Indoor Cat Vs. Outdoor Cat?

Indoor cats. Outdoor cats. A little bit of both. Believe me, this is a debate that’s been going on for years and years and today We’re gonna tackle that sucker. Let’s get catified Hey, everybody, Cat Daddy here, Jackson And yeah, we’re gonna get into some murky waters today the whole indoor outdoor cat debate This is not something that’s gonna be resolved overnight and let’s get to both sides of what the problem is. On one side You’ve got well our cats healthier when they’re outside meaning behaviorally healthier yeah, they are when cats are able to hunt when they’re able to forage when they’re able to just discover the the Problem-solving nature’s of being the raw cat they are more grounded in cat mojo It’s what I call raw cat mojo, that’s where it happens when nature throws you a curve ball You learn how to adapt and that is historically, you know, where cats got their mojo. Now that’s one side of things. The other side of things is safety. Now we know that cats who are outdoor only with a much shorter life than the ones that are indoors only. Indoors only have a lifespan on the average of about 14 to 15 years. If they’re Outdoors only two to three years. Are you kidding me? That’s a huge difference Indoor outdoor will fall in between but you’re still talking about a shorter life if they’re going indoor/outdoor. So that’s the problem. Cars are the problem. Disease is the problem. Fights between cats that can spread that disease, that’s a problem. Birds of prey-huge problem. Bigger predators, nasty people, I can go on and on. That’s what shortens the life of a cat who goes outside. So, where do I fall on this whole thing? I think cats should be indoors. Hey, listen, I’m selfish. I’m selfish I want my cats to live a long time. I don’t want to worry about where they are at night I don’t want to hope that they’re smarter than a car. It’s plain and simple So that’s where I stand and I’ve spent most of my career Giving you guys ways around The Mojo that might be lost with cats being indoor only. That includes mimicking the hunt catch kill eat techniques that you see in my play or what we feed them or the schedules that we keep so the cats can retain their Raw cat rhythm. I have a whole book on that kind of technique So I’m trying to make it work for everybody and to keep cats alive at the same time. Ok, that’s done. Now we’re going to talk about you. You could either be sitting there agreeing with me you could be cursing me at the moment or you could be somewhere in between. I do have a favor though to ask you if You are going to let your cats outside This is what I’d like you to do. Number one first and foremost Make sure that your cats have proper ID. That’s a tag in a collar Make sure that the collar is a breakaway the kind of it gets snagged on a fence or something like that It’ll just come apart as opposed to strangling your cat But that being said make sure your cat is microchipped. Only two percent of cats who are non-microchipped make their way back home when they get lost. Number two Make sure you have the most incredible pictures of your cat that you can get. Full on So you get the whole face. Body shot so that you can get markings. That way if your cat gets lost you get those flyers up there full-color flyers, big paper, reward. These are the ways to get your cat home. Number three, make sure that your cat has had all their basic vaccines. Pretty self-explanatory. Number four keep your cats on a schedule. Now first of all, it’s not okay to just open your door first thing in the morning, let your cats go and then you go off to work. At least, not in my book, anyway. I want to see my cat’s home by sundown I want to make sure that I’m in control of their schedule and I’m not just hoping they come home That’s where stopping free feeding comes in. If you feed meals especially do it this way you can let your cat out in the morning if you got to but then make sure that they’re hungry so they come home when You call their name same thing in the afternoon. As I’ve always said cats aren’t gonna just do stuff for you because you want them to there’s got to be something in it for them and Food is usually that’s something. Now I’ve told you guys what I’d like you to do if you’re going to let your cats out But I’m gonna make one more case for not letting them out there You can still bring the outdoors in for your cats And here’s a few ways to do that: Number one a Catio If you’ve never seen a catio before you should pick up a copy of my book, Catification, or my other design book Catify to Satisfy. Kate Benjamin and I go through great detail about what you can do to bring the outdoors in for your cats and a Catio is a great way of doing this so If you have an existing space like a screened-in Porch or something like that You can make it a lot safer with very little money and get your cats that experience of going outdoors Watching the birds from there. Hunting little bugs or whatever come into that catio But that way you’re still controlling the outcome of things. The second thing to try: harness training! Now I know a lot of you guys kind of laugh when I talk about harness training But if you’ve watched My Cat From Hell you’ve seen me train many many people and many cats how To work on a harness. Now, not all cats are gonna want it But if your cat is one of those cats that really wants to be outside all the time They might be okay being on a harness. It’s a step by step thing I go through that process in other places, I won’t do it right now But consider that. Again, the idea is that you have control over the outside The outside doesn’t have control over your cat. Another thing that you might not have thought of is cat TV Making sure that you have things like bird feeders outside the windows so that your cats can look outside and sort of passively engage themselves With that sort of raw cat rhythm. To that end, Make sure that every window that looks out to the world has a bed in it, has a window box, has one of those ledges that you can get for very little money that create a nesting place for your cats where they could just hang out all day long and watch the traffic go by watch the birds go by watch the funny-looking people go by Stay engaged. Finally, the last thing I’ll give you if you don’t want to do the catio and you still want your cats to be outside if You have a backyard you can use one of those systems that you’ve seen me use on my show many times There are cat proofing fences that you can have in the backyard some of which get attached to existing fences some of which are freestanding that can come with you when you move and that’s as close as you can get to a win-win When it comes to safely letting your cats go outside. So there you have it the indoor/outdoor debate You didn’t think I was actually gonna settle this debate here today But at least I’m shedding some light. In my book You keep cats indoors and if you can’t keep them fully indoors that you try to compromise a little bit and keep control over the outdoors like with Catios and and Fenced in ways of approaching your backyard And if you insist on the cats going outside I gave you some tools for that as well at the end of the day. This is a parenting choice You make your choices make them wisely make them lovingly and what more could we ask for right? I want to hear what you guys have to say. Find me on Twitter. Find me on Instagram. Find me on Facebook Just find me and let’s talk this out. Shall we? All right until next time folks light, love, mojo to you. Meow

