Introducing Hormel™ Natural Choice™ snacks

Today we’re talking about a new Natural
Choice snack item. We’re really excited about these items. It consists of a meat, a
cheese and a chocolate covered treat. Great things about Natural Choice snacks
are made with 100% natural meat and cheese and include a dark chocolate covered treat as well. It”s a great item for people who are looking for portion control, yet
looking for something that not only meets their protein needs or maybe
dietary needs but also has again that indulgent treat. It’s a nice little snack to
get you through your afternoon. So four great varieties that we’re really excited
about: the oven-roasted turkey, mild white cheddar and a dark chocolate covered
pretzel. We have honey ham with mild white cheddar cheese and a dark
chocolate covered pretzel. Oven-roasted chicken with mild white cheddar cheese
and a dark chocolate covered almond, and then oven-roasted turkey with
pepper jack cheese with dark chocolate covered blueberries. People are looking
for food that works for their lifestyles. I think this does a great job of kind of
catering the people who are on the go and don’t have a lot of time but yet
want something that instead meets their needs from a food standpoint. The Natural Choice
brand really stands for 100% percent natural for all. You’re not paying
necessarily a premium for it. Why can’t we all eat 100 percent natural? I mean, that’s the question we keep thinking about as a part of the Natural Choice brand.

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