Introducing the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT, Electronic Pest Control Repeller

Do you have a pest problem in your home or office, and don’t want to toxic chemicals, poisons or traps which can be dangerous to your family, friends, or pets? The Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT, our newest and strongest pest repeller yet, combines three safe electronic pest control technologies. Our high-pressure ultrasonic transducer emits bursts of sound which repel pests but are inaudible to both you and your family. Meanwhile, the Ultra-Ionic feature creates negative ions that clean the air and drive pests out. Our Electro-Vibrawave® technology is designed to safely vibrate your home’s existing wiring to repel pests living within your walls. Transform your home or office into a fortress against pests with the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT – backed by our ironclad 45 Day Money Back Guarantee. Hurry to make sure you take advantage of this special limited time discount on this page and we’ll talk to you soon

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