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  1. Cat personality is important in deciding too.
    I've had 3 outdoor-indoor cats. In our previous place we had a huge backyard, our cat adored going out there sitting on the patio, and especially under his favourite tree. He is very people loving however and scared of most animals. We could leave the backdoor wide open and the most he would do if we didn't follow him out is sit on the first step. We figured out he really only wanted to be there because we were out there and the nice scenery was a bonus to him. In his case just monitoring him by sitting nearby was enough since he didn't want to wander without accompaniment and only explored to follow us so we had full confidence in handling him even without a leash which he hated.
    Compared to my previous cat and his sister, who were barn cats we adopted and always wanted to be outside. I would leash walk them and even taught him how to walk on the pathways. That location was quite safe, developed but not high traffic, and the field was just behind our backyard with and apartment building between them and the roads. My mum left the window open for them, I wouldn't do that now but they had too much energy and did not like it inside for too long. We made sure they were safe, we trained them where they could go and to come back to us when we called, which they could hear from anywhere they could go. Mostly we went out there with them and played with them and they had each other when we weren't there. He was more adventurous but his sister would always show us where he was because she got worried sick when he wasn't around, they were very close. They even learned when each of us got home and would wait either on the fence for us and walk with us to the door. They became indoors once we moved to more heavy traffic places but I don't regret letting them roam in a safe place with their training and buddy system. Pretty sure they're the reason all the other cats kept to their own backyard actually, even though he was the most friendly and well-behaved cat I ever met who practically trained himself.

  2. Hell I'm not smarter than a car and would stay indoors if I could lol.

    Even so I let cats out if they can handle it. My oldest never liked the outdoors but the youngest did so the latter went out with me while the oldest stayed on the porch or by the window to make sure I came back.

  3. I’m an ANIMAL lover so my cats stay in the house! I wanna keep them safe plus wildlife safe! ❤️🐱🐶🐁🐰

  4. My cats go outside but usually stay close. I hate they go outside but we have 8 people in my house going inside and out and they let my cats out. I had one come up missing for 2 mos and I cried everyday and after 2 mos he came home. I was shocked. My oldest cat has gotten in cat fights and had to go to the vet a few times. I wish I could break them from going out. I love them so much. Currently we have 4 cats that never go out and 3 that I can’t keep in. They go in and out constantly. They have all been fixed and had shots.

