In or Out? Why Are Cats So Indecisive?! – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #3

Hello, I am Simon! Welcome to Simon’s Cat
Logic. We’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave, the way they do! Today we
are exploring “Let me In! Let me Out!”. Well, the thing is, it’s fair to say that
if you are a cat owner, then you can basically say goodbye to privacy, because they will
follow you everywhere, especially if they are an older cat or sort of a lap cat, they
want to be with you 24/7. [Why do cats do this?] Cats are renowned for having a natural curiosity,
and so it’s understandable, that they’d want to know what’s on the other side of
the door. Cats are natural control freaks, so they’d rather have choice over their
access. In the Simon’s Cat video ‘Let me In’,
Simon’s Cat would be less reliant on Simon, if he had exclusive entry cat flap, such as
a microchip cat flap or a magnetic one. This would allow Simon’s Cat to have the choice of
when to come in and out. One of the benefits of having exclusive entry cat flap, is that it would only let in Simon’s Cat for example, and not the other cats in the neighbourhood. [Did you know?] It’s popularly believed that Sir Isaac Newton,
along with his many other achievements, invented the cat flap or the cat door. If owners have lived with their cats for quite
some time, they can build up quite a repertoire of communication with their cat. This is where
cats will try different things through trial and error so therefore the cat is more likely
to do this next time to get that response. So over time, cats may learn that if they
do a particular type of meow, that their owners will respond and know what it means. So they
might do a particular cry to say “Let outside!” and a different cry to say “I want some food!” and a different one again to say that they want some attention. Recently, researchers have found that cats
have got two types of purr including the solicitation purr, which is basically a different purr
that’s a bit more intense, when they want something from you and they found that humans
respond to this. Many owners think that cats train us, but
really we are reinforcing these behaviours. It’s a two-way form of communications between
the cat and their owner. Cats have excellent hearing, between 55 and
77 000 hertz, this is actually at a higher frequency than dogs can hear. Well ‘Let me Out’ is basically a bathroom
idea, where whenever you go to the bathroom, to have a shower or … yeah… sorry… whatever
you do. The story of this comes from my oldest cat
Jess, who is a real lap cat, and she wants attention 24/7, so she’ll follow me around
meowing and meowing, and she actually changed her meow now, so she goes… [Simon makes
the sound], like it’s really quite impatient, and she starts to let me know in her voice.
But she will follow me around demanding attention, and, of course, if you go to the bathroom,
she sits outside and just calls and calls and calls, until you finally come out.

100 thoughts on “In or Out? Why Are Cats So Indecisive?! – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #3

  1. Cats expressing. I've a Calico, among many.
    She doesn't "meow"… but, behaves more like a monkey
    as she seems to have a large vocab of expressive vocalizations.
    She "vocalizes" everything she does in short phrase.

    She rarely "Purrs", btw.


    Any others have a cat that behaves this way.

  2. After 6 months when I returned home from States, my cat Tyapa kept on staring at me and my luggage and I could read him saying, "So, back? brought anything useful?". He only came to me when I took out and gave him the cat treats from inside the luggage. So now my cats know that I go abroad only to bring back great treats for them .. ! and they do not mind my absence anymore.

  3. Most of mine have also had a high-pitched crooning purr for when they are extra-happy and cosy being stroked. Happens rarely but always a few minutes into a really big cuddle with me, or when I'm giving them a neck massage and they go all googly and floppy. Then the purr changes to this high note coming down to normal on each prr.

  4. My cat Chibi does this thing where he stands next to my door, and meows at me to let him in my room, explores for a little, then sits at the door until I let him out, but HE JUST STANDS THERE, LOOKING AT ME -.-

  5. my cat has found a way to wake me up at 6.00_am by jumping on my tummy. It winds me but wakes me which is what she wanted. Donna

  6. haha my cat learned very quickly how to open doors – she's a rather big kitty and will hang on for dear life until the doorknob twists -. Each morning, 5 minutes after she heard my alarm clock go off, she'll open the door, too impatient to wait for me to open it and greet her. She won't come in, but just meows at me while I sleep-drunkishly get dressed. Such a sweetheart <3

  7. My two cats like to sleep in whatever room that I am frequenting. And if I'm outside in the garden they will watch from whichever room gives the best view of what I am doing. When they sleep, they like small spaces and often curl up inside paper bags. Once we had a cat that would spend hours trying to get into an empty matchbox.

  8. I used to have one of those old door knocker things and the cat I had at the time would climb up the screen door make a hole in the screen and knock on the door. Now the really intelligent thing she did was change the knock once we got used to it, just incredible.

