Insect Lockdown 1.1: Pest Management Basics

When insect pests invade your home, damage your crops or rob you of your peace of mind
then it is time for Insect Lockdown. You must be the newest recruits. Well if you are going
to become an insect lockdown agent then you’ll need to master the principles of integrated
pest management. These principles if applied correctly can be used at home, on the farm
and in a wide variety of other situations. In order to make this process easier for you
we went ahead and broke it down into four separate steps. All you have to remember is
that when you have insect problems you have to attack. The first step is to acquire target.
This means that you are going to identify the insects that you are dealing with. Whether
you are dealing with problems with termites, ants or any other insect pest will make a
big difference in future steps. Once we have learned about our enemy it is time for us
to determine the threat amount. For example if you are outside of your house and you see
a couple of fire ants, is that really a problem? Once you know you have a problem with insects
then it is time for you to go on the offense and control. There are many ways to fight
back against insects, so you want to make sure you look at all of your options. For
example, if you have a problem with cockroaches in your food, what are you going to change?
Are you going to put out traps? Are you going to spray chemicals or are you going to change
your living habits? When it is time to control for insects there are many different options
for us to consider. The 4th and final step is to keep at it. In this step we repeat the
steps we have already done in a unique order depending on the situation. There is rarely
ever an instant fix when it comes to insect pest problems. We will almost always have
to keep checking the threat amount and if the control we applied the first time didn’t
work, we will have to apply new controls to take care of those pests. Thanks for watching
this video. Please comment and ask questions below as needed. If you are going to master
these principles, you will need to learn each of the steps that we just talked about in
greater detail and practice them. Click on each logo to learn about each step in greater
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