this is you will get the ultra wide angle
but you will also have the one 1X regular zoom. You won’t have the telephoto on this one but you do have some digital
zoom so if you do need to zoom in, you can. But for the most part I think the addition of this
wide angle is so awesome. Another highlight of all
of the iPhone 11 models is the portrait mode. So before it would really
only work on people but now because these
cameras are more stereoscopic this allows the cameras and the iPhone to get a better sense of depth. So it’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what should be in focus and what should not. Up close and personal to this sign and to Tyler and it’s
doing a really great job. (light music) So portrait mode before used
to only work with people but now you can use it on objects and even pets. So my friend Ed has two super
cute cats, Link and Gus. So I’m basically bombarding him right now. (light music) So this is what portrait
mode looks like off, and on. Wow. – [Ed] Can you still change
the IPSOB with portrait mode? – [Justine] Yeah. (light music) Yeah, look at that. Look at that cat.
– [Friend] Look at those feet. – [Justine] Oh wow,
look at this wide angle. Zoom. Link and Gus, and Link
and Gus, and Link and Gus. Wow this looks great. Oh, look at that. (light music) The iPhone image stabilization
was already pretty steady so I wanted to try it out though to add a little bit
extra stabilization using the Osmo Mobile 3. So let’s do a little walk here. (light music) How’s it look? – [Tyler] It looks great. (light music) – Look what a great
job this does adjusting the contrasts and highlights to make everything look perfect. How cool. I love it, whoa that’s me. (upbeat music) Sunset, sunset! We gotta get this. I gotta get this shot. So what if I use the other phone to prop up this phone? This is a really bad idea. Why didn’t I bring a tripod? Silly. – [Tyler] I’m terrified
but live your life. (laughing) – So I spent too much time trying to get the time lapse
and now the sun is gone. But this is really good because now we can test out night mode. Let’s go to the Apple store first because I need to buy a tripod and then we’ll test it out. You can also do it handheld but the iPhone can sense when it’s on a tripod so that will allow you to
get a longer exposure shot. So we’ll do some hand held, buy a tripod, and we’ll be set. Shopping, 3% cash back, Apple card! Let’s unbox this real quick. (funky music) (gasping) This is, I think, one of the
first really good examples that we have. Look at the detail that this
all pulled out in the coloring. This looks awesome. Night mode is gonna be so fun. (funky music) We are basically back where
we just started for sunset and now that it’s super dark
I thought it’d be so cool to try to use the tripod mode. And in tripod mode it
automatically can detect that the phone isn’t moving. Six seconds. So it’s cool because it
has the little count down right here so you can see
how long until it’s done. Whoa, that’s really crazy. I’m pretty impressed. I wanted to try some light painting. So basically that’s where
you paint with light and because the exposure is open you’ll be able to see the light traveling. So let’s see what this looks like. – [Tyler] Whoa. – Oh my goodness, it’s so cool. (light music) So these turned out really cool. I would love to try this out
in a much darker situation because there definitely still is a lot of light pollution out here. But this was so much fun. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed
this first look, unboxing, and a camera test of the new iPhones. There will be many more
iPhone videos to come so stay tuned, make sure
you subscribe, hit the bell, and all of the things
that we tell you to do. Comment, like, whatever. If you don’t do it, it’s okay. I’ll just be sad. All right little phone, let’s go home. (light music)

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