  5. I have 4 cats, 3 of which are indoor/outdoor my cats get very upset when they dont/cant go outside. None of them have gotten lost or gone missing or anything like that. They leave and come back as they please & they are very happy. Plus they loooovvvvveeee killing the moles and pretty birds in our yard and leaving them as presents. Now that being said i have one cat that is indoor only and the reason for that is, she doesn't want to go outside. I let them decide what kind of cat they want to be. My husband had a cat for 22 yrs and the cat was indoor/outdoor & he was a happy healthy cat for 21 yrs before he got a genetic tumor. I'm all for letting your cats out but i agree to be safe about it.

  6. I agree with you. I have indoor outdoor cats but I was pushed in to it, I have one indoor cat and one I am converting to indoors. interesting video

  7. My family and I tried to keep our cats indoors , but we have 3 dogs and a dog door and they both taught themselves how to use it and go outside. We rescued them off the street and they just prefer to go outside sometimes. As much as I want them to stay inside with us, I can't really keep them in. All I can really do is keep them up to date on their vaccines and we got them spayed and neutered. Luckily we don't live close to any super busy roads and they don't go very far. It kills me though.

  8. When my boy peppy was around. He loved going in the backyard, but was only allowed out under our supervision and only a section of the backyard that was away from the bushes and the busy street.

  9. I purchased a special fencing system for my garden so my 2 girls can go outside and stay safe. It cost me the best part of £2000 and even then I feel guilty they don't get to go outside the front of the house. They sit by it and moan all the time but I just can't do it. I've looked after them both since they were 8 week old kittens ( nearly 7 now) and if someone run them over and hurt them I'd never forgive myself.

  10. So…I don’t recommend this for anyone who doesn’t have the time, or the experience to train their cats to come when called, recognize their name, and supervise them.

    I’ve always had dogs and I’ve always made sure to train them very well and dedicate times each day to enriching their lives – but a while ago I adopted two kittens. New experience for me!

    We have a household with anywhere from 2-4 dogs and we’re constantly in and out, so I knew my kittens needed to learn about the outdoors because they were definitely going to escape at some point, and I wanted them to have some basic skills and a sense of understanding, when they did.

    The cats are nearing a year old now and they often come out with the dogs and I on a nice day to have outdoor play sessions. I do scheduled feeding, like Jackson mentioned, and I also bring treats with me to randomly call them to encourage them to stay close. Nobody has strayed into the “big world” so far…they just stay within a 15 foot radius or so, climbing trees, playing chase, hunting butterflies, and my orange kitty likes snuggle in the grass with the dogs.

    It’s a special time for our diverse pack of animals as we all enjoy nature in our own species-specific way. The cats with their trees, me with my hammock, and the dogs doing zoomies or rolling in the grass.

    We don’t have too many hawks but I’m constantly on the lookout, and we don’t have large predators. We don’t really stay out for more than an hour and a half. I don’t think the cats have ever seen the outdoors as being a place to go off adventuring in. Still waiting for the day they might change their minds, but there’s cuddles, foods, and treats at home, and they probably only go outside maybe 3-6 hours a week.

    Even so, just that small amount of outdoor time seems to really make a difference in their peace of mind. They don’t have kitty crazies when they get a chance to go outside.

    Sometimes, when it’s raining out in the summer, I leave the door open and they sit in the doorway and enjoy the smell of the rain and the way it patterns down so close to their nose. It’s sweet.

    I wanted to share this perspective with you guys because, as a pet owner, it brings me a lot of happiness to have these special moments with them and know that, not only are they not being deprived of the chance to appreciate nature, but also, that I don’t have to live in fear of them escaping, getting scared, and running off never to be found again.

    It also gives me peace of mind that they have kitty-tree-climbing 101 under their pelts, and they have all their little hidey holes and escape strategies mocked out with the little games they play. I feel safer knowing they’re not helpless outside.

    WATCH FOR CARS. Best to stay far from roads and driveways.

