Incredible: A Gaboon Viper Strikes a Bird in Slo-Mo

of potential prey could venture past. Velvet isn’t picky. She’ll eat anything,
from rodents and birds to small antelope and monkeys. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] NARRATOR: A slight
miscalculation makes no difference. Once she set her
sights on a target, there’s no chance for escape. Her strike isn’t the
fastest in the snake world, but at over 20 feet per
second, it does the job. The shock of the
attack stuns the bird, while the complex venom cocktail
rapidly floods its body. As she waits for her prey to
die, Velvet adjusts her fangs. They can really get
in the way sometimes. Within 10 minutes,
it’s all over. And lunch is ready. Eating is a specialized process. Velvet unhinges her
job to allow her to open her mouth wide enough. Using rows of teeth
to latch on, she drags her prey to a safe place
where she can eat in peace.

100 thoughts on “Incredible: A Gaboon Viper Strikes a Bird in Slo-Mo

  1. my local zoo decorates for Halloween. Every exhibit in the reptile house was decorated, except the Gaboon Viper

  2. Imagine you are numb and dying, and the predator is next to you fixing its teeth…. just so it can eat you soon.

  3. 1:07 The bird had a chance to escape from that miscalculation but nope it stayed right there then boom!

  4. Is it just me or does this look staged? I know the snake killed its prey, it just looks less like any forest i've been in & more like mockups I HAVE seen.

  5. Everytime I see a snake die I read “poor snake, you bastards should of helped it”
    So now I expect to read “poor chicken, why didn’t no one help it”
    Tbh it’d of been better off on my bbq.

  6. **WARNING** this video contains real events that happen in nature, some people just simply can’t handle the fact the in order for things to live things must die, viewer realism is implied

  7. I think these people are providing bird to snakes for shooting their video… Shame on such environmentalist if they do cheap work for vdo shooting

  8. They don’t unhinge their jaws they yawn so that the tendons know it’s time to start moving

  9. The fact that snakes dont unhinge their jaw rather they dont have a chin has me questioning the "facts" that come from this channel

  10. Ty for the adviseery in the beginning of the video more then half of my college campus would be in a safe space by now lol

  11. For those who say death by this snake isn't the worst, look up the effects of cytotoxic venom bites (Gaboon Viper's venom) on cells and skin. Pretty horrific!

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