Inserting the FreeStyle Libre Sensor for the FIRST TIME!

hey everyone it's diabetic Danica welcome back to my channel I am here to put on a freestyle Libre system sensor for the very first time the freestyle Libre system was sent to me for free from Abbott and I'm going to be trying it out today so here's what the device actually looks like and here is sensor supplies let's get started I'm kind of nervous so I'm gonna look up on my phone the video showing how to do this because like I said I've literally never done it before even though I put a diabetic for like 14 years it still makes me nervous to try out new things like when I first tried putting on a Dexcom I first tried an insulin pump set that kind of thing just because it's new and I don't know how it's gonna feel like pain wise um so yeah we'll see I'm sure it'll be fine so okay one step at a time so the first thing it says is to peel off the back of this sensor pack so I'm going to do that whoa it looks like that inside and then it said to screw off the top of this guy while my hands are all lotion eat I broke the seal okay there we go okay there's the adhesive it looks like that inside I'm so nervous and this is just like a cap I need to chill I'm like nervous okay so now is has to put these two pieces together and line up the lines on them so as you can see on the top right here there is a line and you want to line up that line with the line on this guy you see that right there so I'm gonna line these up and it says push them for me to gather oh you did not see that at all that wasn't on camera this is my first time I'm sorry yeah I lent the lines and I literally just pushed them together but you just missed that part so and then after that it says you just pull it out oh gosh I just saw the needle so nervous so now this is what this side looks like there's nothing in there anymore we pulled out the needle and everything and then this side has the needle in it you see that if you guys have been watching my videos for a while you know that I had needle phobia when I was first diagnosed and it still kind of like creeps up again when I try new things so I'm a little nervous it's not because I think it's gonna hurt like crazy it just makes me nervous okay okay now it says you literally just push it onto your arm so I'm gonna clean the site first and this has to be on for 10 days what doesn't have to be but it should be so I want to pick a good spot let's make sure you can see what I'm doing because I'm not doing this twice there you go okay so obviously the first thing is to clean so I'm just gonna clean clean clean clean clean and then let it dry and then this is what the inserter looks like you can see the needle in there that's a big needle okay it's kind of a big needle so I'm kind of freaking out but it's gonna be fine okay let's do this so it says you literally just push it down and take it back out I'm so nervous okay one two three well okay that wasn't that bad okay it's in yay Oh why was I so nervous okay and then it just says make sure that it's down the stickiness and then afterwards it looks like this you can see it actually has a spring-loaded device in there which I did not realize it's actually a huge sprig in there I can see it so the needle is back up in here now I wish I had known that that makes me feel better and here's what it looks like the cuff in it is okay okay that was not as bad as I expected I really really wish that someone would have told me or I would have realized this is a spring-loaded device because the action once you feel better because I thought I was literally I saw this huge needle and I was like I'm literally stabbing this needle straight into me and then pulling it right back out and I thought it was going to be mostly manual but really what you do is you push down and then the spring-loaded puts it in and takes it back out right away so I thought I was literally like pushing a needle into my skin pulling it out and leaving the sensor whereas really you're pushing down to release the spring-loaded that puts it in for you and takes it back out right away which makes me feel so much better I'm really into like automatic inserters personally so yeah just so you know it is spring-loaded okay it's better okay so the hardest part is done and you're probably wondering if it hurt um I was so distracted I'm not really sure I think I was really distracted by the fact that it was spring-loaded because that surprised me um but I definitely felt it like it feels different though it feels a lot different than a pump insert like an insulin pump infusion set going in it feels a lot different and that feels a lot different than a deck scum I don't know it was kind of like a burning in a way but only for a short time I literally don't even feel anymore it was just like that initial like whoa but now it's good so we're gonna go back to the freestyle Libre device and it has this screen on it and I'm just gonna hit start new sensor it says scan the sensor to start it so oh it beep new sensor starting up sensor can be used in 12 hours so that's kind of a crazy thing about this guy so it takes 12 hours to boot up so I won't get any readings until 12 hours goes by which to me is a long time so literally what is it it's 3:00 p.m. so at 3:00 a.m. I can use this cool but the cool thing is after that you know it's no other finger sticks or blood sugar checks is just this so yeah I'm curious what else is in this screen there's a Settings button sounds you can change the volume if you want a notification tone or if you want on vibrate if you want a touch tone um obviously I haven't started using it yet but there is a way to look at your logbook your graphs your average glucose daily patterns your time and target your low glucose all that so once I've actually used it for a while and I have that data I'm obviously gonna make a video talking about that and what I think about it it's also a check glucose button which I assume you just press and then I want to know what I'll do and it's not ready yet it says it starting up still and it vibrated too so it also has a vibrate and audio I have both turned on right now just because I'm still getting used to it but I'm sure later I will probably just change it to just vibrate um you can also set reminders to check your blood glucose and what time and when and everything that's kind of cool hmm or just a general alarm or an alarm to take insulin cool so like I said I can't really fully use it right now because it's still booting up and I'll take twelve hours but I plan on using it and seeing I think about it I'm definitely gonna be comparing it to my XCOM CGM which is that could take you ask Lucas monitor that I currently use and I'm gonna wear both and see what I think so definitely stay tuned for those videos thank you so much for watching this video if you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel because I make new diabetes videos all the time and check out the free style tea break system if you are interested in seeing what it's about so thanks guys bye Oh beep

41 thoughts on “Inserting the FreeStyle Libre Sensor for the FIRST TIME!

