Insect Pest Control : Five Ways to Get Rid of Termites

Hi, I’m Trevor, with Monster Pest Control.
We’re located in American Fork, Utah. We’re talking about how to rid your home of insects.
The topic, is 5 ways of getting rid of termites, or helping your house be rid of termites.
Most importantly, is an inspection. When you do an inspection, have a professional come
out. Check the house, to make sure any of the wood has not been eaten. Generally, in
areas that are open, such as this, that we can see what’s going on. Another way, is making
sure when you come down, like down to the floor areas, that you’re checking to see if
there’s any frass, or markings from termites, and those markings generally will look like
dirt, brought up along the edge, and they flare out, and that’s where the colony is
basically hanging out, and being inside the wood, wood to earth contact. Here, well basically,
we have wood against concrete, which is fine, which we’ll take outside in just a moment,
to show you about making sure you have no wood to earth contact. Moisture is a killer,
also for homes and termites, is making sure that everything is dry. Utility rooms, washer
and dryer, all your plumbing, make sure you don’t have any drips. Those can cause termites
to come into the house. Now, let’s go outside and take a look out there, to see some other
ways of getting rid of termites. We’re outside now. We’re still talking about the termites,
and a couple of things to watch out for. When you walk around your home, make sure you have
no wood to earth contact, where the wood is basically touching the dirt, right up against
your home. Also, if you notice here, someone has put this piece of wood here, so when the
water doesn’t splash down on to the house, which is another problem too, is as water
gets onto this wood, termites are going to come up and eat this wood, so always make
sure you remove these kinds of items, away from the house, as far away as you can. No
wood piles next to the home. Those can cause termite issues and problems. Water is an issue
on the outside. Make sure you have no pooling water. The earth is dug out right here, that
you can actually get, and pool that water, which can be a real problem. Termites do an
estimated, over what fire, flood, damage, in one year, and one termite colony could
eat this whole piece of wood, in about six to eight months, time frame, so make sure
that you have it always inspected. Treat it if necessary, and when you treat it, make
sure you have a qualified company to come out, treat the house. They’ll use what they
call a trench and rod. They’ll trench along the house, and treat down into those areas.
Slabs, they’ll drill the slabs, put the material down underneath where the slab is, and treat
that. A lot of times you can actually do a partial treatment, which is when you find
termites in one area of your home, you can have just that area treated, and that will
generally take care of any problems or issues, that you have, depending on what state or
what location your home is in.

9 thoughts on “Insect Pest Control : Five Ways to Get Rid of Termites

  1. I live on the first floor of an apartment building. The building is made from cement, NOT wood, YET termites keep coming and making lines from mud they dig up from the walls :-/ and now they are behind the TILES so i cant detect their entry point without breaking the tiles, which i am doing :-/. Any tips? I live in Pakistan.

  2. only place i see them are there tunnels coming out of the roof in the bathroom out side theres ZERO signs of them. just a old tunnel but thats all.. (its not used already broke it down… how do i kill them in the roof?

  3. Termite control and identification is one of the easiest do it yourself projects that one can do it is not rocket science very simple you do not need a professional those guys are extremely extremely overpaid what these companies are charging is borderline insanity

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