    Another thing you can try is a CatPack. we have one that’s got a plexiglass dome for the front of the backpack. The cats hang out in there and run errands with me. It buckles in nicely to the passenger seat, and CVS has yet to kick us out.

  11. I always grew up with barn cats, outdoor only and as an adult I have an inside cat only. I constantly feel sad for him being trapped inside though. Maybe one day I’ll be able to train my cat to be a part time barn cat :/ an invisible fence for cats would be the best invention ever I would completely invest in

  12. You barely gotta clean the kitty litter if you have an outdoor cat!! My cat is super healthy and is an outdoor cat. She’s about 14-15.

  13. Omg i need help !! My cat always wants to go outside at night and leaves and doesn’t come back till the morning and i fear for his life because theres many dogs in the neighboorhood..i just want to train him to being an inside cat only..pls helpppppppp 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  14. My family's first cat was a stray who had been abandoned in our neighborhood, so was always an indoor/outdoor. He got feline HIV and died from an infection. Our second cat was a door runner and because my dad didn't care he let her out whenever she got past him. We think she was hit by a car. Our last cat we got as a stray kitten and haven't let outside, and she has already outlived the other two at 8 years old. TLDR: just keep the cat inside or put in the catification effort

  15. Outdoor cats are also catastrophic for local wildlife. They are an invasive species, and when they hunt they kill off the prey animals in the local ecosystem, completely throwing it out of balance

  16. My mom came from a poor area of a country overseas so she says cats belong outdoors on farms chasing mice. She is VERY strict about this. I was surprised when a cat had babies in her garden she brought them in as 2 were cold and barely moving. She brought them back to life. She let the mother cat inside with kittens since it was cold out but once old enough gave them all to a farm.

  17. I cannot make a catio because my landlord make me take down all netting and my cat fell 6 floors off the balcony because she was trying to reach the neighbours balcony.

  18. Personally the best way to keep your cat is with a cat flap so that they can come in and out whenever they want, so they have the freedom of being outside, while having a cosy indoor place when it's cold or raining. Also I think keeping cats just indoors is cruel as they should have the freedom of the outside, because imagine you being stuck inside you house all your life.
    Anyway that's just my opinion.

  19. I have two cats they are outside cats, one is neutered the other is not, they are 16 years and they are fine. They never got hit or sick or anything. So yeah I think everyone should be able to deside on there own how they want to take care of their cat.

  20. I would never force my cat to be trapped indoors sadly looking out the window.
    I've only had outdoor/indoor cats my whole life and they've all lived to be 10+ years

  21. I suggest indoor cats but go outside on leash because outdoor is too dangerous on its own and indoor can be boring to stay inside always, so I walk my cat on leash about twice a day

  22. Our cats have always been strictly indoor cats for safety reasons. I would never be able to live with myself if anything happened to any of them while they were outside I also very firmly believe that indoor cats typically live much longer than outdoor cats. Our cats all have free run of the house and we are fortunate to have 13-foot floor to ceiling windows in our living room that allow them to enjoy the view of the outdoors as well as bask in the sun. We have all neutered males and they are perfectly happy and healthy being indoors. They have plenty of room to run and play, thousands of different nap spots, loads of toys, and they enjoy playing with our 4 Golden Retrievers. Our boys don't even have the slightest desire to go outside. You could leave the front door wide open and they would just sit in front of it and not even attempt to go out.

  23. If you don’t mind your cat potentially being hit by a car, attacked by other animals, being trapped or poisoned, killing birds, crapping in your neighbour’s yard, and you have deep pockets to pay the vet bills…then by all means, let your cat outside.

  24. I sit on the porch and sip coffee to occasionally let me indoor cat "play" outside. She loves it. When it's time to go in, she comes with me luckily. I try to let her have some time outside a few times a month but supervised. She doesn't seem to want to run away or venture far so it works out for both of us and I know she's safe.

