Incredible: A Caracal Slaps Down a Bird in Flight

[MUSIC PLAYING] [BIRD CRIES] A flock of sociable weavers
are getting ready to breed. The caracal’s fine-tuned
senses are fired up. While humans only
have six ear muscles, each caracal ear
is controlled by 20 separate muscles, which move
and tilt the ears independently. Three main groups of
muscles work separately. The superior raises the ear. The posterior moves the
ear outwards and back. And the cervical lowers
the ear downwards. Large feline satellite
dishes capture sound waves and direct them
into the ear canal. No footfall goes unheard. Its ear canals are
proportionally longer than those of humans
and dogs and are more sensitive to sound. [BIRD CRIES] She has to rely on
camouflage and cover to get as close as possible. And a silent ambush is key. The caracal’s feet are
designed for a surprise attack. The fur between her footpads
consists of stiff hairs, providing a cushioned
and silent stalk. This allows her to get
within a few feet of prey before triggering the alarm. She’s off. The caracal’s powerful
hind legs and fine-tuned reflexes make her agile. The weaver is fast. And she’s logged
her sights on it. The powerful slap has
injured the weaver. But meals don’t come
that easy in the desert. In this game of cat and bird,
there can only be one winner. It’s over in seconds. A few lucky weavers have
escaped her grasp, for now. Thanks to her streamlined
speed and agility, she can finally enjoy a meal.

100 thoughts on “Incredible: A Caracal Slaps Down a Bird in Flight

  1. Saw my cat do something similar with a flock of pigeons.
    She leaped out at them as the were scrambling to escape, and at full stretch, slapped one down. She did not let go, the wee birdie was insta done.

  2. How many birds does it need to eat in a day? It burns a lot of energy hunting and for very small caloric value.

  3. bird: watch me get away from this cat (by flying close to it instead of away)
    ten. seconds. later.

    bird: wait, what??????

  4. Been watching a few vids of cute birds as pets etc, YouTube recommends this because it figures I like birds. Not quite right though huh YouTube? 😛

  5. I love how the narrator acknowledges that this cat's feet are "designed" for attack. Indeed they are designed. Glory to God! Jesus is Lord!

  6. Keep this kind of editing and camera work and you dtill get tons of views everyday. Love the slowmotion, always shoot with high end camera that could take a 1000 frps, thank you.

  7. it seems like the Caracal has to spend about a million calories to catch a tweety bird that barely has less meat than a chicken nugget…. Perhaps that's why he's so fit!!!

  8. Great video, so all the things that make up this creature from it's 30 muscles in his ears to his reflexes derived from a massive explosion in space….

  9. God’s creativity is amazing!
    Thanks for not trying to shoehorn in unobservable, hypothetical info about Darwinism/ evolution.

  10. She's a smart cat: Twice she slaps the bird downwards, towards the ground, and she's even doing a two-paws clap to stun it in the air. Those are techniques that take many months to figure out and perfect. Those aren't instincts, but nature's finest hunting intellect defeating the power of flight.

  11. My female Wolfdog was fond of leaping strait up, and snagging pesky birds out of the air, that harassed her in our back yard! It was quite the sight! Dumb birds didn't learn!

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