Insect Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home Naturally

Hi, I’m Trevor with Monster Pest Control,
located in American Fork, Utah. We’re talking today about ridding your house of insects.
The topic is how to rid your house of fleas naturally. A couple of things when you’re
doing with the naturally you can use diatomaceous earth, and with the diatomaceous earth you
go around window seals, you treat around all the window seals, doorways, as well as baseboard
areas; treating all of those areas, and also treating your pets, animals, cats. All of
this, making sure that you’re always mindful, especially being inside, of any aquatic animals,
fish or birds. Cover them and or shut off their motors. Also, with fleas you need to
make sure you vacuum very thoroughly around all the crevices in your carpeted areas. You
can rub the diatomaceous earth into the carpet as well, but making sure you vacuum it. Generally,
you want to leave the house for a few hours after you’ve done any of this treatment; try
to minimize your steps walking on the carpets.

20 thoughts on “Insect Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home Naturally

  1. sucks man i felt an tinkling on my stomach, i look and see a flea then jumps on ground

    i smacked it on the carpet but it jumped away :((

  2. Question: Where to get DE? Does it come in powdered form? How do you spread it on carpet as I've heard you can also do? What is that gizmo you're using, is that a container where you place the DE in? Thank you.

  3. if you have pets use the advantage on them. It works amazing. I used advantage on mine and the flees died from vacumming and flea powder. They have no where to live really after that is done. Advantage is amazing. Works instantly. My dog was infested if you looked at her belly you could see 50 crawling around. I used advantage and they were all dead when i woke up. She got the flees because she's half ninja and gets out a lot.

  4. We rented out out cottage to some people and when they left they left all the garbage and the house was infested with fleas. My brother and i went around the house to see all the damage the people caused not knowing fleas were attaching to us. When i was trying to look around the garage i started getting itching feelings around my stomach area not bothering to check i just scratched at it for awhile. Then about half an hour later i pick up my shirt and there was like 20 fleas biting at me.

  5. I've got fleas in my apt. Only problem is they are the freakin' MICROSCOPIC ones that can't be seen. I HATE IT!! At times, I can "feel" them on me and it freaks me out.

  6. @tormcp The name sounds familiar, but I can't place it. Isn't it a all-purpose spray cleaner? Will it actually KILL the fleas?

  7. I use DE and it works great!.. put a sprinkle in the dogs food to build up in immune system.. not all the time though.. and put it on him as well.. works great! Saw a demonstration of DE where the guy dipped is finger in it and ate it.. says it helped aches.. food grade of course.

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