  9. Why do cats chatter out the window at birds? That would be a fun segment that I'd really enjoy learning about! 🙂 Love your videos! I'm so glad you've had such great success that you can make more of them so much more often! XOXO

  10. My cats have their own door. The favorite game is to sit on one side then whenever one of the other ones starts to poke through slap the door down on them.

    It must be some sort of cat joke that never gets old because the one doing it seems to enjoy it a lot!

  11. my cat acts just like Simons cat because I don't let my cat in my room because I have 2 aquariums and he broke a snow globe trying to get my fish but I always will try to get in.

  12. we have an 18 yr old Himallan cat who silent. when she wants to eat she sits in front of me and stares. she will lick your face in the morning if you sleep too late. love these cartoons!

  13. When my cat sees a door closed that she wants to go through, she sits by it and meows, when the door opens she runs outside through the cat flap

    And that's another episode of ragdoll cat moments! See you next timeeeeeeeee!

  14. my cat Jasmine sit on my chest whenever i'm laying down on my bed. she does this ALOT when she wants love.

  15. One of my cats put her paw under the bathroom door when I was busy. Of course I couldn't resist responding, and it became one of our favorite places to play, even when the door was open.

  16. my cat oreo makes like only 2 sounds one for when he want's something rather he wants out or a treat and another one for when someone approaches him.

  17. I have one 'Kittypuss' now 13 years old, who is almost mute, but makes up for it with an awesome purr, and is of 'Cat-lick' faith. Insists on licking my hands, neck, ankles, etc. Shadow, 9 year old, on the other hand, is extremely vocal, and has many voices.
    She even tells me if she wants canned, pouched or dry food by rushing to the kitchen and standing by the fridge the pantry cupboard or the bench, as I store the cat food in different places.

  18. videos like this is one of the reasons I love cats soooo much. LOL mine does this same stuff. She hasn't mastered The Leap or Launch though. I will not toss the TP at her ever again because when I do, she shreds it in seconds. LOL

  19. I don't have a cat but it is a problem but we had a cat but it acting like a dog 🙁 it died and talking cat got on it round of will not drown but it soak in it and we never got her cat and that guy was there be for I was even born 🙁

  20. My cat Pixie sometimes follows me. She's often curious to see what I'm doing. My other cat Mouser also follows me, If I have food. When preparing his dinner or something for me, he places one paw on the counter and bats the counter with the other, demanding to be fed

  21. Toileting and grooming behaviors are an important aspect in a critter's life. They find our behaviors fascinating even if they've seen it a thousand times. It's somewhat of a social event they feel. My litter boxes are in the bathroom because of this. Easier cleanup too!

  22. got my cat some catnip igave him some and put the bag on the counter -the next thing iknew he had the bag and was running through the house with it!

  23. My younger cat Wont Leave me alone When Hes inside. Last night He pooed in my room so I didnt let him in my room but he still found his way in he didnt want me to see him so he hid but I found him

  24. I gave up closing my bathroom door. It's perfectly OK for my cat Jerry to watch my use my litter tray, but not for me to watch him. Not that I would want to, I would rather be on a different planet when he uses his tray.

  25. Friends' cat learned how to use the doorbell to be let in. They had a small window beside the door with a good sized windowsill that was just above the doorbell. The cat played with the doorbell and it summoned the 'staff'. Once it realized that it worked it did it every time. So cute!

  26. Best way to get Belly in a door is to "lock her out." She doesn't want to come in when its open but once its closed… Cats and their games..

  27. My neighbours cat meow is like a chirp when she see me. She wants me to pet her but then walks away. She will come back and chirp again I reach to pet her and she walks away.

  28. My cat doesnt meow behind the door. She jumps at the handle. And usually you can hear that from accross the house. But when you go over she meows and stares at you. Then when she comes inside she runs right to the food bowl and nudges everything. We also dont have a cat flap door. Because Finland's climate is cold. A while ago we had our old couch. My cat used to stare at the neighbours. Then our old couch was brought out. She came very depressed. Then she realized that she can hop onto my table and watch the neighbours and their pets there. When you play with her she doesnt like the bird play. She likes the mouse play. Once we went fishing for fishies. We brought Miusu some. She got scared of them. Then my neighbours cats came and ate them. My cat likes only expensive food. When we leave the house for a trip to Estonia or elsewhere. We leave her food under our backyard stairs. But the other cats eat it. Our old cat (who was super angry and was put down when we found out he had diabetes. Sticking a needle in the cats butt two times a day would have been torment for the cat and everyone involved. Now he is peacefully sleeping away his forever sleep in our backyard.) He loved my dad and hated everyone else. But a few days before he was put down. He climbed onto my lap and purred. Once he was sleeping on my dad. My dad started to fall asleep and he dropped the tv remote. The cat got scared and left scars on my dads stomach. That cat usually came into our sauna to warm up. It was weird. But then we had to shoo him out so he wouldnt die. We also had Impi. She was my cat she loved me. But she did her stuff in my bed every evening. So we brought her to my grandmas to be a farm cat. But she decided to become a rogue. Also when Miusu comes in she is sometimes super cautious. She sniffs everything and takes about a half an our to get inside.

