Inspirational Fish Tank Set Ups Episode 2

welcome back y’all it is Tuesday which
means it is time for tank reviews now in the next few weeks I will finally be
setting up this 3.5 gallon bow front that I have been meaning to get to for a
while now so today I figured we could check out some bow front tanks online
and see if we can get some inspiration and great ideas for maybe how to scape
this tank out also real quick next week I am planning to do another subscriber
edition so if you haven’t already sent in your photos or short video clips of
your fish tanks then I will have all that information of how to submit that
in the description box below so without further ado let’s go ahead and check out
some bow front aquariums okay so this first one is absolutely gorgeous like I
just absolutely love this I love this tank it’s just so heavily planted
I love the driftwood it’s a gorgeous absolute gorgeous setup I really really
like this one I’m giving this one hands-down a 5 out of 5 this next one
looks like maybe it was freshly planted because it looks like the plants really
haven’t filled in very much yet but overall it’s a pretty nicely done tank
I do wish that the plants were a little bit more grown out a little bit larger
but it’s really well put together I would give this one a 4 out of 5 I
really like this set up and I can see once the plants start really growing and
filling in how awesome this tank is gonna look in the future next up we have
another tank that looks like it’s really well put together
I don’t know how large this tank is to have goldfish but it does look like it’s
a pretty good sized tank so I would assume that they know what they’re doing
especially with how well this is this escaped out love the driftwood love the
river rocks love the whole setup this one definitely 5 out of 5 here this one
I don’t I just don’t know how I feel about this one I feel like they need
some more in the back of the tank that it just
looks too almost too uniformed with all the
different plants in here to where nothing really stands out nothing really
pops you do like the driftwood and I love that it’s a plant attain but it
just really feels like it’s lacking something all the plants are all the
exact same color and I don’t know it just doesn’t really it doesn’t really
pop so I’m gonna give this one a three out of five
here we have a little betta tank I like the de corps they only really have a
moss vault looks like it looks like the rest are fake plants in the background I
feel like it’s too cluttered in there like they’ve just taken up all the space
in the tank now I like a lot of a lot of things to look at in a tank but for such
a small space this is a little bit too much
I like the de corps that they have in there I just feel like maybe they need a
larger tank if they’re gonna put this much stuff in there I just think that it
needs a little bit bigger of a tank if you’re gonna put that much in there and
a few more live plants would be nice too so this one I’m gonna have to go with a
2 out of 5 because I feel like they’re just filling up so much space that it
kind of defeats the purpose of trying to have a large enough tank for the butta
to have room to swim around in this tank I absolutely think is really stunning
even though it’s really simplistic in its design and it doesn’t really have a
whole lot to it I really really just love the way they did this and that that
huge piece of driftwood is just amazing if you can’t tell I really really like
driftwood and the more unique a piece of driftwood is the more amazing I think it
is I just I love the way that this is put together but I think this is a
really beautifully done tank so I would give it I would give it a 5 out of 5
I’ve got a say pretty much all the tanks that I found today were actually really
really good tanks they were decent tanks for once I didn’t run across any
like nightmarish tanks I think maybe because it is bow front there’s not a
lot of like I guess maybe there’s not a lot of really really small bow fronts
out there that are gonna be aquascape so I really really really enjoyed today and
not ending up coming across a million nightmarish tanks that was a nice treat
that was a really nice treat all these tanks were actually pretty decent
especially compared to some of these other are just absolutely nightmarish
tanks that I have come across in the past so anyway guys that’s all I really
have for y’all today as always thank you so much for watching I love you guys and
I will see you in my next video bye

6 thoughts on “Inspirational Fish Tank Set Ups Episode 2

  1. Just got that same tank for my daughter's betta. I have a small log two java ferns and an anubias all of which are fairly small atm. I really wanted to get some grass but this is my first tank and I'm not sure about straying Into rooted atm.

  2. Those 3.5s are wack on the lighting lol. One of mine is almost yellow/pinkish and another I have is blue. The difference is crazy

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