Introducing the Guardian – The First Indoor/Outdoor Pest Repeller

Are squirrels, bats, and other pests destroying your house and property? Introducing The Guardian™. The worlds first indoor and outdoor pest repeller. It works by using high-pitched ultrasonic sound, a powerful alarm, and an infrared thermal motion sensor to target and drive pests out and keep them away for good. All without the use of toxic poisons, chemicals, or messy traps. Out exclusive Select-a-Pest™ technology lets you pinpoint the exact pest you want to get rid of including rodents, raccoons, deer, and many more. The Guardian™ creates a shield of protection anywhere you need it whether its in your back yard to protect your garden, or even inside your house to alert you of a potential intruder. Not to mention, you can super charge your Guardian™ with optional add-ons such as a high-powered strobe light or a convenient remote control. We’re so confident you’ll love your new Guardian™ that we back it with our iron-clad 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Reclaim control of your yard and property today with the Guardian™.

One thought on “Introducing the Guardian – The First Indoor/Outdoor Pest Repeller

  1. I've seen many examples of this type of product. Until there's an actual video of this unit in action it's very hard to buy into this technology. SHOW IT CHASING A PEST. (and tell the on camera person to stop holding hands with herself. Professionalism suffers when the talent is so noticeably inexperienced.

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