Insect Pest Control : How to Reduce Dust Mites

Hi I’m Trevor with Monster Pest Control. We
are located in American Fork, Utah. We are talking about how to rid your home of insects.
The topic is how to reduce dust mites. Dust mites generally will come into the house,
be in a bedroom, on the bed, and they are coming after like your skin, dead skin that’s
fallen off, hairs things like that. And you’ll find them underneath your bed. Most important
with dust mites is to always vacuum. Vacuum everything. Also with my hand sprayer, you
go in and you start treating along all of the carpeted areas, cracks and crevices around
the corners and edges of any of the carpeted areas. And the other all, all areas. Also
taking into account that you need to vacuum really well, not just with the edging and
vacuuming but also deep vacuuming. You need to vacuum at least once a day or sometimes
more, depending on how bad the infestation is.

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