  25. I do a combination indoor and outdoor. My cat is indoor but he likes the stimulation of being outside. I take him for walks or at least let him out on the deck so he can sit in the sun and get fresh air everyday. I make sure that a couple times a week hes able to get down and play in the yard with supervision (also have some catnip growing there). My deck and yard are catproofed so he can only get out where and when I want him to and although he isnt fond of the harness at first he puts up with it now and enjoys walks. He has a lot of fun hunting and chasing some of the wildlife (birds, chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels) around the yard but he was born and raised in a shelter, before I adopted him, so his killing instincts are a bit dull in that if he catches something he doesnt know what to do so it'll get away pretty easily. but i have treats for him so that kill/eat urge is satisfied w/o him decreasing the local wildlife population. I feel like its the best of both worlds where he has the secure safe place to life with food but is able to keep/use his cat mojo

  26. All my cats are indoor/outdoor, they are all fixed, vaccinated.. and they have their microchip cat flap. Although this is fairly new. My oldest cat was 20!! (Without cat flap) Now my oldest boy is 9, my girl 2 and my baby is 6 month… He is not fixed yet, but will get fixed this winter. They learned to handle cars, they roam the fields and forests around. We live in a small town/rural area in Germany. No real predetor threat here

  27. Hi there, I have 8 cats, and we live on a small holding, away from roads. During the day my cats, have their breakfast and are then out and about, all neutered and spayed all jabs up to date. Before nightfall I bring them all back in for supper, I don't like them being out at night. Unfortunately I am renting so at the moment I cannot have a catio. My eldest cat lived to be 21 and died of old age, she was indoor/outdoor. Love your show, its made me understand my cats so much better. Be safe out there and be kind to each other.

  28. Thank you for this, Jackson! I have to keep my cat outdoors because my husband is very allergic and nothing we've tried for his allergies has helped. I've catified my yard a bit, but forgot about the cat proof fencing. I'll definitely get on that!

  29. My cat is an indoor cat, we got her from a shelter. Unfortunately whoever had her before had her declawed. She is by far the sweetest cat I have ever met, she loves people and has never once hissed or bit a person before. It makes me sad that the owners before had her declawed 😞

  30. We travel in a RV full time and have 2 girl cats who love to walk outside on a leash,its definitely an awesome option😻😼

  31. My cat is indoor/outdoor. I would rather she stay in but I installed a doggy door, and she darts out before I can stop her. She has a chip, but every breakaway collar I bought her does not make it home when she is outside. I've replaced her I'd. 3x already. I don't know what to do with her. Please help.

  32. My cat is chipped, and he has a cat door that only unlocks for him. And he decides when to go out, and when to stay in. I don't have a need to control him. He knows where he lives, and he knows where the food are, and where the cuddles are when that is needed.

    Depending on where you live I can see the need for haveing a cattio as you call it, or some kind of "walled off" area outside. Keeping them indoors only… I am not really a fan of that.

  33. The feral outdoor cats I feed been around since over 3 yrs. and I have a new colony of 6. They seem very happy & doing well. I have several shelters out during the winter so they all use it & stay close. The feral I care for are quite spoiled despite living strictly outdoors.

  34. We have three cats and all three can go inside and outside as they want. Our oldest cat is 116/17/18 years old (she was left behind by her old owners) and the other two are 15 years old. When I come home from school the oldest waits for me on a field near our house that I have to pass by. So when I'm there I whistles and if it's warm (sometimes she has joint problems if it's cold) she will come running to me. We will then walk to the house side by side. The other two cats will wait inside near their food bowls and will greet me as well. I love them with my whole heart and we've been through a lot together. The oldest one was gone for four weeks when I was really young and when she came back she had barbed wire around one paw. Her foot hat to be partially amputated and partially "declawed" because of that but she can still do everything. One cat of the younger ones had teeth problems and now only has 2 teeth left (he doesn't mind). The third cat has had skin cancer and her ears had to be amputated. The cancer is coming back now on her nose and there's nothing we can do. It didn't grow anymore since this summer so we hope she'll be able to live a good life until her death. 🙂

  35. We had a neutered male Siamese. He was indoor outdoor. Came in at night. Went out sporadically pottied outside. He lived to be 18 +. He mostly hung out in the yard, we lived on a quiet cul de sac. 18 +. Must have done something right.

