Insect Pest Control : How to Rid Your Home of Spiders

Hello I’m Trevor, with Monster Pest Control,
located in American Fork, Utah. I’m talking about ridding your home of insects. And the
topic today is how to rid your home of spiders. A couple of methods that we use in the pest
control industry, we use our hand sprayer, hand pump. And we basically, we go around
the edges, spraying all of the edges around the home. Making sure you get it up in the
crevices where the spiders are. In areas like this with this wood pile, be very cautious
and careful around the wood if they are going to be using it for firewood. This particular
situation they are not going to be they are just, it’s just scrap that they haven’t moved
out and you spray down all the areas. Generally Monster Pest Control we use a sprayer but
to demonstrate to you I use my hand sprayer. Also to help alleviate the spiders, very important
is to knock down the webs. If you knock down the webs, they have to rebuild them and if
they have to keep rebuilding their webs they are going to take off and go somewhere else.
So you clean off the spider webs. Like so. Once you are done with that, you are good
to go. We are continuing inside the house to treat for spiders inside your home. We
already did the outside treatment, we came back inside with the same hand sprayer and
as you notice they are doing some renovating in the house here and we are basically you
go around all the baseboard areas and when they’ve renovated I go up the walls, and up
along the joist and just kind of get everything really well treated along these areas. Trying
to rid the spiders. Also I’ve got some aerosol spray that we can go up into areas that the
other may not necessarily get to. Always making sure that you get around your windows.

38 thoughts on “Insect Pest Control : How to Rid Your Home of Spiders

  1. it just got warm here ,and boom they're out again..i just took one out with my putter..bastards are gross!

  2. i have aracnifobia im sure i didnt spell that right but any they ONLY seem to appear of course in my bed room every now and then i find them in my hall way but my cats take care of them before they become a problame but my cats never seem to find the ones in my bed room the closest thing i had to a power sprayer was lysol wich is actually very efective the only problame is that it runs out o quick so im stuck with a fly swater and there infesting my room what do i do??!

  3. @TheMohguy i dont really have anynoticeable problame with any other type of bug insecte etc. just spiders
    every now and then i find ants but they seem to come and go very quickly unlike thoses spiders thoses guys overstay there welcome and at the entrance to my room there are some that have webs that come down right in front of my face if i try to get into my bed room im not kidding im dead serious it just happend to me again a few minutes ago!!!!

  4. @TheMohguy Theres this HUGE spider under my wood block and im so afraid of spiders I won't even go kill it. The problem is that that spider is a female pregnant. So i'm constantly screaming away from all those spiders. EEEWWWWWWWW

  5. i found 5 spiders on my baby car out side. and they had long legs and red on the back. can they kill you???????? black with red

  6. sorry to tell ya dude but that spray WILL NOT get rid of spiders bc there legs are so log they do not drag there bodies across the chemicals,,,truthfully wat they dont tell u is they are spraying for the insects that they eat,,bc once they have no food to eat they move on,,spiders are one of the hardest to kill

  7. Residual for spiders?? LOL Not going to work. Spiders walk right through residual liquids with out it getting on their body. Blast some Delta or Tempo dust in your webster and that will leave dust behind when you're knocking down webs. Dust the windows and doors. Cut away trees and bushes from house.

  8. I do pest control in the foothills of the Sierra's and the spiders are out of control here,…this time of year I usually get trouble calls for ants but its been fucking spiders for the last two years….those sons of bitches are making my job hell

  9. You should be wearing your personal protection items like your gloves and safety glasses. Not a good example to make a video and not be in compliance. Even if the label does not specify its common sense to protect yourself.

  10. nice to see someone actually trying to get rid of the spiders instead of making excuses about how spiders are helpful

  11. why the fuck you gotta show pictures of spiders ? we know what spiders r, fuckin creepin me out for no reason

  12. Also what are you spraying? You telling us to spray everywhere but didnt say what the hell ur spraying. trash ass video

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