Insect Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Ants in Your House

I’m Trevor with Monster Pest Control located
in American Fork, Utah. We’re talking about how to rid your home of insects. This topic
is how to rid your house of ants. How to get rid of the ants in your home. A couple of
things, quite often when you start seeing ants in the kitchen area, they’ll be coming
up through corners or edges, through the windows, places like that. So what I like to do is
I always like to make sure that there’s no food out, everything is covered. But with
the food here, if they don’t have time to clean up, there’s other methods and other
ways of getting it. You can use a little bait trap setting those in different areas such
as like that, that they’ll come in. There’s liquid bait, there’s like different gels that
we can go up around edges and corners. Another way too, is by getting all the baseboard areas
down low where you find the ants and spraying them in those areas. We could also get the
window seals also to get rid of them. But there’s so many varieties of areas. You don’t
want to seal up one area and block them in there. It takes some time to get rid of the
ants, so make sure that you clean off the dishes, make sure everything is kind of put
away, cleaned up so that the person can take some time. I like to use what we call an inside
outside method, and I use two different materials. One for the inside, one for the outside, and
it works within just a few days to get rid of the ants. There’s so many varieties of
ants out there that there’s many different methods that we just don’t have time to tell
you about the different ways of taking care of the ants in your home.

53 thoughts on “Insect Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Ants in Your House

  1. LOL, 'how the ants were smart enough'. Yeah, because smart is really a word that one can use to describe an ant's behavior.
    Ever seen a wasp trap? All they need to do to get out is fly down, but they don't because 'smart' and 'insect' just don't go together. Period.

  2. He does not say what he is using inside or outside either one. He also does not say anything about type of bait yet I see him using a MaxForce station. Here in the desert of California (im a Branch 2 field rep) we have a large variety of ants. This guy also put the station where it can be seen and picked up by small children…NOT GOOD. Termidor rocks

  3. To help stimulate the economy a little (one that Barack Obama isn't able to top), here's my two-cents: get a teaspoon of laundry detergent (Tide is good stuff) and slightly sprinkle it around the infestion—-that shit tears them up like partypoppers!!!…

  4. Before you start spraying, sir, you need to ask the customer(s) if they have any poor-health child or children; one wrong move and they (the customers) can come down on you like gangbusters like what happened to the ORKIN MAN!

  5. Not entirely necessary to apply a chemical spray. You need to be thorough with boric acid applications and apply Drax Ant Kil gels (both protein and carbs), as well as a few Maxforce Ant stations in inconspicuous areas. But of course, the first order of business is to identify the type of ant. Easiest ants to eliminate: carpenter ants and pavement ants. If it's the pharoah ant…best of luck!

  6. if anyone can help me read this below and please reply

    i have wooden flooring inside my kitchen and the are gaps between every wooden block and the ants have made like holes inside the gaps so they are coming from UNDER THE WOODEN FLOORING!! i don't know how to solve this problem but if anyone else does please reply back. also i had two ant hills in my backyard and i pour boiling hot water over it those two ant hills are gone is this why more ants are coming into my house?

  7. Help! Help me Rhonda! I bought a few of those liquid ant traps and the ants just laughed as they walked around it. I've used boric acid and chemicals galore, but none seems to do the trick. They march back and forth as I stand here about ready to out all of my hair. I live on a hill – an ant hill! Don't ever put your house on a hill.

  8. haha yea ECVARGAS i use windex works really good..but just for the visible ants…not the ones inside the walls and such..i just killed about 2 thousand ants' ATLEAST in my house this morning..just crazy..

  9. i have that stuff and it makes a mess everywhere, i've got a huge ant problem & my landlord doesnt want to do anything about it causing my reason to give my notice, so i bought the liquid, a spray and the dust, it still has'nt done much, i've added it to indoors and outdoor areas that are most problematic where they r are cracks along the baseboards and walls. All doors and cupboards were also treated. I still have ants!

  10. what happens if you only have ants in an area where there are no food or water sources? We have them coming into an upper room in our house.. tiny ants.. no food or water sources .. and have them no where else in the what? Baby powder around the baseboards? Black pepper?
    help? LOL

  11. You might say that, but in so doing you are implying that you are able to understand what an ant is thinking. Now depending on ones definition of smart it is possible to qualify ants as smart, however I would argue against any such definitions of smart. But i suppose that is because i am a purist, I do not even consider the average human smart so perhaps my definition is too exclusive.

  12. If he's a smart pest tech he's probably using Phantom or Talstar PL in his B&G. On the outside I use Termidor on the perimeter. Works like a charm.

  13. Guys, rate this up.

    Lay a red pepper on the floor, wait thirty minutes (or however long it takes ants to gather), then you spray the ants with anything, (even Lysol!)

    It works, at least for me.

  14. Maple syrup mixed with boric acid which can be purchased at any pharmacy.Let the ants have all they want.They take it back to the colony and it kills them all.Will not work on carpenter ants.

  15. I am a PEST CONTROL TEC also and this guy did not know what he was talking about. Very unexperienced. I cant believe he sprayed the window with all the dishes down below. Your lucky you didnt get sued by the home owner

  16. i put 3 baits in my room where they came in where i was seeing them and then across the other side of the room , used to see a hundred a day and now none and havnt had the problem since 🙂

  17. what Trevor is forgetting to inform is, that certain ants are attracted to certain baits, and it will require you to get the right ant-bait trap. SO, if one bait fails, try another bait in the trap.

  18. ok this might be a good way of getting rid of ants:
    1. School glue (liquid type)
    2. Sugar
    3. bowl

    Ist. put glue in bowl
    2nd. add sugar on glue and in bowl around glue (optional.just put sugar on glue)

  19. so i made a video…telling how to get rid of ants.. then at the end of the video, you said.. i dont have time to explain how to get rid of ants..?

  20. This is really suprisingly bad advice, I really wanted to like the guy from American Fork, but this is terrible.

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