  36. I love your work Jackson, but i have to disagree with this one.

    To me, not letting your cats outside (unless you have a good reason for it) is a lack of trust. I put my trust in God that my cat will be okay. He loves being outside and he's absolutely fine. He's still quite young, i think he recently turned 1, but being outside is building his immune system up. Apart from the occasional flea problem, he's a wonderfully strong and healthy young man 🙂 he's smart too, and very patient, content and happy.

  37. I did indoor/outdoor with my first cat, she lived to be 21. I did everything you said pretty much to a T lol. Though we had the magic word chow chow, every night when it was time to come in for soft food we would yell "Kiki, chow chow!" 3 seconds later bam haha soft food obviously her favorite. Other trick is walk our dog around the block, every time she would follow us lol. Dang I miss kiki 🙁 She even hopped up on our pool deck and sun bathed with us

  38. My cat lives with me in my flat and he's very happy. I keep note of the improvements I can make to make him happier, to the best of my ability. My windows aren't very accessible, so I'm gonna figure out a way to make it so. And I play with him a lot!

  39. I would want my cat to be in. Especially in Arizona. There are coyotes and javelinas. We also have an over growth of the cat population due to some one leaving their cats behind unfixed and now there are stray cats everywhere. Now my indoor cat had begun spraying in the house.

  40. When I was a kid, I grew up with outdoor cats. I am horrible allergic to cats, so my family couldn’t have them in the house. Also, the cats needed to be out where they could catch the mice. We raised chickens and other farm animals, which attract mice because of the grain we stored. Our cats kept the mice from overrunning the barns. I will add that our outdoor cats only lived four years, which is not very long. We were in Northern Minnesota and there were a lot of predators that would take off with a cat. We lost a few cats to fishers, which are really vicious animals.

  41. Our indoor/outdoor cat was in one of those accidents a few months back. Almost lost his tail. We nursed him back to health over several months, where he was of course not allowed outside. But he went crazy from being inside. He started peeing and pooping on the floor, attacking random feet and screaming for food ALL the time – out of pure boredom I assume. So now he is an indoor/outdoor cat again. And happy as can be. Back to his friendly, cuddly self. Yes, he risks injury and death, but that other indoor-only life – It was not a good life for him. He was unhappy and stressed out, and he would try to escape at any given opportunity. Couldn't do that to him. He is much, much happier now. (yes, neutered, vaccinated, chipped etc.)

  42. We do the harness for our cat. She likes to go outside and eat grass and hunt birds. We also have a big couch with a slider in front of it and shes become so chill since we got the couch. Scent soakers are a godsend. We do have neighbors who let their cats wander and some that are neighborhood snake hunting cats that were driving her nuts.

  43. i used to walk my Siamese on a leash, she was good with it, it all depends on the cat tho… personally ive lost too many cats to the road, and too many song birds get attacked, keep your cats inside, my neighbor is a crazy cat lady but she lets em outside, in the past year she's had 2 of her outdoor cats go missing or get hit

  44. Our first family cat was killed by neighborhood dogs at 3yrs old 🙁🙁 definitely an indoor/heavy compromise advocate now!

  45. My 7 month old Pluto snuck outside yesterday. At this point I have no control 😫 but boy oh boy Jackson has this video has been very helpful 🎃

  46. My cat is both indoor and outdoor. She freaks out if she is inside for too long. She rarely leaves the property because we have 3 acres and a ton of cat friendly plants.

  47. I'd just like to add, harness training a kitty is not even training. Just strap it on and they are ready to go.
    My last 2 cats have both been trained to walk in harness, the 1st did not like it much, 2nd loves it.
    Also I have kept my cats in the backpoarch, as it is used as the main entrance I can't fence it in. Tiles also, so a cat-paddio is not an option as I rent this house. But I do let me cat walk there in harness with a flexi while I watch her, either by being outside with her, or thru the kitchen window, and she absolutely loves that too.
    She is 11 now, healthy and playful as a kitten. She had all her teeth removed 3 years ago, but thats the only health issue she has had.