  29. You are clearly a big oaf. I would never shut the door to anywhere. My monsters must have clear access at all times to all places, especially bathrooms and cupboards…..frontdoors and patios are to remain open a minimum of 11 inches at all times.

  30. Cat's natural curiosity is why we can't have solely indoor cats. Our house has huge picture windows that overlook the front yard and a sunroom that's mostly windows in the backyard, and there are plenty of wildlife and bugs that visit both yards. While Freya and Thor were adjusting to their new home with us, and while we were waiting to get them chipped, they went stir-crazy. Freya literally ran across the window trying to get some bird outside.
    So yeah, even though a lot of cat experts say to keep your cat inside, we can't. We don't let them out at night and always make sure they're safe and happy, but we can't keep 4 cats inside with all the life outside.

    Edit: on a side note about cats figuring out a signal with their owners, When Costello was younger, he'd actually knock on the door. Occasionally he would brute force his way through a closed door.

  31. My cats are so indecisive. They will meow to be let inside and they when you open the door they just sit there and when you close it they start meowing again.

  32. When my cat Loki wants to come into my room, he sticks his paws under the door and starts hitting the springy doorstop on the wall. He sometimes pulls it back and lets go to create a long rumbling sound or he will pull it back repeatedly to produce a loud sound. It work nevertheless because I always let him in.

  33. What a coincident! I was just talking to my cat that wanted in the bathroom though I told him I knew he would want back out in 2 minutes. Then I scroll through my youtube feed and this pops up! Hahahaa

  34. At one point we had three outdoor cats and they would come in the front door and walk to the back door and want to go out. Seems they couldn't go around the house cat logic indeed! LOL

  35. Sometimes I'll let my cat out to roam the halls of my apartment building with my door propped open, and sometimes he'll be out there for a few minutes and all of a sudden scream like he's in a lot of pain. And of course I'll rush out there, and he'll be fine, just chilling there. But I can't not respond to it because I'd feel terrible if the one time I ignore it is the time he's actually hurt himself or something.

  36. "Does your cat do this?"
    Answer: yes indeed. Its really weired cos we cannot keep any door closed. Espcially the bathroom door. She ques upand puts all her toys there and sleeps across the threshold until we open the door

  37. I have a cat that i named 3 years ago that is called Piti bavao and she is fat and so FREAKING kawai and meows and guides me to where she is saing for food she only meows and for weater she meows a lot to drink in the sink and for getting outside she guides me while meowing a bit but she sits in my favorite sit

  38. My cat would be happy if every door in the house had a flap in it. She does the "Me-Out!" meow, too. Cracks me up.

  39. YES she gets out the hallway stair door before I can slam it shut everytime I have to leave LOL The hands under the door LOLOL they really are a lot alike!!

  40. I have a calico cat named Lucy. She is apparently a bulldog cat which means she is tiny,but is adult. She's had a litter of kittens and she LOVES ME! Like seriously she will do anything to be with me. She's my favorite cat and I love her.

  41. I woke up for school a 6am my black cat (Bushcar thats his name)everytime I get out of bed or get school uniform Bushcar plays with my hair tiklelish not painful

  42. I had to change the handles on some of my doors from levers to round due to two previous cats I had. The larger one would put her weight against the door while the other would jump up and turn the lever! Teamwork at its finest!

  43. This bathroom sneaking thing is dangerous for your cat , my cat did this once without my notes, I left the bathroom ,closed the door and went to work.

    8 hours later I came back home and did not find my cat walking towards me like every time I enter my apartment.

    I looked everywhere for him

    10 minutes later, I heard miaws coming from my bathrooms and my cat was there all that time with no water or food

  44. I dont see the benefit of having this in one's life. It's energy draining, incredibly disruptive, and mentally annoying.

  45. My boy is strictly inside BUT I can totally relate to the first rough animation… I haven’t gone to the bathroom alone in 4 years. My boy since he was 4-5 weeks old follows me everywhere. At least he doesn’t watch me thru the shower curtain anymore lol

  46. I wonder why my cats have never been too fussed about boxes? Perhaps it reminds them too much of the vet box!

  47. We’ve changed our knobs lol, and before we had a push handle instead of twist and my cat is loooong so she’d stretch and just open the door to any room she wanted in. When she was little she’d launch herself at the door to reach the handle, pull it down with her weight and momentum would push it open. She’s a funny cat.

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