Integrated Pest Management in Rwanda – Interview with Bernadeta Uzamukunda

Improved farming techniques in Rwanda Before the project, we went through hard times. We sowed many seeds in the traditional, yet unordered way. Through our involvement in the project we definitely improved our lives. We used to do so much work, yet yields were poor. We used a lot of pesticides, but with no success. With the support of the project,
things have improved and life is easier now. I am a widow and have seven children. I succeeded in building myself a solid house. I have bought a field for 300,000 Rwandan francs (340 euros). I encourage all Rwandan farmers to adopt these new growing techniques. Together, we can all make fast and sustainable progress. I cannot keep these insights for myself.
I keep on sharing these with my neighbours. My neighbours understand the usefulness of the training better and better.
All of us have made progress.

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