  48. I called fro my cat one night and something felt wrong. Went back inside for a flashlight and went to the back yard. I hear some loud quiet noise. I flash in the sky and an owl is hovering over a spot. It starts screeching and I start yelling “EMBERRRR LETS GOOOOO INSIIIIDEE” she knows let’s go inside. Here she comes out of the bushes, owl flies off. She’s been inside for a year now.

  49. I'm proud to say my home cat is almost 16 years old and she's always been an outdoor-indoor kitty, after a couple years she would usually stay in the yard anyway. But I don't think outside is suitable for every cat

  50. I like to keep my cats inside or in my garden cz I live in a horrible cruel place (we have a cruel association near who collect stray cats and dogs and kill them 😿) but I have this one cat who didn't want to accept staying in one place and she always wants to run away outside of our property even if she knows how cruel this place is (she was one of the cats I rescued from that association)
    I can't keep her home and if I did she starts screaming very loudly infront of the door !
    What can I do with her ? I tried every method but she stills wanna run away and roam far, then go back in the afternoon for food then go outside again !

  51. My childhood cat, Shubert, lived until 19 years old. He was an indoor out door cat. He always came home at night, but he roamed the streets during the day, sometimes I would see him when I was walking home from school. He came home everynight and slept with my mom in her bed. He was free fed.

  52. My cats are kept indoors. Too many cars, dogs, javelinas, hawks, coyotes and snakes. Plus my one cat I found as a kitten and rescued had giardia and was on deaths doorstep. My cats are healthy and happy indoors. I boil chicken for them and plenty of windows to look out. Neither cat is declawed.

  53. I have 4 indoor/outdoor cats, all neutered and vaccinated, I live in a rural area, so the busy city road is not a problem, they are only allowed to be outside until sunset, they come back home to eat at sunset, they know the routine, they are healthy, happy kitties. The problem is that my wife and I can't leave home for more than a day for vacations and such, they get crazy locked inside the house during the day.

  54. We have three cats, one of them showed up on our lawn a year ago. It took a few months till the start of winter for the cat to come inside our house. Over the last year, she has become an indoor cat and we are too afraid to let her outside again. Thankfully she is happy with watching Cat-TV. Btw, before watching your videos, I´ve never heard of declawing your cat. We live in Austria and here it is not only illegal to declaw your cat but also considered cruel as hell! What kind of crappy person someone has to be to mutilate the animal you love and that loves you so much just because it´s a nuisance that your cat scratches the furniture? Then you shouldn´t have got a cat in the first place!

  55. I have 4 cats. They are mostly inside cats, I let them in the backyard when I go to smoke a cig. But they have never stayed outside by themselves. (Since they were all kittens and we found them.) They have been inside kitties ever since. Now they are two 1 year kitties, one 2 1/2 year kitty and a 3 year old kitty. 🙂

  56. i cant believe i didnt know you had a youtube channel until now, glad this vid came in my feed!

    you are such a cool guy, i love "my cat from hell", the way you intuatively approach and understand a cat, and what kind of a world its living in, is just heart warming to observe <3

  57. In my area we have coyotes, owls, mountain lions, badgers, skunks, bob cats, dogs,etc., so cats in my area have to be indoor cats.

  58. "You forgot to mention spaying and neutering" OMG guys really? He also forgot to mention that cats need food to eat and air to breathe. Haven't you ever heard of the phrase "goes without saying?" He didn't say it because he didn't think he NEEDED TO.

  59. Got indoor cats but when we get a house with a yard im gonna make sure they cant get out but can stay outside if they want but safe!

  60. About half of my cats have been indoor only and half indoor / outdoor.

    Currently one indoor, one kitten (who will probably be indoor), and one indoor outdoor. I'd love to make the indoor outdoor an indoor only, but he hates being cooped up.
    The other one dislikes being outside.

    Magnus (the indoor outdoor) was a stray who showed up outside, so he likes going out, but he goes out on our terms – only when we're home, only when the weather is ok, and NEVER at night.
    William (the indoor) has more toys than most kids, and a huge house to run round in.
    The kitten (Lucas) is too young either way so far, but he's so shy and scared I'd be happier if he stays in.

