Integrated Pest Management Course for Corn and Soybeans online demo

Welcome to the online Integrated Pest
Management Course for Corn and Soybeans. This video will orient you to some of
the tasks you will need to do to complete the course. Here we are at the
Course Home where you will find some information to Welcome you to the course
as well as some Announcements from the instructor. You can email the instructor
over here. Across the top you can link to the course Content, your Grades,
Discussions with other people in the class, the course Dropbox where you will
hand in assignments, as well as Quizzes to complete. So let’s start with the
course Content. At the top you will find the Course Outline, with all of the
topics listed, as well as the activities you will do and the marks you will get
for each activity. Let’s look at the Table of Contents and Start Here. When
you start the course you will need to fill out the course Registration Form.
Instructions to fill out the registration form are here but I’ll
demonstrate those for you now. To open the registration form you can view it
and then Download it so that you can fill it out electronically. Download it
to your computer and then open it from your computer. Once you’ve opened it from your computer, then you can fill it out electronically. Once it’s filled out, then
you can save that file back to your computer. Give it a name that will make
sense both to you and your instructor and Save it to your computer. Then close
that file. Once you’ve closed the file, then you can go and Submit it to the
Dropbox, either through the Registration Form folder link here or at the Dropbox
at the top. You can find the Registration Form folder here. To add that file, click
Add a File and then find that file from your computer. Upload it from there, there
it is and Add it to the Dropbox. If you like,
you can add comments for your instructor and then Submit your file to the Dropbox
and click Done. Now if you look at the Dropbox folder under the Registration
Form category, there’s a new Submission. So that’s done. Now let’s go back to
the course Content. Other things you will do in the course is participate in
Discussions with your other people in the class. So let’s start with an
Introduction Discussion. Here’s the instructions for your introduction
discussion. To get started, click the instructions in (sorry), introductions link
and then click Start a New Thread. You can add the subject at the top and then
add the body of your discussion here. When you’re done, you can add things like
pictures, or audio or video if you like. When you’re complete, hit Post. Now
everyone in the class can read your discussion right there. To read other
people’s discussion, click on their link and then you can read what they have
said. If you’d like to reply to that discussion, hit Reply and there you can
add in what you would like to say back to your classmate. Then at the bottom,
scroll down to find Post and now you’ve posted your reply in this discussion. There’s how you do discussions. In other course Content, you can click on the
different topics and in each topic there are things for you to read, there are
videos for you to watch and there are also Quizzes for you to do. You can link
to all the Quizzes at the top, or again through the quiz link within each topic.
So let’s start with a Regulations Quiz. To start the quiz click Start Quiz. When
you’re ready, hit OK and then the quiz will come up in a minute and we should
be able to see our first question. Here’s our first question.
When you’re ready, go ahead and answer the question to the best of your ability
and hit Save. Then you can scroll to the Next Page for the next question. You can
also scroll to the next page here on the left. So let’s scroll down to the end of
the quiz and in this question you are asked to fill out a form, this time from
the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. To open this form, you first
need to save it to your computer as we did before. Save the form first to
your computer. Once it’s saved there, open it from your computer. There’s that form
and once it opens then you can start filling it out electronically. Again save
that file back to your computer, give it a name that you and the instructor will
recognize and once it’s saved then you can submit that file back to the Dropbox
as we did before. So let’s go find the Dropbox.
There’s a Dropbox link and this time we’re going to submit it to the field
and (sorry), the Soil Inspection Report folder. We again can add that file from
our computer. Upload it from there, there it is,
Add it. You can give a comment to your instructor and then Submit the file and
then hit Done. Now we see under the Soil Inspection Report, another
Submission has been made. Don’t forget to complete your quiz by going back to
the Quiz and if you haven’t finished it yet, you can Continue the Quiz. There you
should find all of your other questions for you to complete. When it opens,
there’s all the questions. Once you’ve got to the end and completed all of the
questions in the course, or (sorry), all of the questions in the quiz, make sure you
Save All of the Responses and then go to Submit the Quiz. It’ll ask you: are
you sure you want to submit? Say Yes, Submit the Quiz and now you are done.
Now you have learned how to do Discussions how to complete Quizzes and how to submit items to the Dropbox. We hope you enjoy learning in the online
Integrated Pest Management Course for Corn and Soybeans.

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