Insect Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Hello my name is Trevor, I work with Monster
Pest Control. We are located in American Fork, Utah. Today we are talking about how to rid
your home of insects. This topic is talking about how to rid your house naturally from
ants. I’m going to try, do a mixture of vinegar and water. Vinegar, half vinegar, half water.
And what you do is after you’ve mixed your vinegar and water together, you get a fine
mist of your spray and you go around all your doorways and windows. And you spray up and
down all around where they are trailing around all of the areas. Do this around all your
doors and windows around your house including inside, if you need to do it inside the house
where ever it might be. If you find the actual sight of the ants and their nest, you can
take some boiling water and pour it directly into the nest. That will eliminate the colony.
Another way of getting rid of ants naturally on the outside of your home or inside is by
using chili powder. With the chili powder you put it where you find the ants. If you
find a trail of ants that are coming into your house or by a window seal just pour a
little bit of chili powder along the area that you find and they will basically they’ll
come to it, take it back to the nest and they’ll die off.

70 thoughts on “Insect Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

  1. But wouldn't you want to start this on the inside and work your way out?
    What do you do if they are in your home already, but they're scattered all around?
    I've used baking soda and commet brand cleanser to corner them and hopefully kill them off. Is there anykind of bait for carpenter ants? Do you have charts of the different kinds of ants and the best way to get rid of them?? I heard they hate cinnamon also. I need help.
    Oh, and thankyou for the tip on the moisture. Why do ants want that?

  2. Ok. We can invite all of our ants over for Chili with beans and have them clean all our windows with vinegar and water. We have intelligent ants here. They will bring beano for dinner. Lol!

  3. Trevor, thanks and very informative, but rehearsing a couple times off-camera works wonders! I was distracted by the nervousness. If you tell me to drop dead, I get it…it's just my own experience in front of the camera. Slow down your speech until you are comfortable in front of the camera. Otherwise, you are very charismatic, very friendly, and very informative to the camera and audience. Keep up the good work!

  4. hi, great vid. don't pay any attention to the idiots who make rude remarks. i guess they have nothing better to do but find faults with the people who try to do good. well presented & very informative. keep up the good work. thanks.

  5. Well this is considered a "good will" advice. So that later on if your house is so infested with insect pest that a few sprays/shakes of vinegar/chilli won't help and you need a professional, you'll remember Monster Pest Control.

  6. I've been using lemon pledge lol they got in my room some how but all I have is a window and I never had this problem before

  7. Burn frankincense resin they hate it and its good for us rather then some things that are bad for both of us and the ants. I tried lots of things and this works pretty good, they communicate through smell so it makes sense. 

  8. The problem with my ants is that they're coming through the power outlet and I'm scared that if I put some in there…. You know what I mean 🙁

  9. I have ants real bad cant tell where they are coming from but I've tried pure vinegar and as soon as it dries ants are trailing all over the areas again…..but I'll try water mixed in

  10. Good demonstration of how to use vinegar to prevent ants from entering the home as well as other natural ant repellents like chili powder. Cinnamon powder seems to work well too.

  11. I used hot water and vinegar to start. little bastards died on the spot. this was just the remedy I was looking for this late at night

  12. Interesting DIY tips to get rid of ants but i don't tried yet. Hope, will try soon and let you know about results sure.

  13. baking soda around the baseboards and around the window seal and anywhere you see ants baking soda is a drying agent ants and spiders and roaches hate it. it works for 1 year then vaccum and start again.

  14. It’s not this simple. Yes, it will temporarily destroy ones coming in, but ultimately you have to do it many, many times during the day; everyday. Find where they’re coming in from outside, then try Borax, sugar and water solution in that location inside and out (you can watch other videos). Hopefully, the queen can be killed…not always!

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