    We lost one (indoor outdoor, but had also been a stray) years ago to a car, and one of our others (ditto to indoor outdoor ex stray) had a bad hip and had broken his tail because he'd been hit. So I'd much rather they stay safe, and I do the extra work to keep them happy.

    Plus, not a fan of finding half a mouse in the kitchen.

  61. I've have mixed indoor/outdoor cats and i think i've only had one cat pass away before 14-15 years old and that was from a coyote.
    We've always had cat doors and they come in and out throughout the day, we didnt even have a litter box aside from during the winter

  62. Ive had cats forever. All of them have gone out to toilet and play coming in if the weather was bad or they wanted company . My last cat that died was 18. Shed got hyperthyroidism. She loved being outside and hunting she did become a bit senile towards the end but otherwise had a every healthy life. Shecwas neutered and chipped she hadva collar with a name tag and a bell to try and prevent her catching birds. I know what you nean about 8ndoirs being safer but she had so much better life, lying in the sun, usually on my favourite plants. We grew catnip for her . I truly believe that cats should br able to go out. Partly because I hate litter trays but also because they love it so much .love your shows and hate to disagree wuth you but there we go go, I do

  63. For me, totally different oppoinion!
    Cats should live outside. They have to in my mind. I dont know any cat who lives always inside and behaves like a normal cat, they are always crazy, unhappy and scratch sometimes for no reason!
    If you live in a place where you cant let a cat outside, like a city, dont get a cat. Simple like that. The same rule applies for dogs. If you dont have the capability for a dog to go for a walk everyday, you dont get a dog, or do you?
    Just because you want a dog, doesnt mean you should get a dog if you dont have enough time for all his needs.
    Same rule applies for cats. Cats dont live for 2-5 years if they live outside. All the cats where i am, do live since 5-10 years and are still alive and well. Yeah, accidents happen. But do you live only inside just because you could die in a car accident? Which happens a lot by the way, we could live way longer if we stay only inside and stop living a full life!

    If youre cat cant go outside, dont get a cat! I know too many cats who only live inside, and it breaks my heart, this isnt a life for most of them. Especially if they are alone. Thats more like a jail! There are exceptions of course, if it is a big house with an area where they can go a little bit in the garden or so and if they are at least two cats.

    But a cat, only in a little appartment, thats horrible! Really, that is not a life. Thats sadness, nothing more.

  64. Hi Mr. G! I'm a big fan of your work (and channel). I initially discovered your channel after one of our cats (the Mother of the other two) spotted a stray walking by and freaked out. After trying unsuccessfully to break through the window to "defend her territory," she attacked the other two cats (her daughters) and battle ensued. The only casualties (thankfully) were my arms getting scratched and a pair of pants covered with blood, urine and poop (only the blood was mine). This has happened once more since then, and each time they have to be separated. For this reason, I have become very leery of even allowing Kitty to be in the window. She loves to watch the squirrels and birds, but if a stray cat wanders through it's all claws and hissing. Any recommendations?

  65. my outdoor cat lived to 15 until she passed away from cancer. we don’t live near busy roads and we don’t let our cats stay out during the night or while we’re at work if it’s cold outside. we tried using harnesses for them at first but none of them liked it but they love the outdoors and our neighbors all tell us they’re nice toward their cats so we feel it’s safe enough for them.

  66. a stray cat (I call Cheshire -girl )I started to take care of a year and 1/2 ago had to have emergency stitches this Friday….I am forced to transition her from outdoor cat to indoor cat because she has an ecollar on …and I’ve had to give her daily meds ……she’s doing ok…..but I took off work…..I try not to stay away longer than 2 hours

  67. I have 3 cats & two of them are Doordashers. I want my cats to be Indoor cats & not Outdoor at all. I live in an apartment by a big parking lot which is next to a main road. The 2 cats only Doordash at night when I come home from work & not during the day. Fortunately the parking lot is empty at that time, but I still fear for their safety. I don't want to pen them in a small room all day while I'm gone, just so they won't dash at night. How can I encourage my Doordashing cats to just stay Indoors?

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