Insect Pest Control : How to Eliminate Cockroaches

Hi, I’m Trevor with Monster Pest Control,
we’re located in American Fork, UT. We’re talking about how to rid your home of insects,
this topic is how to get rid of cockroaches. A couple things with the roaches is always
have a good inspection. You should always check around your dishwasher area, refrigerator,
oven areas, as well as, inside of any drawers in the house, checking to see if you have
any of the droppings. Droppings look like a little pepper, that’s kind of dribbled all
over the place. Often, if the roaches are really bad, you’ll find them all over your
cabinets, inside, outside. What we’re going to do is we’re going to be checking and showing
you how we do the treatment, underneath the sink area. As we inspect underneath the kitchen
sink, you check for all the little crevasses and corners. When we begin treating, we use
our hand sprayer, I’ve changed the material in it, and we spray around the edges and corners,
trying to get any place where the roaches may be hiding and where they are. I have a
machine here, it’s a fogger, that I use a pyrethrin material that chases the roaches
out. Basically, you spray it around, you get around to the areas they’re located in, back
in the crevasses, back in the corners where you can’t see. It’s going to chase them out,
putting them into the material and killing them instantly. There’s other different methods
that I actually use besides using these two machines is different types of bait. Depending
on the severity and the problems and issues that arise, we’ll use either a bait or a liquid
application, if it’s really bad, a mixture of both, depending on setting and location
and homes.

25 thoughts on “Insect Pest Control : How to Eliminate Cockroaches

  1. This is his way of treating the problem. It's very basic in the way he presents it. The spray is not required if you do a thorough enough job with the Maxforce Gel and boric acid applications. I've eliminated severely infested units by being very thorough with those two pesticides.

  2. eh he covered the VERY basic info, but he should include safety precautions and all the other info you guys are talking about.

  3. First thing I noticed was he was spraying, those days are long since gone. Proper placement and execution of Maxforce Gel works wonders for German cockroaches. Main problem with the spray is it also creates a barrier of sorts which usually will cause the cockroaches to scatter which is what you don't want. Not to mention the possibility of the mist contaminating surfaces where cutlery, plates, etc can come in contact with.

  4. Some strains of roaches are not attracted by gel baits. A dry flowable bait like Avert is an excellent choice in a crack and crevice treatment.

  5. this guy is doing it the hard way, advion roach gel everywhere. Ive been able to get rid of thousands with that stuff on plenty of jobs

  6. I had A huge problem with roaches and ants. Alpine Pest Control was the only company in salt lake city that could get rid of them. If you have roaches, they will get rid of them.

  7. @xytsdx2 yea its true,thats luring and its the easiest way to kill most of them, since they leave their respawning place.

  8. as a professional you need to leave this to the pros, only experience helps in these situations. Also professional insecticides and baits

  9. the bait does work, but if you are dealing with a nasty house or a homeowner who is fucking lazy and doesn't want to clean up i.e. dead roaches, the home itself, garbage, dishes, etc. you are going to have a hard time getting rid of them. sanitation is one of the biggest keys in pest reduction, reducing the harborage or places where they hide is another. there is so much more to pest control than the general public sees. btw, baseboard spraying is a joke. we call them "baseboard jockeys"

  10. Bullshit spraying wont fux the problem!!! Caulking sealing all the cracks in your wall will leave no entrance for these bastards!!! Try it out!!! The neighbors are the dirty ones bringing them over

  11. Im glad i found this video cause i been in my kitchenete apartment for 6 years and come the end of sept i been seeing adult roach. I killed it then i saw a medium size once a week. Now in the middle of october im seeing baby roaches and medium size roaches. I got boric acid down, landlord spray some raid bullshit, put down traps and they still coming in. We found an egg nest thingy and found it on the sink and the baby roaches are coming from the sink. Its crazy cause i cant deal with this.

  12. I am from Islamabad Pakistan.mere pas solution hai Cockroaches ko bilkul 100% khatam krny ka.or wo bi intihai sasta or safe method.sirf 500/- me guaranty k sath… oo923145223884

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