  1. FREESTYLE 14 day LIBRA SYSTEM is easier and accurate.
    One hour startup
    then go go go for 14 days. 5 stars A +

  2. Thank You for the great video! I wanted to share something I learned today. I was prescribed the 14-day system. The pharmacy did not tell me there was supposed to be a meter also. I got home and followed the directions to place sensor. It did not tell me I needed a meter either so I watched your video. I was in a slight panic since the sensor cost me $120 and is good for 14-days. I called Abbot's customer service line asking for their advice since I did not have enough money to purchase the meter for $85. Turns out if you have an iPhone 7 or higher you can download the App and use your phone to activate and monitor your readings. I am so happy that I wanted to share this so maybe others will not purchase the meter unless they really want it. Tina

  3. I think they've changed since this video was made. I literally JUST inserted mine 5 minutes ago. I've been watching videos for the reviews. It said it would only take an hour to sync/start up. Fingers crossed for me!!

  4. Im not sure what she is talking about when the needle stays in the applicator. All I see when I look inside the applicator is flimsy "needle" that reminds me of a horse hair. That is is in your arm and come out when you replace the sensor.
    Im on my 4th month of using the Libreview and love it, no pain. I only hate when the sensor expires after 10 days and I have to use the lancet and test strip for 12 hrs until the new sensor is ready to use.
    Make sure when you get your meter to have the Dr. get you test strips to go with it. You might need to use a couple after 10 days until your new sensor is ready.

  5. Hola desde Argentina… Uso Free Style desde 1 año y medio. Te explico como prtegerlos con 3M Tegaderm Parche.. Suscribite a mi canal, Diabeticos Unidos. saludos

  6. How did you get this sensor? My mom doesn't have medicare so I don't know how she can get one. I don't want her to prick her fingers. Please let me know. THANK YOU!

  7. This thing freaking hurts!!!! I was in so much pain when this thing inserted. I really don't get how some people do not feel this. Kuddos to this video though because it gave me the courage to insert this myself.

  8. Hey
    DiabeticDanica i am looking at trying the Freestyle Libre Continuous Glucose Monitoring System and was checking around for some info on it. Found one of your vids and checked others you have about diabetes. Cool videos and you're really bonza at it. Will keep an eye on your site, like the the ten myths set.

  9. Thank you for this!! SO helpful. Knowing it was spring loaded was a huge relief. I had ZERO sensation of any needle or anything.
    Zero pain. you saved me a LOT of anxiety and i put mine on with your video right behind you. thanks again. .

  10. Would you like to know your readings without scanning the FSL all the time? Would you like to know high and low alerts whenever your Glucose levels goes up and down without scanner ? Here is the life changing device which changed my entire life. I am talking about NightRider BluCon which converts Libre sensor into a full CGM and you will be able to see glucose readings every 5 minutes on phone and watch without scanning the Libre sensor. Our parents and loved ones can follow our readings on their mobiles every five minutes.

  11. Boy oh boy u had me dying in laughter! I’ve been a diabetic for over 10 years myself and watching you and listening to you about your fears of needles is something I can definitely relate to. But watching the hesitation b4 you pushed the spring loaded gadget in your arm I almost peed on myself. You are naturally funny. I think I’ll just stick with checking my sugars the regular old fastioned way with the finger prick. I would assume after a while your arm would be sore. And then there’s the thought of removing it after 10 days. Naw I don’t think I can do it but very enlightening video indeed. Thx so much for being a natural comic. Loved your video and am subbing. Brave indeed!?????????????

  12. Just received the Freestyle Libre system, but they were out of the pod thingy, so I'm waiting and learning. How's the accuracy? Any negative findings?

  13. Because company will make more money. They will be selling more per year. Thats 48 days an extra 4 months supply plus a few days more $100 Per person per year adds up. I think my maths right but anyway hope you understand what I’m trying to get at. If the UK and Canada use it 2 weeks why can’t USA. I have the freestyle love it. Waiting for a pump. The only issue I have is there should be an alarm when a drop or rise happens to correct issues. I enjoy your video. Thank you.

  14. Not true you still have to still do a finger pricked just to make sure you have a accurate number so you still have to do your normal routine once in a while when you first start

  15. I just worry about how accurate it is ? I been diabetic type 1 for a year and I bee using a Medtronic g670 pump for a year almost with their guardian constant glucose sensor. And that sensor is way off, sometimes up to 60 and it keeps asking for calibration, specially when I’m asleep. So I have decided not to use it anymore after the second sensor. Done with it.

  16. I just start you freestyle libre my last for 14 day I just starting using in on Tuesday for the first time I didn’t any feel it going in in my arm upper arm I love ? this freestyle libre 14 day

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